The 9 Largest Modular Home Manufacturers in Europe

Europe’s largest modular home manufacturers are based in the United Kingdom and are led by TopHat, whose current production is about 4,000 houses every year [1]. Embracing innovation, the U.K. has firmly secured its place at the forefront of the European modular and prefabricated market, currently steering 35% of the total production. Looking ahead, Europe anticipates a remarkable feat in 2022, with projections soaring to a monumental 428,000 prefabricated homes, a significant share of which, approximately 148,700 homes, is set to grace the ever-evolving landscape of the U.K. [2].

List of the largest modular home manufacturers in Europe:

# house / yearBased in
1. TopHat4,000 [3]United Kingdom
2. Legal & General (L&G) Modular Homes 3,000 [5]United Kingdom
3. Totally Modular 2,000 [6]United Kingdom
4. Adria1,300 [7]Slovenia
5. K-Haus500 [8]United Kingdom
6. Luxhaus250 [9]Germany
7. Fertighaus Weiss240 [10]Germany
8. Jelovica200 [11]Slovenia
9. Vithaus200 [12]Latvia

The U.K. has been suffering from a housing crisis for over 30 years now [13], and modular construction seems to be offering a much-needed solution by providing affordable housing. As a result, U.K. modular home manufacturers have grown rapidly and are positioned at the top of the European market with companies like TopHat, Ilke Homes and Legal & General Modular Homes.

1. TopHat

TopHat is a technology-enabled approach to creating beautiful and sustainable communities. They specialize in design-led homes fit for 21st century living, and their projects are built with automated manufacturing processes, high quality materials, and smart technologies to deliver ultra low carbon outcomes. They work with customers in a range of ways, either as a supplier, a contractor or a developer, and tailor their partnership to suit their needs.

  • Design-led homes fit for 21st century living
  • Automated manufacturing processes, high quality materials and smart technologies
  • Ultra low carbon outcomes
  • Supplier, contractor or developer
  • Tailored partnership to suit customer needs

2. Legal & General (L&G) Modular Homes

Legal & General’s Modular Homes offer a modern solution to the UK’s housing crisis. Using precision engineering techniques, they create modular homes designed to be at the center of sustainable communities. Their two-bed house and one-bed or two-bed apartments are spacious and light-filled and can be arranged to fit the width of any site. They are looking for long-term partners to help drive genuine and lasting change in the property market and are committed to positively contributing to society and the economy.

  • Precision engineering techniques used to create modular homes.
  • Two-bed houses and one-bed or two-bed apartments are available.
  • Spacious and light-filled designs.
  • It can be arranged to fit the width of any site.
  • They’re committed to making a positive contribution to society and the economy.

3. Totally Modular

Totally Modular are pioneers of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in the UK, providing a complete turnkey offering to the residential, public, and private sectors. Their modular buildings are designed, manufactured, and constructed in our facility, then transported and craned into position. They offer customizable options, built in a sustainable and energy-efficient way, with the capability to build up to 18 meters (6 stories). Appropriate professional bodies back our services, and we have a track record of success in national and regional construction industry awards.

  • Design, manufacture, and construct steel framed volumetric modular buildings.
  • Complete turnkey offering to the residential, public, and private sectors.
  • Capable of building up to 18 meters (6 stories).
  • Customizable options are built in a sustainable and energy-efficient way.
  • Services backed by appropriate professional bodies.
  • Track record of success in national and regional construction industry awards.

4. Adria Home

With over 20,000 units produced since 2002, Adria has sold over 1,500 units in the 2023 season alone, making Adria a leading European manufacturer of mobile homes, modular homes, and glamping tents. Their products are available in 30 countries worldwide and offer a full service from standard and custom accommodation units to after-sales warranty and service. Adria Home provides a systematic approach to mobile homes with certified quality, designed to perform and built to last. Customers have praised their interaction with Adria sales, production, and delivery, as well as their German contact and sales partner, Daalmann Mobilheime GmbH.

  • Over 20,000 units have been produced since 2002.
  • Their products are available in 30 countries worldwide.
  • Full service from standard and custom accommodation units to after-sales warranty and assistance.
  • A systematic approach to mobile homes with certified quality.
  • They are designed to perform and built to last.

