Why Seniors Should Choose a Modular Home

Aging is a given. After endless numbers of sleepless nights working hard and struggling to grow and settle down, there comes a time when retirement is right around the corner. During this period, many senior homeowners prefer to downsize. It is time to give up the huge family homes for a much calmer yet comfortable living that is equally affordable considering the fixed income received. The maintenance and care for these larger homes become troublesome while you are aiming for a peaceful lifestyle away from the hush-bush of the town and closer to basic necessities. And having to wait until your dream home gets built could be another challenge. So, what makes way for a faster-customized construction which is easy-to-maintain and saves you big bucks? Well, this is where Modular Homes come into the picture.

If you don’t want to age in a rented and congested apartment, there is absolutely no issue! Modular homes have been taking care of seniors around the world. A study in the USA states that over 8 million families are housed in Modular homes out of which 2.5 to 3 million are headed by people over 60 years of age which proves to be more than one-third! You have the option to either rent or purchase one – however if budget allows – purchasing is always the best option. Now, if you are wondering what could be the possible reasons that make Modular homes an ideal option, and how will inhabiting one make your coming years easier? Unknowingly, there are a number of reasons that make seniors choose modular homes other than just affordability! Let’s have a read!

Get Rid of Upgrades and Repairs

When planning for retirement, it is a given that seniors get more drawn towards the existing homes rather than building a new one! After all, you might not want to go and search for one, right? However, it is important to note that even though existing homes save you time and effort in the beginning, but later will end up being nerve-wracking when it comes to repairs and general renovations (because no matter how perfect it looks, it might need working later).

Retirement is the time to relax and why not? You absolutely deserve it. Hence, the ideal and safest option is to build a new modular home. These homes are new and will be free of defects and repairs – hence, no worries for later! If there is a leaky pipe or a faulted wire, peeling off paint or warping of wood – you are covered! Many manufacturing companies provide warranties on basic structural and finishing issues which leaves you less worried about future troubles and more focused on living life. Sometimes, warranties include more than basic structure systems like roofing and walls to the operation of mechanical systems, fixtures, and built-in appliances.

Save Bucks on Energy Costs

Modular homes are definitely airtight due to the precision and accuracy in their design and construction. Secondly, they are highly compact and small as compared to the traditional buildings – thus, this downsizing helps in lowering the energy costs. In addition to these major factors, as the modular homes are assembled in factories, here lies another advantage.

The modular homes undergo inspections a number of times just to ensure the correct standards and compliances. A general inspection of duct leakage, air conditioning and sealing conditions are checked, after which the modular home is delivered and set-up on the site. Hence, this end product is airtight and compactly enclosed – thus, leaving no room for air leakage and thus, saving you money on a smaller picture for a longer time.

Excellence in Flexibility

In the present era, modular homes are no longer the homes of yesterday. With the ever-growing technology, we are now fortunate to choose between a wide variety of modular home designs, floor plans, sizes, amenities, and various other customizable features. Modular homes are now also available in more than one story with airy and spacious open floor plan concepts, mezzanine floors, vaulted ceilings, skylights, and island kitchens. They also offer balconies, decks, and patios connected. Hence, due to this flexibility in customization, you can exactly demand the number of bedrooms you require a particular size and area as required. Also, if you have a specific requirement or a hobby, you can always have a separate entertainment room for such activities.

Apart from customization in designing, these modular homes also offer flexibility regarding the financial concerns, the base of the structure that involves customized doors and windows, area’s zoning jurisdictions and applicable permissions and compliances. So, do not worry if you reside in a cold or a warm region – these homes are custom-designed according to your location.

Further as per your requirements, if you need bright interiors or specifically matte-finish anti-slip flooring or carpeting for a cozier environment – you can request for that during the purchase. Old age could be unpredictable; hence, customizing and making it more accessible is highly recommended. Even if you are fit right now, you may not know what the future holds for you – and in this case, customizing according to your future needs is primary. For example, customizing the heights of kitchen countertops and cabinets, or providing ramps to the entryway and easy circulation as per your lifestyle.

Quick Construction

Yes, nobody likes to wait for years to get the homes built and especially if you are reaching your retirement years. You would want your homes to get built superfast so you can move in and begin a life of tranquility and relaxation. Modular homes comparatively take one-half or one-third of the time to get built – amazing, isn’t it? Imagine your dream home getting built in a couple of weeks with a further reduction of hidden costs associated with labor, bank, mortgage surcharges, and sky-rocketed designers fees.

On average, a traditional site-built home requires 6 months to build, whereas a similar-sized modular home with similar amenities require 2 to 4 months for manufacturing in the factory and then assembling on the site. You can eventually save time to spend more time with your grandchildren and other family members or start a hobby you have always dreamt of!

High Quality is a Yes-Yes

If you are wondering how is it possible for a house to get built that fast with almost all the amenities? Maybe they are compromising on the quality of the materials? Well, that’s not true– modular homes require the highest quality of material (if you choose a reputed manufacturer) with high accuracy in design. Further, the materials and building utilities are closely checked by third-party inspectors for errors or tolerances. So, set yourself free of that worry!

Time to Socialize

It is quite likely for you to get bored with just your daily schedule – well, socializing is equally important when leading a peaceful life. Especially at this age, it is important to eliminate the isolation and get in touch with like-minded and similar-aged people for a happy living. If you are wondering how it would be possible to have both – serenity and positive collaboration in a single space – Well! Yes – you can have the best of both worlds. Modular homes are generally designed with active living concepts, hence, the concept of entire modular communities come into play.

Some of them are solely designed for seniors which also include amenities such as swimming pools, community halls, clubhouses, health and fitness halls, and other spaces for recreational activities. Walking trails and tracks too are at the heart of the design. This way, you are not completely isolated but yet have your own maintained privacy.

Also, these modular communities are mostly gated so you can feel safe, secure, and independent at all times. They are well equipped with gates, offices, managers, and patrols. Now the first step is to look around for one! Most of these communities have pre-built modular units specially designed for senior living – you can always research your nearest manufacturer and enquire about it.

An Overall Relief: A Quick Picture

Not only modular homes are saving your front and back-end costs but also relieving you from buying materials, hiring multiple professionals, constant communications, inspecting job sites and hiring a general contractor. You don’t have to deal with anyone except the provider regarding your needs and official documents and paperwork. In short, you tell what you need – and they will do the rest of the job for you!

Once you are relieved from the hereabouts of the construction and initial process, the coming entire procedure is going to be quicker than you had ever thought – and within a couple of weeks, you have your home ready – all set on that site with an amazing view of the hills or the sea or a valley!

Once you move into your tiny, compact house – you will observe that it is comparatively easier to maintain due to its smaller size. The materials specified are easy to clean and don’t break off easily! Anytime there arises a fault in your home and you get amazingly quick service – they are just a call away!

You have been working your entire life and now is the time to relax and make the most of life. Your retirement savings are effectively going to help you now lead a positive, happy, and healthy life. And, to have them all – the most primary is to have a home built quickly based on your lifestyle, your needs, and your requirements. Modular homes let you live in peace without having to worry about construction, high-costs, maintenance or even utilities. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and enjoy life!