15 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in New Jersey

In the dynamic world of modular home manufacturing, New Jersey emerges as a hub of innovation and choice. From PHNX Modular Systems, offering modern and budget-friendly options, to the premium craftsmanship of Rockwell Modular Homes, the state boasts a diverse range of companies. PHNX Modular Systems appeals to those seeking modern living at an affordable price point, while Rockwell Modular Homes caters to discerning individuals craving premium craftsmanship.

PHNX Modular Systems

PHNX Modular Systems revolutionizes affordable housing development with streamlined modular construction. PHNX offers instant development capacity, providing a force multiplier for organizations aiming to tackle the housing crisis efficiently. Their modular approach ensures faster occupancy, reduced costs, and superior quality, all while minimizing waste and environmental impact.


  • Instant development capacity
  • Speed: 30-50% faster construction
  • Cost reduction: 10-20% savings
  • Quality precision-engineered modules
  • Sustainability: Up to 90% less waste

LDM Homes

LDM Homes, pioneers custom modular home construction, emphasizing quality, affordability, and personalized service. LDM assists clients from design to financing, ensuring satisfaction and value. As an authorized Builder/Dealer for industry leaders like Custom Building Systems and Excel Homes, LDM upholds top-notch standards in modular construction, delivering homes swiftly and efficiently.


  • Initial discussion on process, plan, and budget.
  • Customization options tailored to homeowners’ needs.
  • Placement of order upon approval of financing.
  • Efficient house delivery and foundation setting.

Custom Modulars Concepts

Custom Modulars Concepts, based in Fairfield, NJ, introduces the “Next Generation of Modular Homes,” boasting unparalleled design and craftsmanship. Custom Modulars Concepts offers personalized service and free design consultations. With a mission to maximize flexibility and direct communication, they guide clients through every step, ensuring satisfaction and a seamless home-building experience.


  • Fully customizable modular homes
  • Free design and site consultations
  • Turn-key construction in New Jersey
  • Delivery and installation in NY, NJ, PA, CT
  • Conceptual design nationwide

Four7 Construction

Four7 Construction prioritizes stress-free, collaborative home-building experiences, emphasizing open communication and customer comfort. They specialize in custom modular homes, ensuring each design meets individual needs and preferences. From design flexibility to stringent building codes, Four7 Construction delivers superior quality, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. 


  • Stress-free, collaborative home-building experiences
  • Custom modular homes tailored to individual needs
  • Stringent building codes ensure quality and safety
  • Environmental sustainability with efficient construction methods
  • Skilled subcontractors and attention to detail

Four Star Builders

Four Star Builders, serving Central, Northern, and Southern New Jersey, is a family-owned business renowned for its unmatched reputation and commitment to quality. Combining modular and stick-built techniques offers hundreds of unique designs, ensuring individual needs are met with custom finishes. 


  • A family-owned business with an unmatched reputation
  • Unique combination of modular and stick-built techniques
  • Superior factory-built quality and quick construction

East Coast Dormer

East Coast Dormer redefines modular home construction, prioritizing convenience, simplicity, and affordability for families. With a focus on revolutionizing the building process, they offer unparalleled options, comfort, and quality at every price point. As the top choice in the industry, East Coast Dormer boasts a track record of building more homes and additions than all competitors combined, ensuring superior service, quality, and pricing.


  • Unparalleled options, comfort, and quality
  • Built more homes and additions than competitors
  • Deep knowledge and experience in construction
  • Efficient, traditional-built homes at affordable prices
  • Hassle-free experience with financing available

Dream Homes & Development Corporation

Dream Homes & Development Corporation, your trusted New Jersey New Home Builder and General Contractor since 1993. Offering innovative home designs, superior craftsmanship, and award-winning customer service, Dream Homes & Development Corp. ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.


