8 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Wyoming

In the vast landscapes of Wyoming, where a commitment to quality living meets the rugged beauty of the West, modular homes have become a popular choice. Among the notable manufacturers in the state, Big Mountain Homes stands out for offering affordable homes without compromising on quality. Their commitment to delivering exceptional value has made them a trusted name. Meanwhile, Mountain West Modular brings years of experience, providing residents with expertly crafted homes tailored to their preferences. 

Big Mountain Homes

Big Mountain Homes takes pride in offering affordable, quality-constructed systems-built homes and developments in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. Specializing in custom-designed projects, they prioritize reflecting the unique needs of families, businesses, and specific developments. The construction services span custom homes, excavation, grading, septic systems, foundations, decks, and garages. Big Mountain Homes adhere to the highest building codes, including the Uniform and International Residential Code, ensuring a quality investment. They deliver consistent craftsmanship, personalized designs, and local ownership and service within a climate-controlled factory setting.


  • Strives to provide cost-effective, quality homes.
  • Specializes in custom projects reflecting individual needs.
  • Offers a range of services from excavation to custom homes.
  • Adheres to the Uniform Building Code and IRC standards.
  • Ensures quality in a controlled factory setting.

Thunder Basin Homes

Thunder Basin Homes is your premier land/home expert, proudly serving Northeast Wyoming for over a decade. Their seamless process simplifies home ownership – pick or design your house, choose a location, sit back, relax, and move into your dream house. With a professional sales team boasting decades of experience, Thunder Basin Homes offers in-house project financing, eliminating the need for construction loans. Their construction management oversees all project aspects, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to reality.


  • Serving Northeast Wyoming for over a decade.
  • Skip paperwork and construction loans with their financing.
  • Experienced team dedicated to making dreams a reality.
  • Manages all aspects, partnering with a local construction company.
  • Simplifies homeownership from design to move-in.

Mountain View Custom Homes

Mountain View Custom Homes LLC is Wyoming’s premier retailer of top-quality, factory-built modular homes. Setting themselves apart with vast experience in the modular home industry, the Mountain View Custom Homes team is dedicated to delivering a “no pressure” home buying experience. Their extensive selection from top manufacturers like Champion Homebuilders and Heritage Homes, commitment to customer satisfaction, and post-sale support make them the ideal choice for finding your dream home.


  • Featuring Champion Home Builders, Heritage Homes, Redman Homes, and Atlantic Homes.
  • A “no pressure” buying experience with a dedicated team.
  • Continuous assistance before, during, and after the sale.
  • Tailor your dream home with a variety of custom options.

Sheridan Homes

Sheridan Homes empowers your dream of home ownership with IRC-quality modular homes. Located in Sheridan, Wyoming, they collaborate with Kit HomeBuilders West and Family Built Homes to deliver customized residences tailored to your preferences. With a range of floor plans and options, they guide you from site preparation to turnkey occupancy, ensuring top-notch quality. Sheridan Homes combines expertise and your vision to create your desired dream home.


  • Site preparation to turnkey occupancy, guiding every step.
  • A variety of options to match your taste and budget.
  • Collaborative approach for personalized dream homes.
  • Quick move-in with timely delivery and efficient construction.

Fairground Homes

In Casper, Wyoming, Fairground Homes specializes in building and selling manufactured and modular homes from top industry manufacturers like BonnaVilla Homes, Redman Homes, Family Built Homes, and Skyline Homes. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and a superior construction process ensures customers get more value for their money. Fairground Homes is Wyoming’s best choice for affordable manufactured and modular homes, offering a diverse range of new and used homes.


  • New and used homes for variety in styles.
  • Fairground Homes facilitates trading and selling mobile homes.
  • Commitment to customer contentment with an unmatched construction process.
  • Proudly authorized dealer of Skyline, BonnaVilla, and Redman Homes.

East Homes Homes

East Homes stands out as a reliable choice. Specializing in land/home deals, they offer flexibility in choosing your home’s location. When buying a modular home, East Homes emphasizes the importance of selecting a local, licensed, and experienced builder. Their commitment to energy efficiency is evident, working with certified Energy Star builders to optimize homes for eco-friendly living. Additionally, they guide buyers through the financial process, ensuring pre-approval for a budget-friendly purchase.


  • East Homes specializes in convenient land/home packages.
  • Work with experienced and licensed local builders.
  • Optimize homes for energy efficiency with certified Energy Star builders.
  • Secure pre-approval for a budget-friendly modular home purchase.

Mountain West Modulars

Mountain West Modulars offers a personalized home-buying experience. They guide clients from selecting land to moving into their dream homes. With expertise in real estate and strong local connections, they ensure seamless home financing and construction. This client-focused approach and one-on-one involvement set Mountain West Modulars apart in delivering tailored, environmentally controlled factory-built homes.


  • One-on-one attention from the start to living in the home.
  • Strong ties with banks for smooth home financing.
  • Environmentally-controlled homes customized to specific needs.

Williams Enterprises Homes

Williams Enterprises Homes is an authorized dealer and builder for Heritage Homes. They offer Energy Star-rated custom homes in various styles, from basic ranch to elaborate two-story designs. Heritage Homes has a comprehensive 3-year workmanship and a 10-year structural warranty. Unlike mobile homes, their modular homes adhere to the highest US building codes, ensuring durability and increased value over time.


  • Exclusive access to Energy Star-rated custom modular homes.
  • From basic ranch to elaborate two-story designs.
  • 3-year workmanship and 10-year structural warranty included.
  • Modular homes adhere to the highest US building standards.
  • Modular homes appreciate over time, offering long-term value.