25 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Australia

Exploring Australia’s burgeoning world of modular homes reveals a landscape where innovation meets architectural finesse. Among the trailblazers, Classic Cabins & Homes captivates with its stylish designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Meanwhile, FABPREFAB emerges as a standout, boasting architect-designed modular homes that redefine contemporary living. These manufacturers exemplify the evolution of modular housing in Australia, transcending traditional norms and presenting an exciting array of options for those seeking modern, efficient, and architecturally sophisticated dwellings. Join us as we delve into the top modular home manufacturers, each contributing uniquely to Australia’s dynamic and progressive housing market.

Classic Cabins & Homes

Classic Cabins & Homes, a trusted name in Victoria’s modular housing, is a beacon for those seeking affordable, relocatable dwellings. Boasting nearly 40 years of experience, this Australian family business excels in crafting stylish and functional cabins, from granny flats to transportable homes. Precision-built with quality finishes, their units showcase striking facades and flexible designs. Based in Bayswater, Classic Cabins offers a hassle-free experience, guiding clients from concept to completion, focusing on minimizing disruption and maximizing value. With a dedicated team and a unique panelized system, Classic Cabins delivers superior, ready-to-live-in structures.


  • Stylish and functional designs
  • Precision-built with quality finishes
  • Nearly 40 years of industry experience
  • Unique panelized system for faster onsite construction
  • Comprehensive service from design to utility connections.

Our FabHaus

Our FabHaus seamlessly blends elegant Australian design with cutting-edge German engineering, offering prefabricated homes that marry beauty with sustainability. Championing Passivhaus standards, our meticulous design and fabrication prioritize environmental efficiency—Architect John Tallis crafts spaces for experience, fostering well-being and belonging. Our streamlined process slashes construction time to under 6 months, making architectural homes affordable and eco-friendly. With customizable floor plans and a range of finishes, FabHaus simplifies building, offering superior Passive House efficiency, European build quality, and green technologies for enduring comfortable living.


  • Elegant design merging Australian and German aesthetics
  • Passivhaus standards for superior energy efficiency
  • Architect-designed spaces fostering wellbeing
  • Streamlined construction process, reducing time and costs
  • Customizable floor plans with a range of finish options

Backspace Living

Backspace Living, serving Newcastle, Central Coast & Sydney, revolutionizes the traditional ‘granny flat,’ crafting bespoke spaces that challenge norms. Dedicated architects empower clients with budget-friendly, cutting-edge designs, turning limitations into creative opportunities. The team prioritizes individuality, delivering unique builds seamlessly integrating with owners’ lifestyles. With a commitment to innovation, the company transforms overlooked ‘backspaces’ into personalized havens, pushing boundaries in architectural design.


  • Tailored designs reflecting owners’ lifestyles
  • Expert guidance in selecting interior and exterior finishes
  • Streamlined and enjoyable building process
  • Transforming ‘granny flats’ into personalized, innovative architectural spaces


Backspace Living, serving Newcastle, Central Coast & Sydney, revolutionizes the traditional ‘granny flat,’ crafting bespoke spaces that challenge norms. Dedicated architects empower clients with budget-friendly, cutting-edge designs, turning limitations into creative opportunities. The team prioritizes individuality, delivering unique builds seamlessly integrating with owners’ lifestyles. With a commitment to innovation, the company transforms overlooked ‘backspaces’ into personalized havens, pushing boundaries in architectural design.


  • Tailored designs reflecting owners’ lifestyles
  • Expert guidance in selecting interior and exterior finishes
  • Streamlined and enjoyable building process
  • Transforming ‘granny flats’ into personalized, innovative architectural spaces

Imagine Kit Homes

Imagine Kit Homes empowers dream home construction with 600+ pre-designed plans. Clients upload existing plans, design from scratch, or select ready-to-go programs. With in-house architects, customization is seamless. The kit, including steel frames from their Loganholme factory, is prepared and delivered worldwide. The owner-building approach ensures cost savings and flexibility, allowing adaptation without additional variation costs. Start building your dream home hassle-free with Imagine Kit Homes.


