The 10 Largest Modular Home Manufacturers in Europe

Europe’s largest modular home manufacturers are based in the United Kingdom and are led by TopHat, whose current production is about 4,000 houses every year [1]. At the moment the U.K. is dominating the European modular and prefabricated market holding 35% of the overall production. Europe is expected to produce as many as 428,000 prefabricated homes in 2022 and as many as 148,700 of these homes will be built in the U.K. [2].

The Top 10 modular home manufacturers in Europe:

nº house/yearBased in
1. TopHat4,000 [3]United Kingdom
2. Ilke Homes3,000 [4]United Kingdom
3. Legal & General (L&G) Modular Homes 3,000 [5]United Kingdom
4. Totally Modular 2,000 [6]United Kingdom
5. Adria1,300 [7]Slovenia
6. K-Haus500 [8]United Kingdom
7. Luxhaus250 [9]Germany
8. Fertighaus Weiss240 [10]Germany
9. Jelovica200 [11]Slovenia
10. Vithaus200 [12]Latvia

The U.K. has been suffering from a housing crisis for over 30 years now [13], and modular construction seems to be offering a much-needed solution by providing affordable housing. As a result, U.K. modular home manufacturers have grown rapidly and are positioned at the top of the European market with companies like TopHat, Ilke Homes and Legal & General Modular Homes.

The European modular home production

The need for affordable and sustainable housing options in Europe is clear and prefabricated construction methods such as modular techniques have proved to offer a solution to it. As a result, off-site construction is growing rapidly and regions such as Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) are replacing traditional construction methods with modular and other prefabricated techniques, building as much as 45% of their homes with these modern methods of construction [14].

When we analyze the production of each modular home manufacturer however, those based in Scandinavian regions remain small in comparison to the large U.K. manufacturers. The U.K construction market at the moment is still highly traditional, with a percentage of homes being built with modular or prefabricated construction being relatively small representing only a 5% of the overall housing construction [14]. 

However, the growing housing demand in the highly populated U.K. (281 per square Km) [15] calls for massive production and companies such as TopHat, Ilke Homes and Legal & General Modular Homes seem to be providing more than a fast building solution. The larger modular home manufacturers in Europe aim to offer affordable, high-quality and sustainable homes that are built faster.


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