23 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Florida

In sunny Florida, the demand for modular homes continues to rise, offering residents an innovative and efficient housing solution. From the sleek and modern designs of Spectrum Builds to the contemporary modular homes of Zip Modular, the market boasts a diverse range of options to suit every taste and budget. These manufacturers stand at the forefront of the industry, incorporating cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices into their construction processes.

Spectrum Builds Commercial

Spectrum Builds Commercial offers exceptional construction services, prioritizing client satisfaction and delivering tailored creative solutions. As true partners, they ensure clients’ goals are met while minimizing risk through guaranteed project delivery according to plan. Collaborating with local trade partners, they uphold high safety and quality standards. Specializing in a range of projects from ADUs and modular buildings to hotel renovations and residential construction, Spectrum Builds Commercial excels in providing innovative, personalized solutions.


  • Exceptional client satisfaction and tailored solutions
  • Guaranteed project delivery according to plan
  • Collaboration with local trade partners
  • High standards of safety and quality upheld
  • Specializing in ADUs, modular buildings, hotel renovations, and residential construction

Zip Modular

Zip Modular specializes in contemporary modular homes built to exceed the strictest building codes, particularly tailored for the Florida climate. With a focus on residential and accessory dwelling units (ADUs), their structures offer unparalleled affordable luxury, increasing property value and providing options for passive income. Fully prefabricated in certified factories, these homes meet all US standards and are fully configured with amenities, enabling easy installation and up to 70% shorter construction timelines.


  • Contemporary modular homes exceed building codes
  • Specialized for the Florida climate
  • Residential and ADU options for increased property value
  • Fully prefabricated with easy installation
  • Up to 70% shorter construction timelines

Stalo Modulars

Stalo Modulars revolutionizes the home construction industry by designing homes from a consumer-centric perspective, offering unique features and amenities without compromising quality. With their modular construction, homes are built off-site concurrently with foundation placement, reducing construction time by 60%. Their steel-framed modular homes, certified and approved by the State of Florida, provide specific solutions and various styles to meet individual preferences.


  • Consumer-centric design with unique features
  • State-of-the-art technology for precision
  • 60% reduction in construction time
  • Steel-framed modular homes for durability
  • Pre-certified and approved by the State of Florida

Steel Homes Modular

Steel Homes Modular manufactures high-tech Light Gauge Steel (LGS) structures for prefabricated building systems, luxury homes, and modular residential or commercial construction. They prioritize innovation and efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to process steel and push the boundaries of sustainability. With a focus on safety, integrity, and innovation, Steel Homes Modular aims to improve the world through its steel construction solutions.


  • High-tech Light Gauge Steel structures
  • Cutting-edge technologies for sustainability
  • Prioritizes safety, integrity, and innovation
  • Focus on making the world a better place
  • Specializes in luxury homes and commercial construction

Atlas Cottage Homes

Atlas Cottage Homes pioneers a solution to the housing crisis by combining high investment returns with sustainable housing for working families. With an end-to-end process and a hybrid ownership structure, they maximize profitability for partners while offering equity to homeowners. Their turnkey development process and internal manufacturing ensure quality and efficiency, delivering over 700 financially achievable homes annually.


  • High investment returns with sustainable housing
  • End-to-end process for efficiency
  • Hybrid ownership structure offers equity to homeowners
  • Internal manufacturing ensures quality and efficiency
  • Delivering over 700 financially achievable homes annually

Global Modulars

Global Modulars, a Florida-based company, specializes in residential, commercial modular, and prefabricated construction. They offer innovative solutions to the housing crisis, transforming cargo containers and prefabricated structures into homes and business buildings. Their process adheres to US construction codes, reducing construction times and costs while ensuring quality. As a proud member of the Modular Building Institute, they prioritize versatility, sustainability, and high-quality materials in their construction methods.


  • Florida-based company specializing in modular construction
  • Transforming cargo containers into homes and buildings
  • Adheres to US construction codes for quality assurance
  • Prioritizes versatility, sustainability, and high-quality materials


Global Modulars, based in Florida, specializes in innovative construction using Mesocore technology. Mesocore employs a hybrid construction system utilizing a steel core mass-produced in the factory, integrating all electrical, solar, and plumbing work. This system is delivered to the building site as a 20-foot container, providing exceptional structural strength. Completed on-site with prefabricated components, Mesocore houses offer customizable designs, durability, meeting high hurricane standards, eco-friendliness, and high-quality construction.


