29 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Texas

Embark on a journey into the heart of modular home manufacturing in Texas, US, where innovation meets style, creating homes that redefine contemporary living. MySpaceModular, renowned for its flexible and durable prefab houses, showcases versatility and resilience. Meanwhile, Ma Modular introduces architect-designed builds, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality to elevate the modular living experience. These Texas-based manufacturers stand at the forefront of reimagining homes, offering solutions prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and architectural excellence. 


MySpaceModular LLC pioneers the future of living with its high-end prefab houses, including modular container homes designed for living, meetings, offices, coffee shops, beaches, and silence booths. With 50 years of guaranteed usage, their structures are permanent, flexible, or movable, reflecting an extensive industrial experience. The company ensures excellence in after-sales service and offers a sustainable business model with financing options. MySpaceModular specializes in customizable, eco-friendly modular structures, blending efficiency with sustainability. 


  • High-end prefab houses for various purposes
  • 50 years guaranteed usage
  • Permanent, flexible, or movable structures
  • Excellence in after-sales service
  • Sustainable business model with financing options

Calenti Homes

Calenti Homes revolutionize home construction with customizable, luxury prefab houses. Utilizing premanufactured construction systems, they offer timeless designs and durability, completing your dream home in half the time. The process involves meticulous planning, efficient prefab construction in their Houston factory, and on-site assembly. Calenti Homes emphasize eco-friendly construction, reducing waste and energy consumption. With financing options available, they prioritize a hassle-free experience with consistent fixed pricing and quality assurance. The innovative approach ensures shorter construction time, eco-friendliness, and a redefined prefabrication experience.


  • Customizable luxury prefab houses
  • Half-the time construction with pre-manufactured systems
  • Eco-friendly, reducing waste and energy consumption
  • Consistent fixed pricing and quality assurance
  • Hassle-free experience with financing options

Viva Box Homes

VivaBox is a prominent provider of modular homes, revolutionizing modern living with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Their 2-acre, state-of-the-art factory, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensures high-quality homes at affordable prices. Based in Texas with a factory just south of the border in Mexico, VivaBox leverages its strategic location for cost savings without compromising quality. Committed to durability and safety, VivaBox homes are crafted with the finest materials, offering customized options for diverse lifestyles.


  • Expertly crafted modular homes tailored to individual and family needs.
  • Energy-efficient homes to reduce the carbon footprint and utility costs.
  • Seamless Process: A simple 5-step journey from selection to enjoying your VivaBox.
  • VivaBox Alpha promises high-quality, comfortable, and energy-efficient living spaces.

Enclave Modular

Enclave Modular aims to revolutionize real estate with innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly modular designs. They aim to reduce the current CO2 footprint by efficiently utilizing construction materials. Enclave Modular is committed to quality, innovation, and ethical respect in all relationships. Their services span consultation, planning, and building, ensuring energy-efficient spaces that withstand harsh weather conditions. With a focus on affordability, Enclave Modular leads the industry in delivering sustainable, modern, and customizable real estate.


  • Leading in sustainable, healthy, and eco-friendly modular construction.
  • Built to withstand winds up to 250 MPH.
  • International architects and engineers with diverse skill sets.
  • Meeting deadlines with precision in project management.
  • Craftsmanship in every intricate detail of construction.

Offsite Modular Construction

Offsite Modular Construction (OMC) is at the forefront of modernizing the construction industry. As a prolific producer of modular spaces, OMC addresses housing crises, promotes sustainability, and tackles labor shortages through cutting-edge technology and automation. With a vast range from workforce housing to residential, educational, and commercial buildings, OMC excels in delivering top-quality, efficient, and high-value structures in record time. Constantly innovating, OMC stands out for its unparalleled blend of elegance and innovation, marking a significant leap in a traditionally complacent industry.


  • Offers modular spaces for various purposes.
  • Addresses housing crises with eco-friendly building practices.
  • Delivers high-quality structures in the shortest time possible.
  • Sets industry standards with a blend of elegance and innovation.

