4 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Nevada

Let’s discover the world of modular homes in Nevada, where innovation meets sustainable living. In the arid landscapes of the Silver State, a wave of forward-thinking manufacturers is reshaping the concept of home construction. Out of the Box Housing is committed to sustainable design, redefining eco-friendly living spaces. Meanwhile, Far Out Tiny Homes introduces creativity to the modular scene, crafting compact yet innovative dwellings. Join us on a journey through Nevada’s modular home landscape, exploring the intersection of cutting-edge design and environmental consciousness.

Out of the Box Housing

Out of the Box Housing, based in Las Vegas, offers an affordable and hassle-free solution for those looking to join the small house movement. Specializing in tiny home kits, the company provides easy-to-install options, allowing individuals to acquire and inhabit their desired compact living space swiftly. The adaptable floor plans range from simple canvas to townhouse-style designs, embodying a commitment to low-cost housing and community support. A percentage of each transaction contributes to ending homelessness through partnerships with non-profit organizations.


  • Affordable and simple tiny home kits
  • Adaptable floor plans for diverse preferences
  • Community support and charitable contributions
  • Partnership with The Destiny Program to combat homelessness
  • Encouragement of sustainable options, such as solar power/battery add-ons


Boxabl, a groundbreaking company based in Las Vegas, presents an innovative building system capable of constructing versatile structures swiftly and efficiently. The Casita, a pre-built marvel manufactured with steel, concrete, and EPS foam, can be installed on-site in less than a day. Boasting exceptional energy efficiency with high R-value insulation and a tight building envelope, Boxabl aims to address global housing challenges by mass-producing durable buildings. Despite a substantial waitlist, the company envisions expanding manufacturing capacity to meet the increasing demand for its revolutionary structures.


  • Pre-built, on-site installation in less than a day
  • Steel, concrete, and EPS foam for lifelong durability
  • High R-value insulation and tight building envelope
  • Scaling manufacturing capacity to address growing demand
  • Solve global housing issues with cost-effective, rapid mass production

1st Container Modular

1st Container Modular specializes in the comprehensive process of container-based design, engineering, manufacturing, and installations. Their expertise spans plan development, regulatory compliance, and modular manufacturing, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion. The team has a rich history, leading pioneering initiatives such as the first state-approved container classroom, multi-story affordable container housing projects, and collaborations with regulatory authorities to establish acceptance criteria for shipping container construction.


  • Comprehensive container-based design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance and approvals for state, county, and city
  • Pioneering achievements: first state-approved container classroom and multi-story housing
  • Collaborations with regulatory authorities for acceptance criteria in shipping container construction
  • Proven track record with county building department approvals for container homes

Far Out Tiny Homes

Far Out Tiny Homes, a prominent player in the tiny home industry since 2018, offers expert consultation and construction services, guiding individuals through the intricacies of the tiny home journey. Specializing in Tiny Homes on Wheels, Container Homes, and Permanent Foundation Tiny Homes, their eco-conscious approach emphasizes environmental sustainability. Far Out is renowned for turnkey, roadworthy designs that cater to various budgets and lifestyles. The company’s commitment to innovation, safety (NOAH Certified), and social responsibility sets it apart in the burgeoning tiny home movement.


  • certifications, zoning, parking, and financing guidance
  • Diverse tiny home models: on wheels, container homes, and permanent foundation
  • Cut carbon footprint in half with tiny home living
  • Innovative problem-solvers and project management expertise
  • Social responsibility: 1% for the Planet member, donating profits to combat climate change