  • 600+ pre-designed plans for dream home customization
  • Owner-building approach for cost savings and flexibility
  • In-house architects for seamless plan customization
  • Worldwide delivery of manufactured kit from Brisbane
  • Detailed documentation for easy step-by-step construction guidance

Anchor Homes

Anchor Homes, a construction leader for over 25 years, specializes in high-quality modular homes. Their innovative designs, backed by cutting-edge technology, cater to diverse city, country, or coastal living needs. Anchor Homes offers an end-to-end solution, ensuring dream homes are delivered on time and within budget. Their prefab homes, built off-site, boast efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Modular construction benefits include high quality, speed, structural strength, waste reduction, and reduced site impact.


  • High-quality modular homes for diverse living needs
  • End-to-end solution with on-time and on-budget delivery
  • Off-site prefab construction for efficiency and sustainability
  • Benefits include structural strength, waste reduction, and reduced site impact
  • Over 25 years of construction expertise in delivering dream homes


Timberset, a pioneer in sustainable building, constructs homes that prioritize health, environmental friendliness, and affordability. With a love for timber and sustainability, they employ the unique Timberset building system, creating energy-efficient homes and holiday cabins. Timberset focuses on achieving high-energy stars, incorporating passive solar benefits and sustainable design features. The precision of their manufacturing process minimizes waste and environmental disruption, offering a range of modern finishes externally. Timberset’s philosophy emphasizes sustainability, faster build times, limited waste, and the beauty of wood.


  • Sustainable, energy-efficient homes with a focus on health and environment
  • Precision manufacturing for minimal waste and environmental impact
  • Unique Timberset building system for faster build times
  • Diverse modern finishes externally, including Weathertex and Colorbond
  • Thirty years of proven success, complying with the National Building Code

Broadworth Modular

Broadworth Modular integrates sophisticated architectural design with sustainable modular construction methods, offering innovative solutions for high-end residential, commercial, and wholesale projects. With over 30 years of experience, the company focuses on functionality, smart design, and in-house engineering, delivering top-quality final products. Their complete design and construction service, coupled with a state-of-the-art factory on the Central Coast, emphasizes efficiency and flexibility, reflecting a commitment to sustainable and beautiful building practices.


  • Innovative modular solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects
  • Over 30 years of experience in design and construction
  • In-house engineering and steel manufacturing for efficient construction
  • Focus on sustainability, functionality, and smart design principles
  • Complete design and construction service with a state-of-the-art factory

MODE Homes

MODE Homes specializes in crafting bespoke modular homes, focusing on innovative design and energy efficiency. Founded in 2012, the company, led by visionary Matthew Dynon, introduced the ‘fold pack’ modular home, revolutionizing conventional construction methods. Every MODE home is unique, designed collaboratively with clients, and constructed with precision in a factory using robust steel frames. The modular approach ensures quick construction without compromising quality, offering clients homes that reflect their vision and lifestyle.


  • Innovative ‘fold pack’ modular homes for diverse lifestyles
  • Collaborative design process with clients for unique homes
  • Founder Matthew Dynon, a leader in modular home design
  • Quick construction with factory precision using steel frames
  • Emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction

Garden Studios

With over 43 years of building experience, Garden Studios specializes in architecturally designed and relocatable homes and granny flats across Melbourne. They prioritize clever design, ensuring fast, 8-week construction from start to finish. Offering top-notch quality and customizability, their superior granny flats and garden studios provide efficient solutions for creating additional space or housing dependents. These studios are quick to build and boast excellent insulation and unique designs tailored to individual preferences and landscapes.