Backyard Pod

Backyard Pod is your one-stop destination for luxury pods and tiny homes. With a mission to provide simple, beautiful, and functional living spaces, they’re proud of unique designs, lasting quality, and fair pricing. Their carbon-neutral option, complete with a solar panel and battery package, reflects our commitment to renewable energy. Proceeds from sales fund research in building uber-affordable modular homes from recycled materials. Backyard Pod simplifies the process, offering a feasibility report and expert guidance on permit requirements, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your backyard transformation.


  • All-inclusive, one-stop shop for luxury pods and tiny homes.
  • Standout designs with a focus on lasting quality.
  • Solar panel and battery package for sustainable living.
  • Funding modular homes from recycled materials research.
  • Feasibility reports and expert guidance on permit requirements.

Ethos Modular

Ethos Modular, driven by a commitment to revolutionize construction practices, offers sustainable, customizable solutions for residential, commercial, and medical applications. With a decade-long track record, Ethos leads the steel-framed modular industry, ensuring unwavering quality and client satisfaction. They prioritize environmental preservation, innovation, and integrity. They specialize in rural hospitality and deliver energy-efficient, quality modular homes, minimizing waste and construction time. Ethos Modular sets itself apart through quality, ethical practices, streamlined processes, and a long-term vision for industry transformation.


  • Eco-friendly practices for longevity and harmony with nature.
  • Continuous improvement and staying ahead in construction practices.
  • Integrity with workforce, vendors, and clientele for trust.
  • Custom modular homes for rural developers, ensuring quality.
  • Expanding modular solutions in commercial and residential sectors.

Small House Solutions

Small House Solutions is a premier design-build firm offering various residential design and construction services. Specializing in custom homes, small homes, tiny homes, and accessory structures, they transform your ideas into construction documents and realistic renderings. With a full-service approach, they guide you from conceptual planning to the completed development, ensuring a seamless and high-quality building experience. 


  • Tailored to project-specific requirements for unique perspectives.
  • A one-stop-shop from the desire to build to completed development.
  • Includes Geo-Tech, Civil, Structural Engineering, permitting, and construction services.
  • Crafting small houses, tiny homes, and residential structures

Nvolve Technologies

Offering high-concept housing products, Nvolve Technologies innovation offers online configuration and controlled component manufacturing. Assembling a fully finished home in just three weeks with three people is now a reality. Their homes, fitting on three semi-trailer trucks, can be delivered anywhere in the country. With a minimal need for subcontractors, their eco-friendly, solar-powered homes are made of recycled materials, addressing the need for affordable, quality housing while minimizing environmental impact.


  • Assemble a fully finished home in three weeks.
  • Homes fit on three semi-trailer trucks for nationwide delivery.
  • Solar-powered, energy-efficient homes made from recycled materials.
  • Providing attainable homes and shaping a sustainable housing solution.

Elbow Room

Elbow Room is the go-to solution for high-quality backyard construction, providing an all-inclusive experience encompassing design, permits, foundation, A/C, electrical wiring, and interior finishes. The pricing transparency eliminates surprises, ensuring a straightforward and pleasant customer experience. With a commitment to excellence, Elbow Room streamlines the process from design to completion, offering a range of designs and sizes. 


  • The package includes Designs, permits, foundations, A/C, wiring, and finishes.
  • Upfront costs without hidden fees for a clear financial picture.
  • Streamlined processes for a positive customer journey.
  • Elbow Room manages permits, scheduling, and inspections.
  • Six designs, multiple sizes, and two collections cater to diverse preferences.

Ma Modular

Ma Modular pioneers affordable modern design. This innovative firm, an offshoot of KRDB, specializes in customizable, sustainable modular homes. Krager, a registered Texas Architect, blends entrepreneurial spirit with modern design, exploring higher-density models ideal for modular construction. With a step-by-step process, Ma Modular ensures financing approval, site feasibility, schematic and detailed design, financial approval, permitting, construction, installation, and a seamless move-in experience.


  • Pioneering modern, sustainable, and affordable modular homes.
  • Step-by-step guidance from financing to move-in.
  • Tailor designs to meet unique preferences and site conditions.
  • Exploring innovative models suited for modular construction.