5. HAUS Net-Zero

Based in the UK, HAUS Net-Zero (formerly K-Haus Limited) specializes in delivering net-zero Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) closed-panel prefabricated homes in collaboration with leading European manufacturers. Their affordable, adaptable timber-frame system exceeds the 2022 Building Regulations, Future Buildings (Homes) Standard, and Passivhaus standards, emphasizing air tightness, thermal efficiency, and a sustainable living environment.

  • Highly energy-efficient timber-frame construction.
  • Flexible and precision-engineered kit system customizable for diverse architectural designs.
  • Offsite quality controlled closed-panel system delivered and assembled swiftly on a prepared foundation, complete with pre-installed windows, entrance doors, and service conduits.
  • Rapid MMC building system assembly within 3-4 days, facilitating immediate final fit-out in wind-tight and watertight conditions.

6. Luxhaus

Luxhaus offers high-quality, sustainable and innovative prefabricated houses that correspond to the residents’ ideas, desires, and needs. They provide comfort and a feel-good atmosphere thanks to well-thought-out floor plans, intelligent details, and coherent technology. They aim to get your individually planned home with high durability and comfort.

  • High-quality, sustainable, and innovative
  • Energy-saving solutions and ecological materials
  • Comfort and a feel-good atmosphere.
  • Individually planned homes with high durability and living comfort.
  • Precise prefabrication in its own production and strict quality controls.

7. Fertighaus Weiss

Fertighaus Weiss is a family-owned company in southern Germany with a 140-year tradition in timber construction since 1881. They offer a wide range of house-building and energy-efficient solutions. From consultation to architecture, structural analysis, and construction management to construction and finishing work, Fertighaus WEISS bundles nearly all services under one roof.

  • 140-year tradition in timber construction.
  • Approximately 6,500 satisfied customers.
  • 245 built architect-designed houses annually.
  • Consultation, architecture, structural analysis, construction management, and finishing work.

8. Jelovica

Jelovica is a manufacturer and supplier of systemic solutions tailored to your needs and challenges. With decades of experience in the most challenging markets of Switzerland, Germany, Italy and others, their commitment is to provide excellent products, carefully selected materials and quality services and relationships. Their philosophy is flexible and open to change, and we strive to foster the permanent growth of our employees and the development of products and the environment.

  • Multi-decade presence in challenging markets
  • Excellent products, carefully selected materials, and quality services.
  • Flexible philosophy open to change and new operating methods.
  • Commitment to fostering the growth of employees and the environment.

9. Vitahaus

VITHAUS offers a cutting-edge solution for those seeking high-quality, affordable housing. With a fully factory-assembled approach, their homes boast unparalleled quality while keeping costs low. One of the standout advantages is the time saved in the construction process – from project selection to installation, allowing for rapid assembly within days. Moreover, their eco-conscious design ensures minimal environmental impact, with a focus on resource conservation and energy efficiency. Additionally, these homes are designed for easy transportation and installation, making them a versatile option that can serve as a temporary dwelling during construction or a permanent, adaptable living space.

  • Fully assembled at the factory for enhanced quality and cost efficiency.
  • Readily equipped for immediate occupancy, ensuring maximum comfort
  • The time-efficient process from selection to installation, saving valuable time for homeowners.
  • Eco-conscious design, emphasizing resource conservation and energy efficiency.
  • Versatile and adaptable, suitable for various living requirements and easily transportable.

The European modular home production in numbers

Despite Scandinavia’s 45% adoption rate of modern techniques, the U.K. clings to traditional methods, with only 5% of homes reflecting the shift. Nonetheless, amid the U.K.’s densely populated terrain, hosting 281 individuals per square kilometer, industry pioneers like TopHat, Ilke Homes, and Legal & General Modular Homes redefine the landscape, not just as builders but as visionaries, committed to providing accessible, eco-friendly, and premium living spaces swiftly and efficiently.

When we analyze the production of each modular home manufacturer however, those based in Scandinavian regions remain small in comparison to the large U.K. manufacturers. The U.K construction market at the moment is still highly traditional, with a percentage of homes being built with modular or prefabricated construction being relatively small representing only a 5% of the overall housing construction [14].


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