  • Architecturally designed relocatable homes and granny flats
  • Over 43 years of building experience in top-quality construction
  • Fast 8-week construction from start to finish
  • Customizable designs to suit individual preferences and landscapes
  • Superior insulation for sustainable and enjoyable living

JMB Modular Buildings

JMB Modular Buildings, founded by the dynamic husband-and-wife team of James and Rachel Briggs, is revolutionizing construction through innovative modular building solutions. They have elevated modular living to the forefront, emphasizing speed and adaptability. JMB Modular Buildings combines meticulous craftsmanship with attention to detail, from bespoke homes to multi-story apartment blocks. Recognized nationally for their achievements, they offer a collaborative approach, involving clients from the initial concept to project completion, ensuring architecturally inspired designs that push boundaries.


  • Emphasis on speed and adaptability, completing builds in half the time
  • Diverse applications, from homes to multi-story buildings
  • Collaborative approach involving clients in the design process
  • National recognition for achievements in modular construction

Modular House

Modular House presents a cutting-edge, architecturally designed, transportable modular home system of the highest quality. This customizable, innovative housing solution perfectly fits the specific site, climate, and personal needs, resulting in an enhanced living environment. Developed by experienced architects and builders, Modular House is crafted for the Australian climate, focusing on well-designed, environmentally conscious, and flexible housing. The system, built in a controlled factory environment in NSW, offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for various applications, including tourist accommodations and remote housing.


  • Architecturally designed, transportable modular homes of the highest quality
  • Customizable for specific site, climate, and personal needs
  • Developed by experienced architects and builders for the Australian environment
  • Built in a controlled factory environment in NSW, it ensures quality.
  • Ideal for tourist accommodations, environmentally conscious homes, and remote housing.

Salt Air Modular

Salt Air Modular Homes introduces a revolutionary approach to modern living through their innovative modular design range. Offering an intelligent alternative to traditional home building, these homes are customizable and designed for longevity. The flexible floor plans cater to changing needs, allowing easy extensions with minimal disruption. Salt Air Modular Homes prioritizes sustainability, utilizing energy-efficient designs and sustainable building products. As an award-winning team with over 60 years of combined experience, they guarantee outstanding customer service, quality builds, and a faster, more economical construction process.


  • Innovative modular design range for customizable, long-lasting homes
  • Flexible floor plans for easy extensions, maximizing lifespan and value
  • Full turnkey solution with comprehensive inclusions, from engineering to delivery
  • Award-winning team with over 60 years of combined experience
  • Faster construction times, economical building, and minimal on-site disruptions.


Ecoliv pioneers a sustainable approach to modern living, offering architecturally designed and environmentally conscious modular homes. Their EcoGeneration and EcoLiving range seamlessly blend contemporary comforts with eco-friendly living, emphasizing longevity, energy efficiency, and a 7-star energy rating. Ecoliv specializes in custom designs, tailoring homes to unique styles, sites, and needs, fostering luxury off-grid living with options like solar power. Australian-made and family-owned, Ecoliv prioritizes responsible, locally sourced materials, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a healthier indoor environment.


  • Sustainable modular homes with EcoGeneration and EcoLiving ranges
  • Custom designs for tailored styles, sites, and household needs
  • Luxurious off-grid living options, including solar power
  • Australian-made, family-owned, and eco-friendly practices
  • 7-star energy rating, reduced carbon emissions, and improved indoor air quality


Blok, a Brisbane-based architecture studio and modular factory, redefines modernist modular architecture, offering custom-designed homes for any site and budget. Built off-site in a controlled factory environment, Bloks are twice as fast as traditional construction, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Blok ensures affordable grand designs, providing transparent cost planning early in consultation. The bespoke architecture follows modernist principles, creating high-end luxury homes. Blok’s modular process ensures faster, safer, and more precise construction, focusing on minimal environmental disruption and green, energy-efficient buildings.


