How Two Story Modular Homes Are Made

Regardless of whether you’re building a modular home or a stick-built home that is built from scratch, deciding what suits you best is important. Lifestyle, budget and the location of the property are just some of the factors that matter.

We’ve been introduced to ideas like two story modular homes that carry several benefits for you and for your family. And because they’re so easy to build, everyone wants a modular home. Here, we provide an overview of two story modular homes, its advantages and disadvantages, and why you should purchase one.

The Building Process of a Two Story Modular Home

A modular home is built off the original site of a home in a factory. These homes are often called pre-fabricated homes or factory-built homes and are built part by part. The modular home starts out in sections and they are built in areas that have climate control procedures. When these pieces are completed and the home’s main parts are complete, they are transported piece by piece to the original location of the home.

Consider it this way – you’re just assembling giant lego blocks to build a homeThese homes are built in factories and minimal effort is required to put them together. Manufactured homes in comparison are built on a frame and transported on a chassis. After the home has reached the site, the structure is finally removed.

In terms of quality, a two-story modular home has a longer life than a stick-built home and the prices of these homes are lower too. It is also worth noting that since they are built indoors, the building process of a two story modular home can take only weeks, while a stick-built home can take up to months. This is mostly because these homes don’t see several stoppages due to weather conditions.

Once the building process is complete – it’s almost impossible to tell a modular home and a stick-built home apart.

The Benefits of a Two Story Modular Home

  • The most prominent advantage of having a two story modular home is that you can have more space on the smaller block. You have the chance to build your home upwards rather than outwards and this can be incredibly beneficial if you live in a smaller block. It leaves you with a home that has a lot more space and utilizes limited ground space.
  • Since you have taken the decision of building upwards and taking your home to the next level (pun intended) you can also enjoy the beautiful view that comes along with it! It is also worth noting that homes that are not ground level have better air ventilation since the air is not blocked by surrounding structures. Thus, expect a lower electricity bill during the hotter seasons.
  • An additional floor can also mean that you have the option to give the secondary floor for rent, which can also be a source of income for you.

The Disadvantages of a Two Story Modular Home

  • The obvious downside is that since you have two floors of living space, you’re going to have to take the stairs every time you move from one floor to the other. But for some people who are fitness conscious, this can be an upside.
  • Another downside is the cost associated with two story modular homes. Sure you have an enhanced living space, but that also comes with a price. Since there will an increased need for labor and well-engineered plans for your home, costs for a two story modular home can be more than a single story modular home.

Why Should You Get a Two Story Modular Home?

When you have an extra floor on the second level, you can have a lot more flexibility. The added floor can mean that you can add extra rooms as per your needs and you can also create separate living zones in your home for different activities and hobbies. For example, some people dedicate one floor in their home to quiet activities like Yoga or a Library, while another floor for family gatherings.

Having two floors can also mean that the size of your living space has doubled. This means that you have two homes for the price of one! So what are you waiting for? Start your journey with modular homes today!