Modular Home Companies That Help You Find Land (List incl.)

It isn’t common for modular home manufacturers to help you find land, but some companies choose to offer an additional service and assist their clients in this search. Given that modular homes can’t just be built anywhere, pretty much all modular home companies offer a land feasibility study as part of their service to determine if the selected land is suitable for modular construction. Still, some modular home companies choose to provide further guidance and assist in the lot purchase process as well.

List of modular home companies who help you find land in the U.S.:

Modular Home CompaniesWhere can you find land?
Clayton HomesNationwide 
DveleNationwide except for Alaska and Hawaii
Method HomesMost of West U.S. Region 
Cutting Edge HomesCalifornia
Florida Modular HomesFlorida
Blue HomesCurrently only California
Austin Modular HomesCentral Texas
Carolina Custom Homes of BurlingtonSeveral areas in North Carolina
Home By BrillIowa
Future Homes of BremertonWashington

Despite some of the modular home companies who help you find land offer service nationwide, it is more frequent to receive this service from smaller modular home companies with a smaller service area. This assistance is sometimes an extra service offered by the company but most often a collaboration with a local realtor who is familiar with modular construction. In case the modular home manufacturer you would like to work with doesn’t offer this service, we also equip you with some guidance to ease the land buying process. 

Modular Home companies that provide land finding services

Clayton Homes 

  • Nationwide 

fig. 1. Modular home by Clayton Home

Clayton Homes is the largest prefab company in the U.S. and while they are mainly known for their manufactured homes, they also offer modular home building services nationwide. Clayton offers a Find Land [1] onlinetool that is very easy to use: you just need to enter your zip code and all the available lots will appear listed below together with a convenient map.

Learn more about Clayton Homes:


  • Nationwide except for Alaska and Hawaii 

fig. 2. Modular home by Dvele

Dvele is a modular home company building homes nationwide, that prioritizes the client experience. With the intention of simplifying the modular home building process, Dvele introduces you to their network of realtors to help you find the ideal plot of land for your home.

Learn more about Dvele:

Method Homes 

  • West U.S. Region 

fig. 3. Modular home by Method Homes

Method Homes is a modular home company based in California that helps you find land in most of the Western U.S. Region. While they don’t sell land themselves, they work together with knowledgeable local real estate agents to help those clients who still don’t own land find a suitable plot. They highly recommend these services since you can benefit from an initial site assessment to ensure the feasibility of the plot before writing an offer on the land.

Learn more about Method Homes:

Cutting Edge Homes 

  • California 

fig. 4. Modular home by Cutting Edge Homes

Cutting Edge aims to simplify the process of owning your own home in California not only manufactures modular homes but provides numerous services to offer realistic information and resources. While they don’t directly help you find land, as part of their offered resources they introduce you to knowledgeable local real estate agents to help you in the process. 

Learn more about Cutting Edge Homes:

Florida Modular Homes 

  • Florida 

fig. 5. Modular home by Florida Modular Homes

This Florida-based modular home company provides a complete service of land and home package for those who haven’t yet found their plot of land and need some help with it. The process is very simple: you first choose your preferred modular home predesigned model so Florida Modular Homes can help you find a lot that perfectly accommodates your selection. Moreover, as part of their complete services, they will help you arrange a financing loan for both the land and the home. 

Learn more about Florida Modular Homes:

Blu Homes 

  • California 

fig. 6. Modular home by Blu Homes

While Blu Homes doesn’t directly offer the service of finding land, they introduce you to knowledgeable local real estate agents. To make the land search process easier, they help you get started in the process and guide you into the different plot options you can acquire. Moreover, once you have selected your desired plot of land the staff from Blu homes will properly evaluate the location.

Learn more about Blu Homes:

Austin Modular Homes

  • Central Texas 

fig. 7. Modular home by Austin Modular Homes

Austin Modular Homes is a Texas-based company focused on offering an affordable high-quality building option as a solution to those families who are looking for stable housing. To make the building process even more accessible, they offer a home and land package so you can buy both the plot of land and the modular home. To make this service possible Austin Modular Homes counts on a team of real estate brokers.

Learn more about Austin Modular Homes:

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington

  • North Carolina 

fig. 8. Modular home by Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington is a North Carolina-based modular home company that will design a modular home just for you, completely customized. While they don’t directly help you find a plot of land to build your home, they introduce you to local real estate agents to do so. Moreover, they work together with you and the real estate agents to ensure the feasibility of the chosen plot of land.

Learn more about Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington:

Homes By Brill

  • Iowa 

fig. 9. Modular home by Homes by Brill

Home By Brill is a modular home company based in Iowa that intends to offer a trustworthy building service from the very beginning and as part of this service, they help you find land. While Homes By Brill doesn’t offer the land searching services themselves, they collaborate with New Home Site Realty to ensure a successful plot find. New Home Site Realty has extensive knowledge about suitable land for modular homes and has successfully worked with Homes By Brill for many years.

Learn more about Homes By Brill:


  • Seattle 

fig. 10. Modular home by Grenfab

Greenfab is a Seattle-based modular home company offering healthy and energy-efficient homes that are either predesigned or custom-built. They want to offer a fast and easy service for the client; reducing any unnecessary stressful situations. As part of this smooth process, Greenfab helps you find land and offers a feasibility study to ensure the chosen plot is suitable to build modular home.

Learn more about Greenfab:

Future Homes of Bremerton

  • Washington 

fig. 11. Modular home by Future Homes of Bremerton

This Washington-based company offers all sorts of prefab constructions including Modular homes and aims to offer quality customer service. To do so they offer assistance with building, financing, and even finding land. While they don’t help you find land themselves, they introduce you to trustable realtors who are knowledgeable about the necessary requirements a plot of land should offer when building a modular home.

Learn more about Future Homes of Bremerton:

How to find land if your modular home company doesn’t offer land finding services in your area

While land finding services are very helpful, most modular home manufacturers cannot offer this service, plus those who offer it, are often constrained to a limited area and may not be able to provide you with it. However, it is still perfectly possible to acquire a suitable lot to build your modular home even without land finding services. 

This is what you should know before buying your land:

  • Contact your modular home manufacturer first: Ask your modular home manufacturer about any land requirements, especially if you are planning to build a predesigned modular home since predesigned models usually require flat plots with very specific characteristics. 
  • Look for a real estate agent with modular home knowledge: To ensure a smooth land buying process look for a real state agent who understands the requirements for modular construction. When building modular you don’t only need a lot with beautiful views or proximity to the main services, you need wide road access and relatively flat land to ensure the modules can be delivered and assembled.
  • Ask for a feasibility study before acquiring the land: Most modular home companies offer a land feasibility study as part of their building process where they analyze if the land is suitable for modular construction. Ask your modular home manufacturer to provide a feasibility study once you have found the land you would like to purchase. Assessing the suitability of the land before investing in it can avoid unnecessary complications and extra costs.

Despite not being able to offer land finding services, modular home companies are highly aware of the importance of suitable land to build a modular home. Especially modular home companies who offer predesigned models will be careful in offering you all the detail that the land should offer, request them in advance for a smother lot buying process. 



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