  • Transparent cost planning, no building cost blow-outs
  • Bespoke, high-end luxury architecture rooted in modernist principles
  • Faster, safer, and more precise construction with minimal environmental impact
  • 6-star energy-rated, environmentally friendly homes
  • Australia-wide delivery, specializing in challenging sites and effortless end-to-end process.

Uniplan Group

Uniplan Group, an Australian-owned company based in Armidale, NSW, is a pioneer in providing innovative and affordable modular building solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Uniplan Group’s dedicated team assists clients in realizing their vision: constructing dream homes, granny flats, expanding holiday parks, or enhancing lifestyle villages. Their commitment to LEAN manufacturing ensures an efficient process, delivering fully furnished homes in just 16 days. Uniplan Group’s growth and success are rooted in customer satisfaction, innovation, and a family-oriented approach.


  • Over 20 years of experience and a team of 100+
  • Advanced manufacturing facilities produce a complete building every day
  • Transparent project management system, keeping clients informed at every step
  • Specialized wide-load trucks for easy site access and rapid installation.


Modscape, established in 2006, stands at the forefront of Australia’s modular industry, delivering over 500 projects across various sectors. With a 50+ member team based in Brooklyn, Victoria, they’ve embraced modern construction methods to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and quality. Their innovation extends to Modbotics, an automated robotic production line for building components, aiming to revolutionize modular and prefabricated construction. Modscape’s modular process promises fixed prices, a 12-week timeline, one-stop-shop convenience, end-cost savings, and tailor-made, sustainable, Australian-made homes.


  • Leader in Australian modular construction since 2006
  • Modbotics: Robotic production line for efficient and sustainable building components
  • Modular process ensures fixed prices, a 12-week timeline, and one-stop-shop convenience
  • Sustainable and flexible design tailored to client requirements and budget
  • Australian-owned, prioritizing local suppliers and partners in every project.


Prefabulous, a devoted prefab building expert based in Wagga Wagga, embodies the fusion of style and affordability. Specializing in studio to 3-4 bedroom modular homes, Prefabulous champions sustainable, architecturally designed living. Their controlled construction ensures efficient, high-quality builds. Prefabulous prides itself on architectural excellence, hassle-free processes, and rural-ready designs, reflecting enduring shapes in the Australian landscape. With a commitment to avoiding ill-considered design, Prefabulous delivers thoughtfully designed, cost-effective spaces for happy living.


  • Specializes in studio to 3-4 bedroom architecturally designed modular homes
  • Controlled construction for efficient, high-quality builds
  • Rural-ready designs with enduring shapes inspired by the Australian landscape
  • Emphasizes architectural excellence, sustainability, and affordability


Harwyn, a Melbourne-based pioneer in architectural prefab solutions, crafts state-of-the-art, sustainable spaces for homes, schools, and businesses. Their award-winning, custom-made pods, designed by renowned architect Selwyn Blackstone, showcase over a decade of expertise. Harwyn’s seamless installations, tailored designs, and relocatable pods redefine extra space, providing an architectural presence for growing businesses or versatile retreats for residences.


  • Award-winning, architecturally designed prefab pods
  • Over a decade of expertise in Home Office and School Pods
  • Versatile solutions for residential, school, and commercial spaces
  • Sustainable, fully insulated, and tailored to individual tastes
  • Relocatable pods designed for quick, disruption-free installations.


The Archiblox Group is at the forefront of a design revolution, redefining home construction with stunning, sustainable residential and commercial projects. Breaking barriers, they prioritize accessibility to top-notch design, streamlining owning a sustainably designed home. Archiblox emphasizes clever, sustainable, and enjoyable building alternatives, achieving a high-performing, energy-efficient standard. With a dedicated team, considered design, and minimal waste practices, they create homes that promote mindful living.