  • Trusted New Jersey New Home Builder
  • Innovative home designs and superior craftsmanship
  • Award-winning customer service and financing programs
  • Outstanding warranty programs and service after-sale

Dolan Homes

Dolan Homes builds innovative, quality manufactured homes in three New Jersey communities. These elegant yet affordable homes boast Energy Star certification and modern amenities. Dolan Homes prioritizes safety, cleanliness, and community, offering a peaceful lifestyle with low monthly fees. Managed by a four-generation family, Dolan Homes provides expertise and a commitment to excellence, redefining the concept of manufactured homes.


  • Innovative, quality manufactured homes
  • Energy Star certified with modern amenities
  • Safe, clean, and community-oriented neighborhoods
  • Expertise from a four-generation family-owned business
  • Affordable living with low monthly fees

Garden State Modular Homes

Garden State Modular Homes offers expert guidance from concept to move-in day and beyond. They educate clients about the construction process, design functional homes within budget, and provide reliable features in a modular format. With attention to detail, they deliver dream getaways or starter homes, ensuring the best for every budget.


  • Expert guidance from concept to move-in
  • Educates clients about the construction process
  • Designs functional homes within budget
  • Provides reliable features in a modular format
  • Attention to detail for dream homes

Statewide Custom Modular Homes

Statewide Custom Modular Homes, founded by three generations of award-winning builders, specializes in affordable, high-quality modular homes. Their homes feature elaborate designs, energy efficiency, and various customizable features. With shorter completion times and lower costs, they offer better quality construction compared to traditional methods. 


  • Customizable options for design and features
  • Superior quality construction with custom jigs
  • Reduced building time, ready within weeks
  • Energy-efficient designs with less air infiltration

SICA Modular Homes

SICA Modular Homes, specializes in constructing single and multiple-family modular homes and offices. They offer customizable designs, energy-efficient construction, and superior craftsmanship, all delivered in a streamlined process that ensures timely completion without compromising quality.


  • Customizable designs tailored to individual preferences
  • Energy-efficient construction for sustainable living
  • Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Streamlined process for timely completion

Atrium Development Co.

Atrium Development Co. specializes in constructing high-quality modular homes in New Jersey. They ensure homes meet and exceed building codes and energy efficiency guidelines, providing excellent value and customer satisfaction. Atrium offers turnkey packages, acts as construction managers, or sells modular homes directly, all with superior quality and a 10-year warranty.


  • Exceeds building codes and energy guidelines
  • Offers turnkey packages and construction management
  • Superior quality and craftsmanship
  • 10-year warranty on all homes

Atlantic Modular Builders

Atlantic Modular Builders is a premier custom modular home builder in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, boasting a decade of experience and over a hundred homes in the region. They prioritize delivering exceptional custom residences while ensuring clients’ seamless and enjoyable experience. With a commitment to exacting standards and 21st-century building technologies, they offer true customization, individualized attention, and hassle-free processes, providing unmatched value to discerning homebuyers.


  • Projects Completed: 125+
  • Square Feet Built: 300,000+
  • Communities Served: 25+
  • Focus on true customization and value.

Rockwell Modular Homes

Rockwell Modular Homes specializes in crafting affordable, premium-quality, and energy-efficient homes. Committed to exceptional service, they guide clients through every step of the modular process, handling permits, working with engineers, providing architectural support, and overseeing construction until the certificate of occupancy is obtained. With a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, they ensure peace of mind for homeowners while offering up to 85% pre-completion upon delivery.


  • Complete modular home construction solutions
  • Personalized attention and service for clients
  • In-house general contractor for seamless project management
  • Up to 85% pre-completion upon delivery

Modular Homes Affordably Priced

Modular Homes Affordably Priced offers single-family, multi-family, and custom modular homes designed to fit various needs and budgets, including styles suitable for the shoreline. As the price leader, they guarantee affordability and rapid construction, with building times as short as 7-9 weeks.


  • Price leader in modular home construction
  • Rapid building time: 7-9 weeks
  • Delivery across the East Coast
  • Programmed construction stages ensure quality
  • Utilizes top brand-name products for durability