Stevans Construction & Fine Homes

Stevans Construction & Fine Homes, a respected name in Andrews, Midland, and Odessa, specializes in home building, roofing, and remodeling services. Their commitment to responsibility, professionalism, and customer service forms the cornerstone of their reputation. With expertise in both residential and commercial construction, Stevans navigates zoning, planning, and city ordinances seamlessly. The company offers turnkey Tiny Homes on Wheels, Container Homes, and Permanent Foundation Tiny Homes, emphasizing eco-conscious living.


  • Specializes in home building, roofing, and remodeling in Andrews, Midland, Odessa
  • Expertise in residential and commercial construction with a focus on responsibility
  • Offers turnkey Tiny Homes on Wheels, Container Homes, and Permanent Foundation Tiny Homes
  • Emphasis on eco-conscious living with a commitment to honesty, reliability, and professionalism.

Bob’s Custom Homes

Established in 1955, Bob’s Custom Homes is a family business crafting homes for multiple generations. The company prioritizes meeting customer needs and timelines. Their ready-built homes, designed collaboratively and constructed with top-notch artisans, offer quality and customization. Operating locally within 50 miles of Lubbock, TX, they welcome projects of all sizes, ensuring concrete foundations and complete customization.


  • Family business since 1955, now spanning generations
  • Collaborative design process and on-site construction within 50 miles
  • Ready-built homes with concrete foundations and full customization
  • Cost starts at $150 sq ft, fully customizable, typically 7-9 months construction time.

Braustin Homes

Braustin Homes, founded in 2017, redefines homeownership with a seamless process. Offering over 50 mobile home models, from single to double-wide, they prioritize customization. The team guides you through closing, leveraging user-friendly technology. Enjoy a stress-free delivery and setup, as Braustin ensures site preparation, leveling, and utility connections. With a commitment to transparency and affordability, Braustin Homes stands as a family mission for accessible housing.


  • Over 50 mobile home models available for personalization
  • Transparent quotes and hassle-free consultation for a stress-free process
  • User-friendly technology for a smooth closing experience
  • A dedicated team ensures site preparation, leveling, and utility connections during delivery.

Boxx Modular

BOXX Modular is a comprehensive solution for modular building needs, offering rental, leasing, sales, repairs, renovations, and relocations. They focus on customization and provide temporary standard buildings and custom-designed permanent solutions. The process involves working with experts for high-quality, affordable buildings with flexible payment options. BOXX Modular prioritizes transparency and efficiency, saving time and cost. They offer transportable, high-security buildings for various purposes, including banking, financial, remodeling, and disaster recovery.


  • Comprehensive modular building solutions, including rental, leasing, sales, repairs, and renovations
  • Emphasis on customization with flexible payment options
  • Transparent and efficient process with a team of experts
  • Transportable, high-security buildings for banking, financial, and other purposes
  • Commitment to community support and environmental responsibility

Oak Tree Homes

Oak Tree Homes, a leading name in manufactured and modular homes, prioritizes affordability and quality. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the construction process, utilizing superior materials and state-of-the-art technology. With a focus on energy efficiency, Oak Tree Homes ensures lower utility bills and a quiet living experience. The company boasts excellent resale value, lower maintenance costs, and a HomeGuard protection plan. Offering both affordability and luxury, Oak Tree Homes provides a range of options to meet various lifestyles and budgets.


  • Affordable and quality manufactured and modular homes
  • Energy-efficient construction for lower utility bills
  • Excellent resale value, showcasing affordability over homeownership
  • HomeGuard protection plan for peace of mind
  • Diverse options to match different lifestyles and budgets

Today Homes

Oak Tree Homes, a leading name in manufactured and modular homes, prioritizes affordability and quality. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the construction process, utilizing superior materials and state-of-the-art technology. With a focus on energy efficiency, Oak Tree Homes ensures lower utility bills and a quiet living experience. The company boasts excellent resale value, lower maintenance costs, and a HomeGuard protection plan. Offering both affordability and luxury, Oak Tree Homes provides a range of options to meet various lifestyles and budgets.


  • Affordable and quality manufactured and modular homes
  • Energy-efficient construction for lower utility bills
  • Excellent resale value, showcasing affordability over homeownership
  • HomeGuard protection plan for peace of mind
  • Diverse options to match different lifestyles and budgets

Modular Design Plus

Modular Design Plus is pioneering in transforming construction paradigms by eliminating hesitancy tied to change. Their focus on education empowers contractors for successful projects and enables developers to reduce spending while capturing earlier revenue streams. Offering tailored design solutions, they ensure maximum efficiency without compromising customization. With a lean, off-site manufacturing process, fabrication is conducted in-house within their 100,000 SF warehouse. The installation process is streamlined for ease, enabling significant time and cost savings.