  • Specializes in innovative construction using Mesocore technology
  • Utilizes a hybrid construction system with a steel core
  • Delivered as a 20-foot container for exceptional strength
  • Offers customizable designs and meets high hurricane standards
  • Integrates eco-friendly features like solar panels

Katana House

Katana House offers quality, energy-efficient homes in various price ranges, from affordable to high-end. Their models include the Modern line with high-end features and the Eco line with quick-ship finishes. All homes are hurricane-resistant, eco-friendly, and solar-powered, exceeding conventional building codes. With designs ranging from minimalistic to contemporary, Katana House aims to revolutionize sustainable living.


  • Quality, energy-efficient homes in various price ranges
  • Modern and Eco lines, plus the high-end PassionHouses
  • Hurricane-resistant and eco-friendly, exceeding building codes
  • Range of designs from minimalistic to contemporary
  • Revolutionizing sustainable living with solar-powered homes

Connex Custom Builds

Connex Custom Builds specializes in constructing new and used shipping container homes in Orlando, Florida, with the capability to ship worldwide. They transform containers into single-family homes, offices, garages, gyms, Airbnb units, and mother-in-law suites, offering unparalleled customization. With swift construction, quality craftsmanship, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability at the forefront, they redefine modern living with innovative container designs.


  • Custom container homes in various styles
  • Swift construction process, from concept to completion
  • Top-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure durability
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods
  • Commitment to sustainability through repurposing shipping containers

Factory Expo Home Centers

Factory Expo Home Centers specializes in offering beautiful homes at Factory Direct pricing, covering all aspects of the manufactured home industry. Located in Ocala, Florida, they deliver finely crafted homes to Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Partnering with SkylineHomes, they ensure excellence in construction, backed by a ‘Quality Assurance Program’ and ‘Full 12 Month Warranty Program’. Their homes adhere to federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, offering customizable options and sturdy construction to withstand storms and winds.


  • Factory Direct pricing for beautiful homes
  • Partnered with SkylineHomes for excellence
  • Adherence to federal Manufactured Home Construction standards
  • Customizable options available for personalization
  • Sturdy construction to withstand storms and winds

Prestige Home Centers

Prestige Home Centers specializes in offering various manufactured home floor plans to meet the diverse needs of future Florida homeowners. They provide homes suitable for couples or growing families, from single wides to quadruple wides. With a commitment to making the home-buying process seamless, Prestige Home Centers offers in-house financing and insurance options, serving as a true, one-stop-shop for purchasing manufactured homes in Florida.


  • Wide variety of manufactured home floor plans
  • Suitable for couples or growing families
  • In-house financing options available
  • Seamless home buying process
  • One-stop-shop for manufactured homes in Florida

Movable Roots

Movable Roots specializes in crafting custom Tiny Homes on Wheels and Park Model RVs, rooted in a rich family heritage of construction expertise. With over 20 years of experience, they prioritize quality, dedication, and timeliness in every project. Their distinctive approach includes custom-designed homes with meticulous attention to detail, superior materials, and advanced building techniques, ensuring functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. 


  • Custom Tiny Homes on Wheels and Park Model RVs
  • 20 years of construction expertise
  • Quality craftsmanship and superior materials
  • Personalized service and attention to detail
  • Timely completion and delivery anywhere in the US

Jacobsen Homes

Jacobsen Homes, a family-owned and -operated business since 1959, leads the Florida manufactured housing market with quality, innovation, and integrity. With a legacy of three generations, they prioritize customization, utilizing AutoCAD for precision floor plans and offering over 90 designs or personalized options. Their commitment to green building practices and longevity in the industry ensures each home is built with care, combining cutting-edge design with a personal touch. 


  • Family-owned with three generations of experience
  • Utilizes AutoCAD for precision floor plans
  • Offers over 90 designs or personalized options
  • Prioritizes green building practices and sustainability
  • Longevity in the industry ensures quality craftsmanship


CMS, Concrete Modular Systems, is a leading provider of precast concrete buildings tailored to various industries’ needs, offering communication shelters, industrial buildings, restroom facilities, and utility building systems. Their buildings can be assembled swiftly on-site, ensuring minimal disruption. CMS provides innovative solutions with superior quality and competitive pricing from communication infrastructure to industrial facilities


  • Provides precast concrete buildings for various industries
  • Customizable structures built to withstand extreme weather
  • Swift on-site assembly with minimal disruption
  • Offers innovative solutions with superior quality
  • Competitive pricing and durability ensure long-term value

C&G Homes

C&G Homes specializes in providing high-quality manufactured and modular homes in Florida, built with the durability of a tank. With over 36 years in business and over 2,000 homes built, they offer customizable floor plans and prioritize customer service. Each home is handcrafted in a climate-controlled factory using top-quality materials, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term durability.


