The Largest Modular Home Manufacturer in the US

Avalon Building Systems is the largest modular home (only) manufacturer in the U.S. based on the number of employees and annual sales of the company itself: It has up to 49 employees and produces a revenue of $1 million to $4.9 million [1]. Based in Massachusetts, Avalon Building Systems builds both residential and commercial modular buildings in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island [3]. It offers a wide selection of modular home floor plans in nine different styles as well as the possibility of offering a complete Turn-Key service. Predesigned modular homes are their main product, though they offer the possibility of designing a custom modular home as well.

Some modular home manufacturers such as Commodore Homes are quite larger than Avalon Building Systems based on the list of the top modular home manufacturers in the U.S. done by the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers. In this list, Avalon Building Systems appears in a further down position [1], though if we exclude all the companies whose revenue doesn’t come solely from modular home construction, Avalon Building Systems becomes the first [2]. Without this exclusion, Commodore Homes becomes the largest manufacturer of both modular and manufactured homes.

The Top 10 modular  home manufacturers in the US:

1. Commodore HomesModular + Manufactured
2. Palm Harbor HomesModular + Manufactured
3. Jacobsen HomesModular + Manufactured
4. Apex HomesModular + Manufactured
5. Sunshine HomesModular + Manufactured
6. Clayton HomesModular + Manufactured
7. Riverview HomesModular + Manufactured
8. Franklin HomesModular + Manufactured
9. Nobility HomesModular + Manufactured
10. Avalon Building SystemsOnly Modular

Commodore Homes: the largest manufacturer building both modular and manufactured homes

According to the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, Commodore Homes is the largest modular home manufacturer in the United States [1]. With its headquarters in Virginia and up to 999 employees, this company produces a revenue of $100 million to $249.9 million a year. However, most of the revenue produced by Commodore homes comes from the fabrication of manufactured homes. This revenue comes from seven different divisions [4].

Divisions of Commodore Homes:

  • Colony Homes
  • Commodore Homes Pennsylvania
  • Commodore Homes Indiana 
  • Manorwood Homes
  • Pennwest Homes
  • R-Anell Homes
  • MidCountry homes

Commodore Homes is best known for their manufactured homes, though they build both manufactured and modular homes all around the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest United States. All the homes they built are predesigned models, though their main website counts with a section called “inHouse Experience” where you can customize the houses by choosing different roofs, sidings or colors.


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