  • Revolutionizing design with sustainable residential and commercial projects.
  • Streamlined process: 12-20 weeks for a high-quality build.
  • Emphasis on sustainable, energy-efficient, and mindful living.
  • Minimal waste practices from construction to delivery and beyond.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Modular Homes specializes in crafting custom modular homes tailored to diverse budgets and lifestyles. With over 25 years of experience, they excel in unique, designer homes, tackling challenging projects in remote or custom locations. Their modular approach ensures flexibility, allowing expansions while maintaining key design features. Built off-site, these homes reduce environmental impact with a focus on sustainability. The process is efficient, with controlled construction minimizing delays.


  • Experienced builder offering custom modular homes in NSW.
  • Specializes in unique, designer homes beyond standard project homes.
  • Flexible modular system for expansions without compromising design.
  • Eco-friendly construction, reducing materials wastage and pollution.
  • Efficient off-site building with controlled construction for minimal delays.

High-Tech Modular Homes

Hi-Tech Modular Homes, a trailblazer in modular construction for over three decades in NSW, delivers swift and customizable housing solutions. The innovative modular components are crafted in their factory in as little as 8 weeks, ensuring a speedy transition to your new home. With a diverse portfolio, including country-style homes, granny flats, and commercial buildings, they emphasize flexibility, incorporating your ideas into any plan. Their experienced team navigates design, approval, construction, and installation with efficiency and a customer-centric approach.


  • Pioneer in modular construction with 30+ years of expertise.
  • Swift 8-week build program and 2-day on-site installation.
  • Customizable homes, incorporating ideas into any plan.
  • Diverse portfolio, including country-style homes and commercial buildings.
  • Experienced team ensuring efficient design, approval, construction, and installation.


ARKit, a design and build group with over 30 years of expertise in NSW, specializes in high-quality, custom prefabricated building solutions. As an architect-led practice, ARKit collaborates with clients to create sustainable, handcrafted prefabricated buildings for residential and commercial use. With a comprehensive range of integrated consultancy and construction services, they design and build locally for delivery across Australia and overseas. Their innovative building systems, including modular, panelized, and hybrid, offer endless design possibilities while prioritizing efficiency and sustainability.


  • 30+ years of pioneering expertise in modular construction.
  • Architect-led practice for sustainable, custom prefab solutions.
  • Comprehensive consultancy and construction services for diverse projects.
  • Innovative building systems: modular, panelized, and hybrid.
  • Emphasis on sustainability, using timber construction and passive heating principles.


PreBuilt, established in 2003, pioneers the Australian prefabricated building industry with intelligent, ethical, and sustainable modular design and construction. Collaborating with clients and architects, they deliver seamless projects of considered quality. Offering custom and pre-designed homes, PreBuilt empowers clients to choose efficient and sustainable building solutions. With a commitment to safety, quality, and the environment, they follow rigorous policies to ensure excellence and innovation. Since its inception, PreBuilt has evolved into an industry leader, crafting enduring, inspiring buildings that enrich landscapes.


  • Custom and pre-designed homes for diverse client needs.
  • Commitment to safety, quality, environment, and anti-slavery policies.
  • Focus on integrity, excellence, innovation, and sustainability.
  • Industry leader delivering enduring, inspiring modular buildings.


FABPREFAB is an Australian-owned prefab and modular residential construction company dedicated to innovative and sustainable design. Collaborating with leading architects, their unique dwellings are crafted environmentally sustainably at a custom facility on the NSW Central Coast. FABPREFAB offers a seamless process for diverse living spaces, from weekenders to new homes, with over 15 designs available. Notably, Minima, a prefab micro-dwelling by the award-winning team at TRIAS, guarantees controlled factory construction, minimizing weather delays and environmental impact.


  • Independent Australian prefab and modular construction since 2016.
  • Collaborative design with leading architects for unique, sustainable dwellings.
  • Over 15 designs, including Minima, a prefab micro-dwelling.
  • Controlled factory construction for speed, quality, and minimal environmental impact.
  • Seamless process from design to delivery for diverse living spaces.