Modular Extension Reviews (Manufacturers list incl.!) – U.S.

We have selected 6 modular home companies that offer modular extension services in different areas of the United States so you can add some extra space to your current home. There are different ways to extend an already built house, though choosing to do so with modular construction techniques is definitely an advantage.

Benefits of building a home extension with modular technologies:

  • Build and deliver faster
  • More cost-effective
  • Minimal disruption during the construction process
  • More environmentally friendly

Each one of the companies listed below can personalize your home extension with a high-quality modular construction project. Since modular extensions are designed individually to perfectly connect to the structure of your home, the design, construction and assembly works are always done by companies based nearby your property. Look for a company located in your area to ensure an extension of the highest quality.

Where do they deliverWhat makes them special
Alure Home ImprovementsNew Jersey and New YorkOver 70 years of experience and a highly flexible building system.
Westchester Modular HomesBased in New York, serves to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.They customize both second stories and side additions in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way. 
Carbide ConstructionNorthern VirginiaInclusive company offering regular extensions as well as ADA friendly additions.
Advantage Modular HomesUpper, Mid and Lower Hudson Valley areas in New YorkAs a liaison company, they will connect you with the manufacturer that is better suited to expand your current home.
Avalon Building SystemsMassachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, ConnecticutHigh quality craftsmanship additions built fast but without compromising the architectural aesthetics.
Ridgeview ConstructionBased in Deerfield, New HampshireEnvironmentally conscious company offering second-stories and side-additions.

Alure Home Improvements

Service areas: New Jersey and New York 

Alure is a remodeling company with more than 70 years of experience that is fully dedicated to improving houses in a way that is easy, ethical and innovative. They offer modular home extensions, though in order to grant a complete and flexible service, they often combine the modern modular techniques with the traditional “stick frame” in what they call the Alure’s System Build

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Westchester Modular Homes

Service areas: Based in New York, serves to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

Westchester Modular Homes customizes modular additions to help you extend your house so you don’t feel forced to leave your neighborhood. They choose to build using modular construction since it allows them to ensure a quick, efficient and cost-effective work. Building their modular extensions off-site helps them reduce the inconveniences for you and your family, though the Westchester team still wants you to get involved in the process and goes the extra mile to help you visualize and personalize your second story or side addition using computer-aided design. 

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Carbide Construction

Service areas: Northern Virginia 

Carbide Construction is a remodeling contractor providing modular home additions designed with strong attention to detail. As an inclusive company, they offer wheelchair-accessible extension modules that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They aim to make the extension construction works as easy, fast and silent as possible so that you can stay home while the works are going on.

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Advantage Modular Homes

Service areas: Upper, Mid and Lower Hudson Valley areas in New York

Advantage Modular Homes is a liaison company that helps you plan and customize your modular addition designs. With over 35 years of experience, they have built solid relationships with manufacturers and contractors and will coordinate your modular extension with the company that better suits your needs. If you live in the Hudson Valley and need some extra space in your current home, Advantage Modular Homes will help you find the optimal way to expand it.

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Avalon Building Systems

Service areas: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut 

Avalon Building Systems offers high-quality second-story modular extensions to add more space to your current home. Their priority is to provide a beautiful and original design of quality craftsmanship. By using modular construction they are able to offer a cost-effective addition built in as fast as just one to two months without compromising the architectural aesthetics.

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Ridgeview Construction

Service areas: Based in Deerfield, New Hampshire 

Ridgeview is an environmentally conscious company that helps you add some extra space to your home by adding either a second-story or a side addition. They offer extension works to your current house with a holistic and ecological approach without compromising your needs or the architectural aesthetics. 

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