7 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Tennessee

Tennessee, a state known for its rich culture and scenic landscapes, also stands as a hub for diverse and innovative modular home options. Discover the allure of prefabricated homes in Tennessee, where creativity and functionality merge seamlessly. Tennessee hosts great options for modular home manufacturers, each contributing a unique flavor to the housing market.

Tennessee Modular

Tennessee Modular specializes in crafting dream homes through its MODULAR System Built Housing expertise. Whether it’s a light commercial or residential project, they cater to all scales and sizes, ensuring top-notch quality at the right price. From helping you find suitable land in Tennessee to delivering a seamless building experience, Tennessee Modular is dedicated to making your housing adventure a stress-free reality.


  • Offers light commercial and residential construction
  • Accommodates projects of all sizes
  • Assists in finding available land in Tennessee
  • Ensures a stress-free building experience

Tennessee Happy Homes

Tennessee Happy Homes, the premier new and pre-owned manufactured home leader in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, with great quality craftsmanship and affordability. With over 20 years of experience, this family-owned and operated dealership, led by Brian and Denise Lee, warmly welcomes homebuyers. They provide a range of custom amenities, from upgraded kitchens to high-pitched roofs, but also ensure a controlled, weather-independent construction process for cost-effective homes. 


  • Family-owned and operated
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Offers custom amenities
  • Weather-independent construction process
  • Represents renowned builders in the industry

Modular Dwelling

Modular Dwelling, nestled in the hills of Tennessee, emerges as a leading tiny home company, embodying affordability and customization. Their builds are ideal living, working, or creative retreats, adaptable for various purposes, including offices, studios, or fully equipped living spaces. Crafted by skilled builders, Modular Dwelling introduces the Nordic Abode, a charming 8′ x 22′ tiny home, and the Modular Studio, a compact yet functional space reflecting meticulous design and craftsmanship.


  • Tennessee-based tiny home company
  • Founded by Nehemiah and Liz
  • Focus on affordability and customization
  • Offers versatile spaces for various purposes
  • Meticulously crafted Nordic Abode and Modular Studio

Dick Moore Housing

Dick Moore Housing, a veteran in the mobile, manufactured, and modular homes industry since 1958, takes pride in offering exceptional customer experiences. Committed to a stress-free home-buying process, they provide attention and care unmatched by other dealerships. With a focus on affordability, quality, and vast knowledge, Dick Moore Housing guides customers to their dream homes. 


  • Committed to exceptional customer experiences
  • Focus on affordability and quality
  • Knowledgeable staff with almost 60 years of experience
  • Partners with reputable manufacturers for durable, reliable homes

CustomSmart Homes

CustomSmart Homes is a distinguished modular home builder in Tennessee and Virginia. Specializing in affordable custom homes, they offer two distinct building programs: the Signature Turn-Key Program, providing a comprehensive project management approach, and the Builder Wholesale and Owner Completion Program for construction-savvy individuals. With a focus on green building, energy efficiency, and a simplified building process, CustomSmart Homes stands out as a reliable and innovative choice for those seeking quality, value, and sustainability.


  • Two building programs are available.
  • Green building and energy efficiency focus
  • Simplified five-step building process
  • Over 30,000 options for personalization

GMR Tiny Homes

GMR Tiny Homes specializes in crafting mobile tiny homes tailored to various needs. With a focus on space-maximizing designs and contemporary finishes, their homes are versatile, catering to those seeking vacation rentals by the lake or individuals ready to embrace a downsized, tiny lifestyle. From efficient use of space to modern aesthetics, GMR Tiny Homes is your go-to provider for compact living solutions.


  • Specializes in mobile tiny homes
  • Emphasizes space-maximizing designs
  • Offers contemporary and modern finishes
  • Ideal for vacation rentals or downsizing
  • Versatile solutions for compact living

Dinkins Home Center

Dinkins Home Center, a premier manufactured home provider in Tennessee, is a reliable choice for quality and excellence. Since 1965, Dinkins has offered a vast selection of new and pre-owned homes, including locally built Champion’s fine homes. With lower shipping costs and various financing options, Dinkins Home Center ensures customers receive value, excellent service, and a smooth home-buying experience.


  • Premier Manufactured Homes provider
  • Extensive selection of new and pre-owned homes
  • Locally built Champion’s line for cost efficiency
  • Recognized with awards for sales and service