How to Light Up a Prefab at Night?

Looking for a way to boost creativity at night in your prefab homes? Well, there are always tremendous ways to incorporate those innovative ideas keeping in mind the prefab structure and the construction technology. From natural ways of attracting the most of daylighting to incorporating artificial lighting systems, there is a wide array of creative opportunities in this industry. However, it is a given that there isn’t any compromise when it comes to lighting up a prefab at night – they can absolutely be well-lit just like any other generic traditional building.

Hence, let’s discuss some of the major lighting design ideas that you could incorporate in your homes. Whether they involve technology, creativity, or simply DIY tactics – you can definitely optimize their use to light your prefab homes bright later in the evening or the night.

1.    Skylights

One of the most natural methods, installing a skylight in your prefab home can help flourish the interiors with ample daylighting throughout the day. Whether you install the fixed glass on the dormers, gables, or simply the flat or sloped roof, there is going to be immense light throughout the day and even in the night as well – as far as it is a ‘no moon’ day. Also, as an addition to the skylight, you can install a curtain wall and a few large windows to let the natural light play its best indoors. The lighter the structure – the more natural and airy will the prefab home feel.

2.    Solar Tubes

Sharing synonyms with sun tunnel, light tube, tubular skylight, and sun tube, this 10 to 14-inch diameter sheet helps in brightening the dark corners of your prefab home. The elongated metal tube that connects the roof with the interior spaces constitutes of polished interiors that act like continuous mirror channeling light across the prefab home. Hence, this structure captures the light and transfers it into the corners that need utmost light – however, during the night, this incoming light may fade away.

On the roof, this tube is connected with a plastic globe-like weatherproofing layer that gathers natural light from the outdoors. This tube then ends as a porthole-like diffuser in the ceiling – well, lighting up the interior prefab home spaces. Also, note that this method is almost a fraction of what a skylight may cost you. Hence, if you are on a budget, this is probably one of the best ways to incorporate plenty of natural light in the interiors.

3.    Tubs Light

Comparatively new in the market, this green design idea utilizes the IKEA tubs to light them with LED lights and embark on a noteworthy landmark. These simple yet effective tubs are constituted of low waste polypropylene plastic that can be easily recycled. Moreover, these sustainable products offer cradle-to-cradle advantages along with low toxicity of the material that sets the prefab human wellness and aesthetic bars much higher.

Basically, a huge LED is installed behind these tubs that dramatically changes the appearance while illuminating the indoors. Due to the dramatic character of this innovative structure, the prefabs can be highlighted as temporary signages and a building that can be multi-used for various purposes.


4.    Ceiling Fan With Lights

A necessity in dry and warmer regions, ceiling fans are ‘must have’ features to add a cool vibe to your prefab homes. However, if you are facing a space issue or have sloped roofs – whether steep or not, you can simply install the lights on the surface of the fans (Most of them are available in-built). Hence, through this, you can save room in your prefab home while adding the desired aura to your space. Warm whites, cool whites, or warm yellows – the choice is yours.

There is a wide array of design options available – from antique and vintage to traditional and classical, you can absolutely pair these ceiling fans with your interior design style.

5.    LED Downlights

One of the most popular options, LED downlights are quite a modern, minimalist, and affordable way to install lighting in prefab homes at night. They are simply flushed into the ceiling to exhibit an excellent amount of light in your homes. Moreover, the sleek and crisp appearance of these lighting fixtures adds a great stunning, and modern touch to your prefab interior spaces.

Another major reason why prefab homeowners prefer using LED downlights is due to the tremendous energy-efficiency characteristics offered. And as the energy prices continue to rise sharply, it is a plus point for the prefab homeowners to use this kind of lighting in their homes. Also, in the case of Mobile homes – it is always a better idea to choose these LED lights.

6.    Pendant Lights

Trendy and eye-catchy, these statement lights add a great backdrop to your interior spaces. Whether you are looking for a bold, modern, classic, or traditional style, there are plenty of pendant lighting options in the market that you could consider. Available in a wide array of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures – these lighting solutions not only play a necessity but also add a great décor feature in your prefab homes.

You could either hang a large piece singularly as a focal or place them in a group of clusters to exhibit a bold statement in your space. Whether it is the kitchen island, dining tabletop, or the side tables and nightstands, these pendant lights are one of the most intriguing ways to light up your prefab homes at night.

7.    Wall Lights

Also known as wall sconces, these lighting fixtures add a perfect drama to your space. Whether you are looking to add a cozy touch or a sense of background lighting, these wall lights will help illuminate your interior spaces in the most creative ways. With a wide array of design styles and sizes available, you can absolutely use these along the long hallways and corridors to break the monotony. Else you can place them by the console tables in the dining and living room to touch upon interior details.

Aligning with your interior design style, these lights are definitely responsible to give your prefab homes a cozy touch of warm background lighting at night while you are relaxing and spending quality time with your family.

8.    Table Lamps

Unlike the pendant, wall, and LED lights, table lamps can be easily moved around at your convenience. You can place them by the bed on the nightstand or even over the sideboard or the console tables in your hallway, dining area, and living room. From a wide variety of table lamps available, you could choose from a piece as subtle as a ceramic shade to as homey as a linen shade lamp. Hence, incorporating table lamps in your prefab homes is a great way to illuminate the interiors at night.

9.    Floor Lamps

If you don’t prefer inbuilt lighting fixtures and rather want to add a freestanding statement lighting piece, it is always preferable to choose floor lamps to light up the prefab interiors. They are available in various design styles and materials – hence, you could either pick up an industrial-style brass floor lamp and place it by the couch to give a characteristic touch to your space or simply use a modern-minimalist wooden piece by the entryway to light up your prefab home at all times.

Other than illuminating, these lighting pieces also play a major role in acting as a statement focal point in your space. Hence, it is not necessary that you genuinely have to sit by the light and use it – instead, just spruce up any corner of your room with this majestic piece of lighting. The diffused light will create a moody aura in your space.

10. Smart Lighting

Last but not the least, not only trendy but also extremely essential, incorporating smart lighting and sensor lights will cut down on your energy bills while giving your prefab homes a perfect eco-friendly label. All you really need are LED lightbulbs and the app in your phone to customize your needs using a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, you can also control the saturation of this light using different settings based on the time of the day – from dimming to extreme brightness – these lights alter as per the functions in your space.

On the other hand, sensors, and motion lights further help in reducing the bills while optimizing the usage as per your needs and requirements. Hence, these longer-living lights will lead you a long way in your prefab homes.

One Last Word…

Now that we have discussed a couple of ways to light up a prefab home at night, there is yet another DIY tactic to reflect light in the interiors – well, by using mirrors. If you place mirrors opposite the incoming natural or artificial light, it is going to reflect the light – thus, brightening the interiors of your space. You can also place it opposite the curtain wall or the large window you intend to use. So, are you enthralled to add these lighting features to your home? Well, these options will definitely create a perfect ambiance in the night or the late evening as well. If you have some other ideas to light up a prefab home at night, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.