How To Paint Modular Home Walls 

To paint the inside walls of a modular home we apply a coat of primer followed by two coats of colored paint, though complementing this basic procedure by preparing the surfaces will ensure a good-looking finish. Generally, modular home walls are finished with a drywall, just like most traditionally built houses. Therefore, the process to paint the walls of a modular home is the same as required to paint any house with drywall finishes. 

A drywall is always built by combining large rectangular rigid sheets that need to be joined together to obtain the overall wall surface. There are different types of drywall depending on their qualities since some are built to be resistant to mold, moisture, fire, or even soundproof [1]. However, regardless of their type, they all require a similar painting process. 

The process of painting a modular home drywall:

  1. Prepare the surface
  2. Apply the paint

In most cases, modular home manufacturers deliver their homes with their inner walls prepared. Commonly, the primer coat is already applied when the house is delivered leaving it ready to just be painted with the client’s desired color. However, even when they are so nicely finished, it is common to have to undergo some reparation work once the house is installed. In these cases, even if there is only one small reparation to be done, the whole preparation and painting process should be strictly followed to ensure a uniformly painted wall.

How to prepare the modular home drywall for painting

  1. Fill the gaps: Generally, the modular home manufacturer will fill all the gaps in the factory before delivering the home. The most common gaps the manufacturer fill are the joints between the different sheets conforming to the drywall. However, it is common for some small cracks to appear during the transportation of the modules. These need to be repaired once the house is assembled by filling them with drywall compound filler [2].
  2. Sand the repaired areas: Once all the repair works have been done, you must sand those areas with sandpaper to ensure a smooth surface. Ideally, the sanding should be done in circular motions and applying a light pressure [3].
  3. Clean the drywall: The sanding works unavoidably leave some dust particles behind, and therefore the prepping process should always end with proper cleaning of the area. To clean the surface of the drywall wash it thoroughly with a moist cloth [3].
  4. Dust the drywall: Once the surfaces are dry, complete the cleaning process by dusting and/or vacuuming. Removing the dust is essential to guarantee the proper adherence of the paint and provide a long-lasting result [4]. Repeat the dusting procedure if necessary, especially if the painting doesn’t take place immediately after the preparation.

Painting the modular home drywalls

  1. Apply a coat of primer: The very first coat of paint you should apply on the modular home drywall is always a primer. Painting directly on the drywall is difficult since the mix of textures of the sheets and filling compounds absorb paint differently, resulting in an uneven color and glossiness. The primer coat regularizes the surface leaving it ready to be painted [5]. The color of the primer is usually of a neutral tone since its purpose is to equalize the surface.
  2. Paint with your desired color: Now it is time to choose your favorite wall colors and paint the surfaces to achieve the desired finishing look. Always wait for the primer to dry out before you start applying the finishing colored paint. The most common procedure consists in applying two coats of paint to obtain a more beautiful and even color. Two coats are also a guarantee of a long-lasting result. There are a few exceptions where you might be able to apply only one coat of paint, though this only works when the primer and the finishing paint are of the same color [6]. 


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