5 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Kansas

Explore the landscape of innovative housing solutions in the heart of Kansas, US, where traditional charm meets contemporary efficiency in modular homes. Among the pioneers shaping the scene are Wardcraft Homes, renowned for seamlessly blending energy efficiency with affordability. Their homes, not only economically competitive but also environmentally conscious, redefine sustainable living standards. Meanwhile, Kansas Manufactured Housing provides an alternative that is not only affordable but also flexible and fully customizable.

Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes, a second-generation family-owned and operated modular home builder, stands as a beacon of quality and affordability in Kansas, Nebraska, and select counties in Colorado. With over 6,000 homes built in 52 years, they specialize in crafting highly energy-efficient custom homes, surpassing Midwest and Eastern Colorado building codes. Wardcraft Homes’ commitment to quality extends to their standards and options, featuring top brands like Pella, Moen, Kohler, and Kichler.


  • Over 6,000 homes built in 52 years
  • Standards include Pella windows, Moen faucets, Kohler whirlpools
  • Highly energy-efficient designs exceeding building codes
  • Custom floor plans with versatile options
  • Brand-name products ensure long-term durability and quality

D & H Homes

D & H Homes, a family-owned and operated retailer with over 50 years of service in Western Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle, and Eastern Colorado, has become a trusted name in providing quality, affordable manufactured, and modular homes. Situated in Lakin, Kansas, they boast an all-inclusive home buying and building process, emphasizing efficiency and stress-free transitions. They partner with reputable manufacturers like Bonnavilla and Skyline and offer beautiful, durable homes. 


  • Family-owned retailer for over 50 years
  • Serves Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma
  • Quality homes from reputable manufacturers
  • All-inclusive, efficient home buying and building process
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive team of specialists

Advanced Systems Homes

Advanced Systems Homes, a custom modular home builder in Kansas,  innovates in modular solutions. Their commitment to quality and efficiency is passed down through generations, evident in their turn-key, full customization approach. They guarantee contract pricing, shielding clients from market fluctuations. The Building Systems method employed by Advanced Systems Homes accelerates the construction process, delivering homes faster and more efficiently.


  • Contract pricing shields from market fluctuations
  • Full customization for a unique, personalized home
  • Building Systems method ensures quicker, more efficient construction
  • Legacy of founder Bill Ketterlin emphasizes quality and innovation
  • Their turn-key approach saves clients money and time

Modern House & Home

Modern House & Home, as a Skyline Homes retailer, actively participates in the Skycare Customer Care Program. This program utilizes factory service technicians to complete all necessary steps post-delivery and setup, offering comprehensive inspections and assistance. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer understanding, Modern House & Home’s Skycare program covers drywall inspections, setup/installation inspections, interior inspections, detailing, complete systems checks, customer orientation, walk-through, follow-up, and a Q&A session from the Kansas Manufactured Housing Assoc.


  • Comprehensive inspections from drywall to systems checks
  • No price change after entering a contract with Modern House & Home
  • Full customization allows complete control over home details
  • Building Systems method ensures quicker, more efficient construction

Kansas Manufactured Housing

Kansas Manufactured Housing provides factory-built manufactured and modular homes, making homeownership more affordable and efficient. Crafted with the same materials as site-built homes but in a controlled factory environment, these homes offer cost savings, faster construction, and quality assurance. Constructed to federal building and safety standards, they withstand Kansas’s weather conditions. Kansas Manufactured Housing ensures a secure, comfortable, and affordable homeownership experience with custom amenities, diverse financing options, and rigorous quality standards.


  • Crafted in a weather-controlled setting for quality assurance
  • Affordable construction process saves money and time
  • Custom-designed homes with site-built amenities
  • Rigorous standards ensure durability and safety in severe weather
  • Diverse financing options with low down payment and 30-year financing