Do Modular Homes Come Painted?

In general, modular homes come painted though depending on the manufacturer, painting the interior walls could be left to be done by the client after delivery. Painting is always done after assembling the modules on-site regardless if it is handled by the modular home manufacturing company or the client itself. Most finishes are completed in the manufacturing plant and the module is delivered to place with no more than 20% of construction left to be done. However, paint is an exception because during its transportation, the module is put under a lot of stress and small cracks are common to appear especially in the drywall. These cracks are easily repairable and only require being filled with drywall compound [1]. Still, the finished look of the walls is neater when painted after these repair works.

What to consider when opting for a painted or an unpainted modular home:

  • If the client is the final owner 
  • If the occupant is unknown

Commonly, modular home manufacturers have a standard set of choices that are either included or excluded from the initial price. Still, during the design phase, the client has the possibility to choose which services offered by the modular home company they want to add or withdraw.

Which is best: to get a modular home already painted or to let the client paint it once all construction is done?

Both options are a good choice, though not in every situation since this decision should be based on the type of client who is purchasing the house. There are basically two types of modular home clients: those who purchase a modular home to occupy them themselves and those who purchase a modular home as an investment and once constructed will sell it to someone else or rent it out. 

Clients who will inhabit the house after construction, have full control of the modular home design. Always before construction starts and even before agreeing on a price, the client meets with the designers and architects of the company to decide on every detail of the house. This phase is a must regardless of what type of design the client is acquiring. Even if the modular home chosen is a predesigned model, the client has to pick among the different finishes offered, including the paint color selection.

Leaving the walls unpainted is an advantage when the client is unable to name their preferences in the design process. Therefore, those homes that are designed as a generic housing solution and the occupants are unknown during the design phase, will benefit from leaving the walls unpainted. This way the final occupant of the house has the opportunity to choose the color paint that best suits their taste and needs.