4 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Arkansas

Discover the heart of modular living in Arkansas, where the quest for the perfect home meets the expertise of industry leaders. Mitchell Homes, the state’s largest factory dealer, spearheads quality and customization options. As you navigate the offer of modular homes, Wilson Homes emerges as another great choice, offering the finest manufactured homes on the market.

Mitchell’s Homes

Mitchell’s Homes redefines living with beautifully designed, spacious kitchens, relaxing modern bathrooms, and comfortable living rooms featuring built-in shelving and fireplaces. Their homes are crafted to provide a high quality of living, featuring cozy fireplaces, inviting front porches, modern appliances, quality surface and finishing materials, custom built-in shelving, and more. 


  • Beautiful, Spacious Kitchens
  • Modern Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms with Built-in Shelving & Fireplaces
  • Diverse Financing Options

Ozark Home Center

Ozark Home Center, Arkansas’s newest manufactured home retailer in Hot Springs, is dedicated to meeting the diverse housing needs of Western Arkansas. Specializing in affordable housing solutions, they offer a range of manufactured homes designed to suit various preferences and budgets. Ozark Home Center is committed to providing a stress-free home-buying experience, emphasizing friendly and professional assistance. 


  • Arkansas’s Newest Manufactured Home Retailer
  • Affordable Housing Solutions
  • Diverse Selection of Model Homes
  • Professional, Friendly Assistance
  • Stress-Free Home Buying Experience

Legacy Factory Direct Homes

Legacy Factory Direct Homes proudly stands as the largest tiny house outlet in Arkansas, offering diverse housing solutions. Specializing in tiny homes, affordable single-wides, double-wides, and top-of-the-line triple-wides, they cater to various preferences. 


  • Largest Tiny House Outlet in Arkansas
  • Specializes in Tiny Homes
  • Offers Affordable Single-Wides and Double-Wides

Wilson Homes of Arkansas

Wilson Homes of Arkansas showcases some of the finest manufactured homes on the market. With great finance options, Wilson Homes assists in making your dream home a reality. Operating since 2005, they are dedicated to helping you purchase a house and your home.


  • Finest Manufactured Homes
  • Various Finance Options Available
  • In Business Since 2005
  • New Manufactured Home Sales and Pre-Owned Mobile Homes
  • Family-Owned and Operated Business