How To Save Money When Building A Modular Home

The most effective way to save money when building a modular home is by choosing standard designs and simplifying the process as much as possible. Building a house with modular construction is generally more affordable than it would be with other building techniques. However, since the modular technique is highly industrialized, a small modification can represent a great additional cost.

To avoid additional costs you should:

  • Avoid logistic difficulties: Purchase a flat and easily accessible plot of land
  • Pay only for what you need: Look for the right manufacturer 
  • Reduce customization: Opt for a predesigned floor plan

We should always try to avoid saving money at the cost of lowering the quality of the modular home. Therefore, when trying to cut down on the construction price, it is always smart to take some time to identify what we really need and what we can do without, so we can make the most cost-effective decisions from the very beginning. 

Actions that will help save money when building a modular home

When building a modular home, the actions that can help us save some construction money should start even before we meet with the modular home manufacturer. It is essential to take some time to understand how the modular process works and what could represent an additional cost before purchasing a property or choosing a manufacturer. Still, once we start working with the modular manufacturer of our choice, there are some additional actions that will help us cut down on the overall modular home cost.

Purchase a flat and easily accessible plot of land 

Buying a plot that is flat will ensure an easy and affordable construction. Most modular homes are designed to be placed on a flat surface, if the land is already flat building the foundations can be as simple as laying a concrete slab and no specialized work will be required.  While building on steep topographies is possible, extra work such as excavations or specialized foundations will be required, adding additional difficulties and costs to the overall project [1].

Additionally, it is important that the plot can be easily accessible by the transportation trucks of vast dimensions that will be carrying the prefabricated modules. In the U.S., every module measures approximately 12 to 15.9 feet wide, 60 to 72 feet long, and 11 feet high [2]. The most affordable way to deliver these modules is by road, therefore the access to the property should be wide and obstacle-free to ensure no extraordinary transportation solutions are needed and therefore avoid additional costs [3]. 

Look for the right manufacturer

Selecting the right manufacturer is essential to avoid unnecessary costs since, given the mechanization of the modular construction process, every manufacturer specializes in different aspects. Choosing a manufacturer that specializes in those aspects we prioritize is a guarantee that the cost of the house is all invested to suit our needs.

For example, if sustainability isn’t a priority for us, choosing a manufacturer whose focus is sustainable construction will add an unnecessary extra cost. Though the opposite applies, asking a manufacturer to add a feature that isn’t part of this standardized process can highly increase the overall construction cost.

Opt for a predesigned floor plan

When building a modular home, you usually have two options: purchasing a predesigned floor plan or designing it from scratch. Predesigned modular homes have already been carefully developed by the architects of the modular home company and are ready to be built. Being designed by the same manufacturer means the construction process is cost-effective, plus additional money is saved in the design of the house. 

Most modular home companies offer a wide variety of customization options to personalize the predesigned home. Most of these customizations have none to very low impact on the cost. Still, any additional cost is usually clearly indicated, so you can decide if the additional cost is worth the update. Aside from the customizations, most modular home companies offer add-ons such as appliances, it might be more affordable for you to purchase your own. We advise you to compare before making a decision since reducing add-ons might save you some money.


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