8 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in North Dakota

Step into the modular home industry in North Dakota, where a blend of innovation and craftsmanship redefines modern living. Leading the industry is Dynamic Homes, known for their bespoke modular homes that cater to the unique preferences of homeowners, showcasing a dedication to quality and personalization. On the other hand, Dakota Cabins shines with its elegant wood construction, seamlessly marrying timeless aesthetics with robust durability.

Dynamic Homes

With over 53 years of modular home-building expertise, Dynamic Homes is a beacon of quality and innovation. Operating within a vast 110,000 square feet of climate-controlled production space, their homes undergo construction shielded from the elements. Transported to sites and placed on permanent foundations using cranes, these residences offer the durability of traditional site-built homes with added advantages.


  • 53+ years of modular home-building expertise
  • 110,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled production space
  • Homes never exposed to elements during construction
  • Commercial and tribal construction expertise
  • Custom-built approach with thousands of plan

Marvel Homes

Marvel Homes, a family-owned home dealer in Jamestown, North Dakota, is dedicated to providing modular homes tailored to the region. Offering personalized service and individual attention, they guide customers in finding their dream homes. Marvel Homes takes pride in constructing houses that customers proudly call home, offering numerous floor plans and design options for customization. 


  • Family-owned home dealer in Jamestown, North Dakota
  • Personalized service with individual attention
  • Numerous floor plans and design options for customization
  • Homes built in a controlled environment with quality control
  • Quicker turnaround compared to traditional site building

Dakota Custom Homes

Dakota Custom Homes, established in 2008, is committed to offering the finest quality homes with outstanding service. Specializing in complete custom builds, they provide the flexibility of choosing from their catalog or designing a home tailored to your preferences. Built onsite in Washburn within 120 to 180 days, their homes benefit from a close relationship with Wagon Wheel Lumber, ensuring easy access to building supplies. 


  • Established in 2008 for finest quality custom homes
  • Onsite construction in Washburn within 120 to 180 days
  • Close relationship with Wagon Wheel Lumber for easy supply access
  • Every new home purchase includes a 1-year warranty

Big Mountain Homes

Big Mountain Homes specializes in constructing manufactured and modular homes, each custom-designed to match individual needs and showcase personal styles. Serving the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Montana, they guide clients through a comprehensive process from initial contact to the finished product. With a focus on affordability, quality, and efficiency, Big Mountain Construction Services cover custom homes, excavation, septic, foundations, garages, and more, all built to the highest building codes in a climate-controlled factory setting. 


  • Specializes in manufactured and modular homes
  • Custom-designed homes tailored to individual needs
  • Service coverage in the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Montana
  • Comprehensive process from contact to finished product
  • Focus on affordability, quality, and efficiency in construction services

Liechty Homes

Liechty Homes, a modular/manufactured home industry leader for over 65 years, offers diverse lifestyle options, including Residential Living, Lake Homes, Homesteading, and Community Living. Liechty Homes prioritizes comfort and reliability, providing a one-year Liechty Warranty on all homes, energy-efficient features, flexible delivery times, various floor plans, outdoor entertainment options, and attached garage choices. 


  • Leader in modular/manufactured homes for over 65 years
  • Lifestyle options: Residential, Lake, Homesteading, Community Living
  • Family-operated business since 1955, spanning three generations
  • One-year Liechty Warranty for comfort and reliability
  • Energy-efficient features, flexible delivery times, diverse floor plans, outdoor options, and attached garages.

Design Homes

Design Homes, crafting custom-built factory-direct homes since 1966, they have built over 19,000 homes across 10 states. Design Homes distinguishes itself with over 50 years of consistent ownership, focusing on continuous improvement for lasting, energy-efficient, and comfortable living spaces. Offering a unique factory-direct sales model, they provide exceptional value, allowing customers to customize their dream homes to fit their property, needs, and budget.


  • Custom-built factory-direct homes since 1966
  • Over 19,000 homes built in 10 states
  • 50+ years of consistent ownership for continuous improvement
  • Unique factory-direct sales model for exceptional value
  • Customization options for personalized dream homes

Custom Touch Homes

In Custom Touch Homes, every structure is individually crafted to fit your desires. Built as complete homes, these structures can be transported up to 36 feet in width and 90 feet in length, eliminating the need for marriage walls. With a 32-point inspection and climate-controlled facility, each home is meticulously crafted and can be customized to reflect your style. Factory direct pricing ensures cost efficiency and a streamlined process.


  • Custom-built structures tailored to individual wants and needs
  • One-piece home designs without marriage walls for added sturdiness
  • Climate-controlled facility with over 100,000 square feet of production area
  • Design flexibility for fully customizable floor plans
  • Factory direct pricing for the absolute lowest cost