  • Tailored design for efficiency
  • Lean, off-site manufacturing for speed
  • In-house fabrication for seamless workflow
  • Simplified on-site installation for cost-effectiveness
  • Strategic partner to CannonDesign for breakthrough ideas

Sustainable Modular Management

Sustainable Modular Management (SMM) has as a stalwart in the modular construction industry for over 35 years, specializing in crafting cost-efficient, time-conscious, and sustainable solutions. Their dedication to excellence is evident in providing custom-designed commercial modular buildings to diverse clients, including schools, hospitals, governments, and businesses. Offering both purchasing and renting options, SMM’s discounted previously leased modular buildings provide flexibility. Headquartered in Frisco, TX, with manufacturing partnerships nationwide, SMM delivers convenient, high-quality modular construction services.


  • 35 years of expertise in modular construction
  • Custom designs for diverse clients
  • Nationwide manufacturing partnerships for convenient services
  • Offers discounted previously leased modular buildings
  • Headquartered in Frisco, TX

Palomar Modular

Palomar Modular Buildings, a direct manufacturer in the modular construction industry, pioneers advanced modular buildings for diverse public and private sectors. Palomar directly serves customers by eliminating dealership costs, offering substantial cost savings and rapid construction. Their controlled fabrication environment, efficient strategies, and skilled teams ensure up to 20% cost savings and completion speeds 50% faster than traditional methods. Operating from a state-of-the-art facility in DeSoto, Texas, Palomar’s modular construction expertise is reflected in precise fabrication and nationwide services.


  • Direct manufacturer for cost efficiency
  • Up to 20% cost savings compared to traditional construction
  • 50% faster project completion
  • State-of-the-art facility in DeSoto, Texas
  • Nationwide services for convenient accessibility

Pratt Homes

Pratt Homes, based in Tyler, Texas, is a leading provider of Tiny Homes, Custom Modular Homes, and Prefab Homes, delivering affordable, beautifully designed residences. Since 1996, Pratt Homes has built thousands of secure, comfortable, and family-oriented homes, standing as a beacon of quality construction with one of the industry’s strongest warranties. Their modern, cost-efficient modular home building process and vast customization options set them apart, offering homes in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


  • Quality modular homes since 1996
  • Modern, cost-efficient construction
  • Strong warranties and a reliable service team
  • Vast customization options for unique lifestyle requirements
  • Serving Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Kendall Cabin Co.

Kendall Cabin stands out with a singular focus on building high-quality, affordable tiny houses. With a decade-long track record, their cabins adhere to residential standards, ensuring superior models at a fraction of the cost. Their models range from cozy 190sf to spacious 640sf, offering customization for multi-unit orders. As a go-to turn-key house builder, KCC specializes in steel container cabins for versatile living spaces.


  • Specializes in high-quality, affordable tiny houses
  • Adheres to residential standards, not mobile homes or RVs
  • Models range from 190sf to 640sf
  • Offers customization for multi-unit orders
  • Specializes in steel container cabins for diverse living spaces

Clayton Bonham

Clayton Bonham, established in 1995, stands as a pillar of commitment to constructing quality homes for the community. As the third-largest employer in Fannin County, the company takes pride in investing in its team and supporting the local community. Notably, Clayton Bonham distinguishes itself by its unique ability to build 18′ wide homes, setting it apart within the Clayton facilities.


  • The third-largest employer in Fannin county
  • Specialized in constructing 18′ wide homes
  • Emphasis on investing in team members and community support

Smart Cottage

Smart Cottage emerged from the Tiny Home concept, recognizing the demand for more spacious, luxurious living within a modest footprint. Adding 200 – 300 square feet to the Tiny Home idea, Smart Cottage crafts comfortable, stylish homes exceeding 399 square feet. Through proven construction, these homes offer customization, efficient delivery, varied configurations, Texan craftsmanship, code compliance, and peace of mind.


