Do modular homes come with appliances?

Some modular homes do indeed come equipped with appliances that the manufacturer integrated to the design, while others don’t. This is a common concern among those interested in purchasing a modular home, however it can be easily cleared up by understanding the benefits and consequence of both including and excluding an appliances package in the offer. What you should expect from the main Modular Home Companies varies from one company to another depending on the priorities they are focusing on, and what you need to clarify before starting the process is:

If appliances are included in the price:

  1. Which appliances are included, do you have a choice?

If appliances are not included in the price:

2. Can the modular home manufacturer customize the space for each specific appliance?

3. How much will the appliances add to the total cost?

These set of questions will help you get a better idea of what you are getting, the final cost of the overall home and the freedom of choice you have. In the end, deciding to include or exclude appliances in the modular home design is a personal preference, for some clients that is a decision they need to have control over while for others having them included simplifies the “buying a home” experience.

What you should expect from the main Modular Home Companies

The following chart shows an overview of some of the main modular home companies based in the United States and their original offer relating to appliances. As you can see, there is no established rule and every company has a different view on the issue. While Method Homes values the freedom of choice of its clients saying that “Because homeowners typically prefer to select their own appliance packages, items including stoves, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers are excluded from the modular price”[1], Connect Homes caters to the client who values fast-pace and simplicity when stating “Each Connect Home is fully equipped and move-in ready” [2].

CompanyDoes it offer appliances?
BLUE HOMESYes (standard appliances)
MODULAR DIRECTOnly dishwasher is included
CHAMPION HOMESNo. But some retailers might offer the possibility.
PALM HARBOR HOMESNo. But some retailers might offer the possibility.

Notice that Palm Harbor Homes or Champion Homes don’t offer appliances, but we have clarified that some retailers might choose to include this option. These are some of the biggest modular home companies in the United States and offer service Nation-wide and sometimes even internationally. This factor makes it impossible for them to cover all the localized needs and forced them to focus all their efforts on the manufacturing process. When ordering a Harbor or a Champion Modular Home, you won’t be dealing with the company directly but with a registered retailer in your area [3]. Therefore, even if the manufacturing company itself doesn’t include appliances, the retailer might offer this option.

If appliances are included in the price

Which appliances are included, do you have a choice?

When your retailer confirms with you that the appliances are included in the package it is important to verify which specific appliances comprise the offer. Often the included appliances are those specified as “standard”, however the standard requirements can differ from one person or company to another. For example, New Era Building Systems [4] which is a certified retailer of Champion Homes, offers different appliances to choose from with a variety of:

  • Four models of fridge with an option of black, white and stainless color.
  • Two models of dishwasher with an option of black, white and stainless color.
  • Multiple options of range oven and cooktops both gas and electric with options of black, white and stainless color.
  • Different options of microwave and oven models or combinations with options of black, white and stainless color.
  • Four different models of Range hood

All these appliances offered by New Era Building Systems [5] are from the same brand “Whirlpool” [6].

When appliances are included we have the advantage of simplifying the process and reducing the number of people involved in the modular home completion. However, if our needs are very specific or we require a specific appliance that our retailer isn’t offering, analyse the solutions that your retailer offers you such as designing and preparing the required space in the designated area to install it afterwards.

In case you are not comfortable with the appliances’ options your modular home company is offering to you, you can choose to remove these packages so you can find those appliances that best fit your needs. In that case, you need to be aware of:

  • The price of the appliances might then increase since modular home companies who offer an appliances package have deals with the brands and are able to offer generous discounts.
  • Even if you supply your own appliances the modular home manufacturer needs to have all the information relating to these appliances to provide the necessary space between cabinets and prepare all the electrical wiring and plumbing if necessary.

If appliances are not included in the price

Can the modular home manufacturer customize the space for each specific appliance?

When you are supplying your own appliances it is important to plan ahead. Your modular home designers have the very important task of defining the dimensions of the space needed for each appliance, and connecting all the necessary services such as electrical wiring and plumbing to it. This preparation work takes place in the factory during the manufacturing process of each module, therefore, it is very important to verify with your retailer if the manufacturer can customize the space to fit the specific requirement for each appliance.

Most modular home companies offer the possibility of customizing your design and this gives you the flexibility to choose whatever size and design of appliance. Clayton Homes, for example, offers you a floor plan to start with. This floorplan allows you some customization but major changes would be considered under the possibility of adding upgrades or even the option to create a “flex space” [7]. All these customizations give you the flexibility to choose the kind and size of appliances that fit your personal needs, although it usually adds an extra cost to it.

In the given case that you prefer to stick to the original floorplan to avoid extra costs you should adapt your appliances to the specifications of your modular home manufacturer. Keep all the specifications in mind and not only the measurements, for example, if your modular home doesn’t plan to include gas piping, do not choose a gas stove but an electric one. Beware that if your modular home builder is not in charge of providing and installing the appliances they can’t be held responsible for the wrong specifications.  

How much will the appliances add to the total cost?

Knowing the total cost of a modular home construction is key and very often it can become tricky. The cost of the whole appliances package can make a difference to the final numbers; therefore, it is important to know how much this is going to be in the overall cost of your new modular home.

Keep in mind that when a modular home company offers an appliances package they are usually offered a discounted price since they keep deals with appliances brands or suppliers. If you choose to not take that appliances package and supply your own the total price might increase in comparison with the original price given by the modular home company.

To include or exclude appliances in the modular home?

While this is a personal choice there are some aspects that can help decide which option is best for you:

  • Fast-pace and simplicity: If your priority is to complete the modular home construction fast and with minimal complications, having the appliances included in the package is a great choice. The modular home builders will choose a set of appliances that fit in your design and that are planned in order to cover the standard needs of the population.
  • Customization: Customizing your home and the appliances to fit your needs can be an excellent idea, especially if your needs differ from the standard or you are looking for something very specific. Customization often comes with an extra cost and every client has to value its worth.
  • Non-standard appliances: If in your household you are accustomed to use a specific kind of appliance not commonly included in the standard package such as a trash compactor, it might be convenient for you to opt for a customized design and not to include appliances in the original offer.
  • Units: In case you have a preference for multiple units of the same appliance, let’s say two washing machines because it simplifies your house chores, you might be able to come to an agreement with you modular home retailer and still stick to the appliances package.
  • Cost: When the modular home company includes the appliance in their package, the cost is minor than by buying them separately.

To decide if included appliances is a good fit for you and your modular home is a matter of priorities. Be clear about your expectations and choose a modular home retailer that caters to your needs to obtain the result that brings the most satisfaction to you.


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