8 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, you’ll find many companies that build unique modular homes. Some, like New England Homes, make homes with special designs. Others, like Salem Manufactured Homes, are known for being affordable yet offering great quality manufacturing. Whether you want a cozy cottage or a modern house, there’s something for you. New Hampshire’s modular home manufacturers have everything from classic styles to budget-friendly options. Let’s explore and find the perfect home sweet home.

New England Homes

New England Homes, the Northeast’s oldest modular home manufacturer, boasts over 15,000 homes built with cutting-edge modular technology. Their network of Independent Builders ensures efficient, high-quality construction. Since 1961, they’ve evolved with new materials and techniques, maintaining their commitment to excellence. With customizable designs and a focus on customer needs, New England Homes delivers dream homes on time and within budget.


  • Oldest modular home manufacturer in the Northeast.
  • Over 15,000 homes built with modular technology.
  • Founded on integrity and customer satisfaction.
  • Evolving with new materials and techniques.
  • Customizable designs delivered on time and within budget.

Unity Homes

Unity Homes revolutionizes the homebuilding industry by offering accessible high-performance homes through innovative prefabrication methods and cutting-edge technology. With a commitment to health, comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability, Unity streamlines the construction process while minimizing waste and optimizing energy performance. Clients benefit from a streamlined process, predictable construction, and customizable designs tailored to their preferences and site requirements.


  • Accessible high-performance homes.
  • Innovative prefabrication methods and technology.
  • Commitment to health, comfort, and sustainability.
  • Streamlined process and predictable construction.
  • Customizable designs tailored to client preferences.

New Hampshire Modular Homes

New Hampshire Modular Homes, LLC, situated in central New Hampshire, offers a diverse selection of modular home plans to communities across Merrimack County. With homes constructed in a controlled environment using premium materials, clients enjoy advantages like lower costs and faster completion times compared to traditional building methods. Their homes, built by Professional Building Systems (PBS), guarantee quality and efficiency.


  • Central location serving Merrimack County.
  • Affordable alternative to traditional building methods.
  • Homes constructed in a controlled environment.
  • Built by Professional Building Systems (PBS).
  • Custom design services available in-house.

Seacoast Modular Homes

Seacoast Modular Homes delivers custom-modular projects swiftly and affordably, offering a stress-free path to homeownership. Focusing on cost-effectiveness and efficiency, they ensure projects are completed faster and within budget compared to traditional construction methods. Offering a wide range of home designs, from starter homes to elaborate mansions, Seacoast Modular Homes tailors each project to meet their clients’ unique needs and preferences.


  • Swift and affordable custom-modular projects.
  • Cost-effective and efficient construction methods.
  • Wide range of home designs available.
  • Tailored projects to meet client preferences.
  • Broad reach across Northern New England territories.

New Style Homes

New Style Homes stands out as the region’s largest modular and manufactured home dealer, boasting over 40 years of satisfied customers. Offering turn-key construction services, they provide an unparalleled home-building experience in the area. From consulting to finish work, home and land development, add-ons, and site prep, their comprehensive services ensure every detail is managed with exceptional results, making dreams of homeownership a reality.


  • Largest modular and manufactured home dealer.
  • Over 40 years of satisfied customers.
  • Turn-key construction services for a seamless experience.
  • Comprehensive range of services from consulting to site prep.
  • Exceptional results with every detail managed.

Imperial Modular Homes, LLC

Imperial Modular Homes, LLC, established in Marlborough in 2001, specializes in constructing residential and vacation-style modular homes. With a focus on meeting client needs and exceeding expectations, Imperial Modular Homes ensures quality results through collaboration and innovation, offering expertise from pre-construction to completion.


  • Specializes in residential and vacation-style modular homes.
  • Founded in Marlborough in 2001.
  • Offers full construction services, coordinating with Hunter Foundations.
  • Focuses on meeting client needs and exceeding expectations.
  • Provides expertise from pre-construction to completion.

Preferred Building Systems

Preferred Building Systems specializes in offsite construction using modular methods and panelization, offering a fast and efficient way to build custom, energy-efficient homes. With a focus on customization, they collaborate closely with clients and builders to create personalized living environments. Their designs cater to various preferences and lifestyles, from open-concept layouts to small, streamlined SOLO Series homes. With a commitment to energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and fast construction, Preferred Building Systems leads the industry in delivering high-quality modular homes.


  • Offsite construction with modular methods and panelization.
  • Customization for personalized living environments.
  • Wide range of home designs available.
  • Focus on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Industry-leading expertise in modular home construction.

Salem Manufactured Homes

Salem Manufactured Homes has been a trusted partner for affordable living since 1963, offering homes and managing vibrant communities. They’ve provided comfortable and budget-friendly housing solutions for countless families. Each home is built under federal safety standards, ensuring durability and quality. Salem Manufactured Homes offers customizable designs and layouts from private land to managed communities to suit various needs and preferences.


  • Manages vibrant communities for a sense of belonging.
  • Homes built under federal safety standards.
  • Offers customizable designs and layouts.
  • Legacy spans over five decades.