6 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Utah

Discover the diverse world of modular home manufacturing in Utah, US, where innovation meets sustainable living. Explore the luxurious and eco-conscious designs of Stack Homes, offering a blend of sustainability and opulence. Dive into compact living with Wheelhaus, known for its pioneering tiny homes that maximize space without compromising style. This curated list delves into Utah’s modular home manufacturers, showcasing their commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental consciousness. From Stack Homes’ sustainable luxury to Wheelhaus’ inventive tiny homes, Utah stands as a hub for cutting-edge modular housing solutions, catering to various lifestyles and preferences.

Stack Homes

Stack Homes pioneers sustainable luxury in modular dwellings, crafting eco-conscious homes with rapid build times. Utilizing tech-enabled manufacturing, their steel-built models boast LEED-certified standards and near-zero waste. These adaptable designs offer standalone or stackable options featuring sleek lines, high-end amenities, and eco-friendly elements. Stack Homes’ white-glove process simplifies construction challenges, creating a seamless journey for homebuyers.


  • Rapid, tech-enabled manufacturing for quick, quality builds.
  • Sustainable steel construction with LEED-certified standards.
  • Adaptable designs for standalone or stackable configurations.
  • Modern, meticulously designed interiors with high-quality finishes.


Modal revolutionizes living spaces, offering homeowners, investors, and hospitality groups modular solutions. By renting out your Modal, it becomes a self-sustaining investment. Modal’s process ensures an easy journey to a modular lifestyle, with indoor construction minimizing waste and simultaneous site work. The feasibility study ensures compatibility, and the efficient timeline, from site planning to delivery, guarantees a stress-free experience.


  • Rent your Modal for added income.
  • Easy, stress-free modular lifestyle journey.
  • Indoor construction minimizes waste and enhances efficiency.
  • Feasibility study for compatibility and full refund guarantee.
  • Smooth, stress-free delivery with expert handling and post-install inspections.

Stack Modular Development

Stack Modular Development redefines construction, leveraging modern technology for smarter, faster, and more sustainable projects. Based in Utah, their 80,000 sq ft facility utilizes wood, steel, modular containers, and SIPs. With decades of experience, they excel in large-scale modular manufacturing for diverse projects, from single-family homes to commercial spaces. Technology-enabled production further enhances efficiency, making Stack Modular a leading choice for visionary projects.


  • Large-scale modular construction for diverse projects.
  • Utah-based facility with 80,000 sq ft of production space.
  • Faster timelines, up to 90% less waste, and reduced disruption.
  • Strict quality control and safer working conditions.
  • Technology-enabled production for efficient, sustainable results.


Wheelhaus, founded in 2006, pioneers affordable yet high-end “tiny homes” and modular homes, embodying the motto “Living LARGE with Less.” Combining rustic charm and modern efficiency, Wheelhaus homes emphasize quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and sustainability. Engineered to withstand various climates, Wheelhaus homes offer installation flexibility, and their turnkey delivery ensures immediate use. From design to installation, Wheelhaus prioritizes green-oriented finishes, customization, and an efficient construction timeline.


  • Innovative “tiny homes” and modular homes for sustainable living.
  • Turnkey delivery with customizable finishes in about 120 days.
  • Energy-efficient design with high R-value insulation.
  • Versatile placement, engineered for various climates and terrains.
  • 1-year structural warranty, appliance warranty based on manufacturers

Irontown Homes

Irontown Homes, the leading modular construction company in the Western United States, sets the highest standards for quality in building retail complexes, luxury multi-family housing, hotels, and more. Their innovative modular projects reduce material issues, waste, and construction time, offering versatility, experience, and predictability. With a focus on quality prefab construction, faster building processes, environmental friendliness, and predictability, Irontown Homes is a top choice for efficient, sustainable, and high-quality modular construction.


  • Top modular construction company for retail, multi-family, and commercial buildings.
  • Over 25 years of experience building superior modular homes.
  • Faster building process, completing projects in half the time.
  • Environmental focus with energy-efficient and sustainable construction.
  • Predictable and reliable construction schedule, minimizing delays and surprises.

Modular Home Direct

Modular Home Direct, a leading provider with years of experience, delivers the finest modular prefab homes. Committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they offer world-class pre-designed homes at affordable prices. Modular Home Direct’s houses boast excellent reviews worldwide, known for exceeding customer expectations. With a secure and user-friendly website, a vast product range, and 24/7 customer service, Modular Home Direct stands out for exceptional prefab housing solutions.


  • Finest modular prefab homes with global acclaim.
  • USA-based, ensuring quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction.
  • User-friendly website with secure SSL encryption.
  • Vast product range with continuous expansion based on customer feedback.
  • Efficient order processing, streamlined for a quick and satisfactory experience.