Newsletter Terms

1.1 Newsletters

By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to Prefabie regularly sending you e-mails with content related to unique stays in Europe. The newsletters may also include marketing materials such as banners, information about new initiatives on Prefabie, user surveys, and other editorial related products. In addition, you agree to the distribution of newsletters from Prefabie.

You can unsubscribe to all or selected newsletters at all times by clicking “Unsubscribe to Newsletter” at the bottom of the newsletter.

1.2 Surveys

In order to gain more information of our users, we regularly carry out surveys. The questions in these surveys may vary, but you can always choose to reply without identifying yourself, and it is entirely up to you whether you wish to answer the questions. Your ability to access and employ our sites does not depend on your participation in the surveys. We carry out surveys to improve the user experience and to improve our product so we appreciate your participation in our surveys.

You should never participate in surveys which do not have a clear and known sender.

1.3 Competitions and special offers

Occasionally, we have competitions or special offers on media that are part of Prefabie. In this connection we collect your name and e-mail address. If this information is shared with third parties, this will be clearly stated in the competition/offer. It may be a condition of participation that you accept that Prefabie or other parties may contact you, but this will be clearly stated in the competition/offer. Participation in competitions and special offers is always voluntary.