  • High-quality manufactured and modular homes
  • Customizable floor plans for individual needs
  • Over 36 years of experience in the industry
  • Handcrafted homes built with durable materials
  • Emphasis on customer service and satisfaction

Containing Luxury

Containing Luxury specializes in creating upscale container homes, combining modern aesthetics with affordability and eco-consciousness. Led by experienced general contractors, they’ve catered to renowned brands like PRADA and NIKE. Their homes feature downtown loft vibes, luxury finishes, and sturdy construction, ideal for coastal areas. Standardized models ensure low maintenance and high returns for investors. They mass-produce units for consistency and offer customization options for individual needs.


  • Upscale container homes with modern aesthetics
  • Led by experienced general contractors
  • Standardized models for low maintenance and high returns
  • Customization options available for individual needs
  • Seeking developer partners and investors for communities


Skyline has been a leading provider of factory-built homes since 1951 and is known for exceptional craftsmanship and personal service. Their Skycare program ensures customers peace of mind from inspection to move-in. Offering tailored assistance from land selection to final touches, Skyline makes the home-buying process seamless and enjoyable.


  • Exceptional craftsmanship and personal service
  • Skycare program for peace of mind
  • Tailored assistance throughout the home-buying process
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Quality materials and rigorous quality control

Florida Modular Homes

Florida Modular Homes is your go-to destination for top-quality modular and manufactured homes in Florida. Their professional staff ensures a smooth and pleasant home-buying experience. From financing assistance to expert construction, they prioritize customer satisfaction and stress-free transactions.


  • Top-quality modular and manufactured homes
  • Expert financing assistance tailored to customers
  • Stress-free and pleasant home-buying experience
  • Unparalleled expertise in custom home construction

Above All Modular, Inc.

Above All Modular, Inc. is a leading provider of modular home services, servicing the Southeastern United States since 2003. With a wide range of offerings, from single wide to custom sizes, they ensure no job is too big or small. With over a million floors installed and notable clients like Disney and NASA, Above All Modular prides itself on customer satisfaction and comprehensive services.


  • Specializes in modular home installations and services
  • Wide range of sizes available, from single to custom
  • Notable clients include Disney and NASA
  • Locally owned and operated since 2003
  • Comprehensive services from relocations to tie-downs

American Modular Homes

American Modular Homes, based in Hudson, Florida, offers premium manufactured and modular homes, providing a stress-free environment for designing customized floor plans. With a focus on affordability and quality, they aim to make the home-buying process straightforward and pleasurable. Their homes, sourced from reputable builders like Jacobsen Homes and Deer Valley Homes, undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest standards.


  • Premium manufactured and modular homes are available
  • Stress-free environment for customized floor plans
  • Commitment to affordability and quality
  • Rigorous quality checks on all homes
  • Customer satisfaction is the top priority

FL Modular Homes

FL Modular Homes provides modular homes, mother-in-law suites, and multi-family buildings in Florida. Their developments meet stringent Miami-Dade specifications for hurricane resistance. They prioritize affordability, energy efficiency, and sustainability in their homes.


  • Specializes in modular homes and multi-family buildings
  • Developments meet Miami-Dade specifications for hurricane resistance
  • Offers modular homes, kit homes, and plans for sale
  • Assistance available for remote project management

S2A Modular

FL Modular Homes provides modular homes, mother-in-law suites, and multi-family buildings in Florida. Their developments meet stringent Miami-Dade specifications for hurricane resistance. They prioritize affordability, energy efficiency, and sustainability in their homes.


  • Specializes in modular homes and multi-family buildings
  • Developments meet Miami-Dade specifications for hurricane resistance
  • Offers modular homes, kit homes, and plans for sale
  • Assistance available for remote project management

Northstar Modular Homes

Northstar Modular Homes, Inc., based in Fort Myers, Florida, has been a leading supplier of modular homes for over two decades, serving the Eastern states from Florida to Maine. They prioritize efficiency, quality, and flexibility in their modular housing solutions. By utilizing advanced construction techniques and custom-manufactured jigs, they ensure energy-efficient homes built to exact specifications. Their specialty “Sweat Equity” packages offer significant cost savings, making homeownership more accessible.


  • Emphasizes efficiency, quality, and flexibility
  • Utilizes custom-manufactured jigs for precision
  • Offers “Sweat Equity” packages for cost savings
  • Enables homeownership with accessible solutions