  • Expanded Tiny Home concept, offering 200 – 300 more square feet
  • Customizable homes for a personalized touch
  • Efficient delivery from state-of-the-art facilities
  • Varied configurations tailored to diverse lifestyles
  • Crafted in Texas by skilled artisans with attention to detail

Modular of Texas

Modular Homes of Texas, boasting over 40 years of combined experience, stands as a symbol of custom, quality-built structures. Modular Homes of Texas guides you through every step, whether it’s your dream home, a vacation retreat, or a multi-family project. With a commitment to providing the best building alternative at the lowest cost, they offer unique pier and beam foundations engineered by RCS, resulting in a site-built look. Standard features, turn-key homes, and extensive upgrade options ensure personalized, comfortable living.


  • Unique pier and beam foundation for a site-built look
  • Turn-key homes with standard features and a 1-year factory warranty
  • Customizable with various upgrade options for personalization
  • Comprehensive support from design to the final build stage.

Kanga Room Systems

Kanga Room Systems, Inc., North America’s premier designer and manufacturer, pioneers prefabricated wood product kits for standalone outdoor rooms and accessory structures. Offering diverse cabins, sheds, studios, and playrooms, Kanga provides DIY kits or premium installation services. Their innovative designs, rooted in 30 years of engineering expertise, redefine outdoor spaces, focusing on quality, integrity, and vision. Kanga, committed to green practices, produces eco-conscious, energy-efficient products. With a responsive approach, they ensure customer satisfaction, offering attractive, functional spaces that seamlessly integrate with existing homes.


  • Premier designer of prefabricated wood product kits.
  • Diverse range of cabins, sheds, studios, and playrooms.
  • Innovative designs rooted in 30 years of engineering expertise.
  • Commitment to green practices and sustainable materials.
  • Responsive customer service for a seamless and satisfying experience.

Brazos Home Center

Brazos Home Center, where state-of-the-art quality meets affordability. Offering competitively priced homes, they assure the best deals. Their manufactured homes are as safe as traditional ones during storms, meeting rigorous federal standards. Built with quality materials and techniques, these homes last up to 55.8 years. Engineered to prevent fires, manufactured homes have 38-44% fewer fires than site-built homes. Advantages include cost-effectiveness, consistent high standards, and a controlled environment. Brazos Home Center assists in bundling land, home, and improvements into one loan, facilitating a seamless home-buying experience.


  • Competitively priced homes for affordability.
  • Manufactured homes meet rigorous federal safety standards for storms.
  • Built with quality materials and lasts up to 55.8 years.
  • Manufactured homes have 38-44% fewer fires than site-built homes.
  • Assistance in bundling land, homes, and improvements into one loan.

Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders stands at the forefront of the manufactured housing industry, renowned for being one of the largest modular homebuilders in North America. With a rich history since its founding in 1953, Champion has sold over 3 million factory-built manufactured homes, modular homes, and mobile homes. Their commitment to quality, affordability, and innovative designs is evident in the professionally engineered homes meeting national, state, and local building codes. Champion’s state-of-the-art construction process involves large, energy-efficient modules, ensuring up to 80% completion before delivery.


  • Leader in the manufactured housing industry for over 60 years.
  • Over 3 million factory-built homes sold.
  • Large, energy-efficient modules for up to 80% completion before delivery.
  • Commitment to quality, affordability, and innovative designs.
  • Professionally engineered homes meeting national, state, and local building codes.

Modular Homes Texas

Modular Homes Texas is dedicated to helping individuals find their perfect home in the Lone Star State. With over 40 years of experience, they have been a go-to choice for Texas landowners seeking high-quality mobile and modular homes at affordable prices. Committed to 100% customer satisfaction, Modular Homes Texas has sold over 150,000 custom-made homes throughout the United States, earning recognition as the top manufacturer for seven consecutive years. Whether choosing a ready-to-go manufactured floor plan or customizing a dream modular home, their design team ensures a seamless process.


  • Over 40 years of experience in crafting quality modular homes.
  • Sold 150,000+ custom-made homes across the United States.
  • Voted top manufacturer by the Manufactured Home Institute for seven years.
  • Customization options include floor coverings, tile, lighting, and amenities.
  • Dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction with every interaction.