How Long Do Modular Homes Last?

Inflated prices and unfulfilled dreams of owning a home are just two of the reasons modular homes have begun to gain traction in the housing market. Apart from homeowners, builders have started preferring modular homes too since they can offer several advantages that stick-built homes can’t.

People first started using modular homes back in the 20th century. In 1908, Richard Sears started selling a home kit that had all the materials one would need to build a home. All of these materials were pre-built. Even though the approaches of building modular homes in the past were rather primitive – modular homes of the 20th century have grown to become increasingly convenient. Now, building a modular home is easy.

But even though these homes provide an easy solution to a complex problem – there are some cons and worries that make them a less appealing option for some buyers. One of those concerns is the duration you can expect a modular home to last.

How Long Can They Last?

It can be hard to give modular homes a fixed duration, but there are many factors you can use to determine how long your modular home will last.

The Materials You Use

First and foremost – just like any other home, the materials you use will ultimately decide how your home will stand against the tests of time. But within this factor – there are two sub-factors.

The material you’re using plays a huge part in the life of your home. While brick can last for a long period of time, wood can get damaged easily and does not last too long. Therefore, the material you use to build your home will matter significantly.

Additionally, the quality of these materials will be important, too. Even though brick is brick – getting the wrong kind of brick can make the life of your home shorter than it would be with wood. So stay diligent when you’re selecting the materials of your home.

Withstanding Weather Conditions

It is a common misconception amongst modular homeowners that they can’t stand well against challenging weather conditions. This is simply not true. Considering the way a modular home is built, it can do well against rainfalls and light storms.

Since a modular home is built inside a factory, its four walls are put together inside a building. This means that these elements haven’t been exposed to the environment which makes them stronger than the materials you use to build a stick-built home.


No home would last for a long time if the owners are careless about its structural integrity. As long as you keep investing in your home and make sure the casual hiccups are addressed ASAP – you’ll be good. There will be some tasks that you’ll have to do right away for example when it’s cold outside – check your roof for the ice that can build up.

When the ice starts to melt, it will put pressure on the roof which might put you in danger.

The Bottom Line

Forget the misconception that modular homes won’t last for a long time. Like every other home, they can give you a comfortable life if you know how to take care of them. Make sure you pick the right materials during the building process and you’re all set!