Best Modular Homes Under $50,000

Best Modular Homes Under $50,000

We have selected the five best modular homes you can purchase for under $50,000. Certainly, a budget of fifty grand is quite tight to acquire a brand new house, though prefabrication enables a more affordable construction process. 

Since Modular homes are constructed off-site some companies have managed to design a model within this price by focusing in:

  • Choosing their resources smartly 
  • Strictly reducing the square feet
  • Creating functional but spacious interiors. 
  • Eliminating amenities such as bathroom and kitchen.

While prefabricated, modular homes are high quality constructions that are treated just like any site-built home, being required to be placed on permanent foundations and stick to strict regulations. The cost of these requirements is subject to each particular case and location, therefore the base price associated with each of the houses below reflects only the manufacturing cost.

Dubldom 43 by Dubldom

  • Base price: $26,800 (house manufacturing)
  • 463 square feet (43 square meters) 
  • Includes one separate bedroom; one bathroom; and an open kitchen, living and dining areas sharing one same open space.
  • Service area: Based in Russia, deliver through Europe and the United States. 

The Dubldom 43 is a modern ranch-style home that offers much more than we could usually wish for with a budget under $50K. The smart design of its space ensures that the modest 463 square feet offers all the necessities a couple could need while maximizing a spacious perception and natural lighting.

Designed by the Russian architecture studio BIO-architects, this modular home successfully accomplishes the mission of conceiving an affordable home using eco-friendly materials and maintaining a quality architecture.

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Small Pari Cabin by Koto design

  • Base price: $48,000 (house manufacturing)
  • 161 square feet (15 square meters)
  • Includes one Bedroom (studio style) in one open flexible space and one bathroom. No kitchen.
  • Service area: Based in Ireland (Europe) delivers to Canada and the United States.

This Scandinavian-style cabin of only 161 square feet is small but built up to the highest quality standards. To offer the most usage flexibility, the bed is stored in the wall and the bathroom kept to the minimum size required to ensure functional usage. 

The Small Pari Cabin is a single-module modular home that is better enjoyed in nature or as an extra living accommodation not far from the main house, since even though it includes a wood stove for heating it doesn’t offer a kitchen.

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DROP Box N-240 by In-Tenta design

  • Base price: $30,712 (house manufacturing)
  • 226.04 square feet (21 square meters)
  • Includes one separate bedroom, one bathroom, and an open kitchen. Living and dining area sharing one single open space.
  • Service area: Based in Spain (Europe) delivers internationally.

DROP Box is a creative design idea consisting of small single-module homes that are easily transportable and can be “dropped” wherever needed. This interesting concept conceived by the Spanish In-Tenta designers offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly, all-you-need space.

Originally this design has been thought of as a hotel suite. Though, why not utilize this smart and good looking design as a tiny modular home to live in? The standard module comes with all the minimal necessities: fully furnished with a double bed placed under a panoramic window; a tiny bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink; a couch for the living area; a fully-equipped kitchen; and an outdoor terrace.

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Arlo by Drop Structures

  • Base price: $37,000 (house manufacturing)
  • 157 square feet (14.59 square meters)
  • Includes one single open space for flexible usage. No bathroom. No kitchen.
  • Service area: Based in Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada) delivers all over North America (Canada and the United States)

The beautifully designed Arlo Cabin makes a great living space of 157 square feet with plenty of natural light, artificial lighting, heating, and beautiful finishes. The design of this cabin combines mid-century modern and Scandinavian styles together. 

This space was conceived to be used as an extension of a previously existing home or in combination with other facilities since it doesn’t offer basic home amenities such as a bathroom or a kitchen.

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Model 146 by Aux Box

  • Base price: $40,000 (house manufacturing)
  • 146 square feet (13.56 square meters)
  • Includes one single open space for flexible usage. No bathroom. No kitchen.
  • Service area: Based in Canada delivers to Canada and the United States.

The Aux Box 146 is a minimal space that provides a cozy living area and a covered terrace built up to the highest standards of quality and precision to obtain the perfectly finished minimal look that characterizes Aux Box.

This essential single module makes an outstanding extra 146 square feet of living space for an existing home, though it isn’t conceived as a home itself since it offers neither a bathroom nor a kitchen. If the model caught your eye though, Aux Box has other designs that could satisfy an essential tiny home.

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