UK Modular Extension Reviews (Manufacturers list incl.!)

If you are in the UK and planning to extend your home, here you will find our review of 8 modular extension manufacturers. Building an extra room can take a long time and it is often very messy, though with modular construction the process gets highly simplified. Modular extensions are built up to the same standards of quality and safety as brick extensions, though their construction process offers a great number of benefits.

Modular extensions offer some advantages:

  • Built faster
  • More affordable construction cost
  • Minimal disruption during the construction process
  • Environmentally friendly

The manufacturers listed below, will in most cases offer a home extension that is built faster, cleaner, and at a more affordable price. 

Where do they deliverWhat makes them special
ModuroomBased un North Yorkshire. Serves in UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland,Tailor made projects delivered with efficiency.
Synergy ModularAvailable nationwide (United Kingdom)The benefits of modular construction with a traditional look.
RISE Modular Home ExtensionsBased in Doncaster. Serves nationwide.Inclusive: they focus on disabilities and special needs
Quick Kit BuildHead office and showroom located in Weston Super Mare. Have installers throughout the country.Energy efficient extensions delivered fast and at an affordable price.
UltraframeBased in Lancashire, with installers all around the countryPersonalized outstanding designs to brighten up your house.
Vita ModularShowroom located in Coventry. Work anywhere in mainland England.Extensions that are designed, engineered and installed with outstanding precision.
UKME BUILDBased in London.“A-rated” extensions that will help save costs in the energy bill
EazyBase ExtensionsThey supply nationwide.Tailor-made extra spaces to make room for what matters


“Moduroom provides homeowners with a fast and efficient way to create more rooms in the home” 

A company created by ModulLoft with the intention of offering an innovative solution to extend your house in just a few days and with minimal disruption. You can choose between a ground floor extension or a second-story addition and it will be designed just for you in the way that best suits your home because all their extensions are tailor-made. Still, despite being bespoke their service is highly efficient, providing a fully managed service that is quick, easy and flexible.

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Synergy Modular

“Home extensions installed in just 2 weeks” 

Synergy Modular offers the benefits of using modular technologies while maintaining a traditional look. Using modular technologies allows them to carry out all the construction works in a factory-like environment where the process can be completed quicker and at a more affordable cost while maintaining a high-quality result. Moreover, the centralization of the construction works makes this process more environmentally friendly.

Since the construction takes place off-site, it causes minimal disruption to the homeowners, who as soon as they agree on an extension design will get the module installed in just a few weeks. Their extensive variety of external finishes and roof types ensures a design that is always fully personalized to perfectly merge with the original house. 

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RISE Modular Home Extensions

“Specialist contractors promoting inclusive design” 

RISE Modular is a unique company focused on building modular extensions that are exclusively designed for people with disabilities. Together with the Changing Places Consortium, they have already built numerous modular extensions equipped with accessible toilets and changing rooms to make the lives of those with limited mobility easier as well as safer.

Their work isn’t only focused on reduced mobility though, they are committed to improving inclusivity in our society and offer modular extension projects to cater to different disabilities and special needs both in public facilities and private residences. Every module is a high-quality, up to code timber-frame structure that is delivered to you fully fitted.

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Quick Kit Build

“Create your dream home within 3 weeks” 

Quick Kit Built helps you expand your living space easily, avoiding the chaos typically caused by traditional construction. These modular extensions are built and delivered fast at an affordable price, though definitely without compromising the overall quality of the construction or the design. They offer a variety of styles and finishes individually tailored to suit your needs: they can match the existing brick, render or stone walls as well as the roof tiles.

Their extensions will add a room to your property that beyond being beautiful, is warm and bright. With a focus on energy efficiency, Quick Kit Build modular extensions come with insulated roofs and walls, as well as double glazed windows to reduce heat loss and create a beautiful comfortable space.

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“Modular extensions: Enhance your home with ease” 

Ultraframe isn’t just a solution to expand your home, they want to help you enhance your property and make it look better. They offer modular extensions with an outstanding level of customization that allows them to highly personalize your extension. As they say, their designs are thought out to impress and brag to your neighbors. Though an Ultraframe modular extension isn’t just about the looks, these constructions embrace glass as a material to increase natural light and create indoor environments that are welcoming and bright. 

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Vita Modular

“Precision Engineered, Bespoke Modular Buildings” 

These extensions are made of exceptional quality with a steel frame structure that is designed, engineered and installed with outstanding precision. The architectural design of every module is aesthetically designed to either become an exact match to the existing building or to stand out if that is your choice. While these extensions are designed to beautifully relate to the original building, every module is architecturally defined, shaped and sized to connect to the existing building perfectly, providing optimal structural performance as well as thermal efficiency.

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“The finest Luxury extension built in under 30 days” 

These modular extensions offer a fine, high-quality building that is thermally efficient and “A-rated”. Therefore, UKME extensions are a really good choice to save costs on the energy bill since they save around 40% of energy. Moreover, aesthetically these modules can be highly personalized to achieve the client’s desired look. UKME offers a choice of over 200 different brick finishes, though if that selection doesn’t satisfy you enough, you can always opt for a modern-looking render. 

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EazyBase Extensions

EazyBase Extensions design, build and install a modular extension or outbuilding in a fragment of the time and cost of a traditional build.” 

EazyBase helps you create more space for what really matters. Designed, built and installed in as little as 4 weeks, all these extensions are tailor-made and can be built to satisfy your own unique household needs: you can get a design with as many windows, doors, and lights as you desire; and to ease the design process, they provide a complimentary 3D visualization of the extension. 

EazyBase modular extensions can serve multiple purposes. One of the most popular usages for these extensions is as a kitchen among their clients. Though these spaces can be used to create the room that you most need, being a dining room, a home office, or even a kids’ playroom since this extra home space can be designed as the perfect environment to flourish the kids’ imagination while separating the mess and noise from the rest of the house.

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