7 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Vermont

With its rolling hills and picturesque vistas, Vermont is renowned for its natural beauty and thriving modular home manufacturing industry. Huntington Homes is renowned for its unwavering dedication to excellence and timeless craftsmanship. Meanwhile, Bean’s Homes cater to those seeking affordability and convenience without compromising style.

Huntington Homes

Huntington Homes pioneers a revolutionary approach to home construction, boasting a 100,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility where homes are meticulously crafted indoors, ensuring unparalleled quality and efficiency. Huntington Homes has evolved into a beacon of innovation and reliability, with a legacy of thousands of homes built, backed by decades of experience and a commitment to excellence.


  • Climate-controlled indoor construction facility
  • Superior craftsmanship and consistency guaranteed
  • Family-owned by the Webster Family


Vermod pioneers sustainable, zero-energy-ready homes designed for healthy, simple living. With a commitment to affordability and durability, Vermod homes feature densely packed insulation, sealed joints, and all-electric HVAC systems. These homes have solar panels to produce energy, while high-quality materials ensure superior indoor air quality. Vermod’s mission is to make zero-energy-ready homes accessible to all, offering cost-saving solutions through low-interest financing and subsidies.


  • Sustainable, zero-energy-ready homes
  • Densely packed insulation for heat retention
  • Solar panels for energy production
  • High-quality materials ensure indoor air quality
  • Affordable options with low-interest financing

New England Custom Modular

New England Custom Modular specializes in crafting custom modular home designs tailored to clients’ lifestyles, offering the flexibility to customize or create plans that suit individual needs. They provide modular home packages to homeowners, landowners, developers, and builders. Their approach prioritizes customer satisfaction, guiding clients through the design process with professionalism and attention to detail. 


  • Customized modular home designs
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction
  • Diverse clientele and budgets catered to
  • Quality construction without excessive costs

High Performance Modular Homes

High Performance Modular Homes, LLC, a family-owned business based in Williston, VT, is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and top-quality modular homes. With a focus on efficiency and affordability, they construct custom homes using brand-name materials tailored to withstand Vermont’s harsh winters. Committed to transparency and education, they guide clients through the building process, ensuring informed decisions and peace of mind.


  • Emphasis on efficiency and affordability
  • Custom homes with brand-name materials
  • Transparent and educational approach for clients
  • Trusted reputation for customer satisfaction

Village Homes

Village Homes, a family-owned business in Williston, VT, specializes in crafting affordable, energy-efficient modular and manufactured homes. With decades of experience, they offer custom-built homes tailored to clients’ needs and preferences. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, they guide clients through every step of the home building process, from financing to construction and service, ensuring ease and transparency.


  • Specializes in affordable, energy-efficient homes
  • Decades of experience in construction and finance
  • Custom-built homes tailored to clients’ needs
  • Reputation for excellence and dedication


WheelPad, an innovative solution from WheelPad L3C, offers versatile, universally accessible modular homes for various needs, including transitional housing for spinal cord injury patients, veterans, and those seeking independence at home. WheelPad’s mission prioritizes accessibility and comfort, aiming to make life easier for individuals with chronic health conditions. They deliver fast, efficient solutions, ensuring comfort and independence for all.


  • Versatile, universally accessible modular homes
  • Quick deployment and customization options
  • Priority on accessibility and comfort
  • Models surpass ADA standards
  • Innovative solution for various housing needs

Bean’s Homes

Bean’s Homes, offers both manufactured and modular homes, providing affordable pathways to homeownership with quality construction and energy efficiency. With stronger structures, design flexibility, and shorter build times, Bean’s Homes ensures customer satisfaction through environmentally friendly practices and comprehensive warranty coverage.


  • Affordable homeownership solutions
  • Energy-efficient features
  • Stronger, environmentally friendly structures
  • Design flexibility for personalized homes
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage