22 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Michigan

Michigan, USA, is a state known for its picturesque landscapes and a hub for innovative modular home manufacturing. Explore the dynamic world of prefabricated homes, where Michigan-based companies redefine the concept of modern living. Urbaneer, a pioneer in the field, introduces a refreshing approach to design, empowering homeowners with contemporary and modular customizable designs. Meanwhile, Countryside Homes brings a familial touch to the industry, offering designs that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity.


Urbaneer pioneers a minimalist approach to living. Inspired by their journey through diverse living environments, Urbaneer empowers individuals to embrace a low-maintenance lifestyle, offering simplicity, convenience, and freedom. Specializing in creating curated living spaces and communities, Urbaneer collaborates with developers, builders, and short-term rental operators. Based in Michigan, Urbaneer takes on projects ranging from 8-10 units to larger developments, employing standardization, productization, and curation to redefine the future of sustainable and optimized living experiences.


  • Minimalist living advocated.
  • Specializes in curated living spaces.
  • Collaborates with developers and builders.
  • Michigan-based but considers out-of-state projects.
  • Focuses on standardization and sustainability.

Clark Modular Homes

Clark Modular Homes takes immense pride in crafting homes of exceptional quality. Located in Central Michigan, this licensed builder and general contractor offers a comprehensive solution to housing needs. Clark Modular Homes guarantees a seamless process, from project inception to post-sale service, with licensed professionals ensuring high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.


  • Michigan’s top modular home dealer.
  • Over 35 years of industry experience.
  • Comprehensive turnkey packages are available.
  • Largest home selection in Central Michigan.

Little Valley Homes

Little Valley Homes, established in 1965, holds the title of Michigan’s largest full-service manufactured and modular home retailer. With a commitment to providing the best value, they guide homebuyers from concept to completion, offering a comprehensive range of services. Little Valley Homes sells new and pre-owned homes for land-leased communities or private sites, ensuring timely and budget-friendly completion with a dedicated on-site construction coordinator. 


  • Michigan’s largest modular home retailer.
  • Full-service company from concept to completion.
  • Offers new and pre-owned homes.
  • Dedicated on-site construction coordinator for service.

Unlimited Modular Homes

Unlimited Modular Homes specializes in customization, transforming visions into reality with truly custom homes in Michigan. The process ensures that the home reflects the individuality and lifestyle of its owners, becoming an extension of their identity. At Unlimited Modular Homes, they aim to build a perfect home crafted with dedication, simplicity, and a commitment to a rewarding, stress-free building adventure.


  • Budget-friendly options with unique features.
  • A personalized experience from concept to completion.
  • Finance options available for dream home realization.
  • Dedicated service for a stress-free building journey.

Northwood Modular Homes

Northwood Modular Homes specializes in custom-designed homes and lake cottages, they offer open tours of model homes with floor plans ranging from 1,000 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft. Northwood Modular Homes embraces a smarter, faster, and stronger system of construction, adhering to the same building codes as site-built homes but with reduced material waste and faster completion times.


  • Premier modular home builder in mid-Michigan.
  • Specializes in custom-designed homes and lake cottages.
  • Floor plans range from 1,000 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Embraces a smarter, faster, and stronger construction system.

Roy’s Home Center

Trust Roy’s Home Center for the most significant purchase of your life. They have been assisting nearly 3,000 families in realizing their dreams. Rooted in Gobles, Roy’s Home Center takes a full-service approach, guiding you from site and floor plan customization to construction and installation. Their modular manufacturing partners ensure efficient and timely construction with brand-name materials. 


  • Full-service approach for a stress-free experience.
  • Efficient and timely construction with brand-name materials.
  • Experienced service technicians guide you through installation.
  • Family-owned legacy with roots in Gobles.

Preferred Homes

Preferred Homes, a beacon in West Michigan, offers high-quality, affordable manufactured, and modular homes dedicated to helping families find their forever homes. Preferred ensures energy-efficient homes with expert construction and transportation. They provide financing options and in-person tours and contribute to community investment, embodying a commitment to customer satisfaction and community well-being.


  • High-quality, affordable homes in West Michigan..
  • Expert guidance on financing and placement.
  • Energy-efficient homes with customizable options.
  • Community investment supporting local families and children.

American Living Inc.

American Living Inc., a family-owned modular home builder is dedicated to crafting top-quality prefab homes and delivering exceptional customer service. Serving various Michigan locations, including Jenison, Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, and beyond, they offer a comprehensive range of modular homes. With 43 years of excellence, their professional staff guides customers through floor plan choices and ensures professionally designed, built, and serviced homes.


  • Serving Jenison, Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, and beyond.
  • Dedicated to top-quality prefab homes and customer service.
  • Experienced staff for professional design, construction, and service.
  • 43 years of excellence in modular home construction.

Hampton Homes

Hampton Homes, established in 2000, is the leading provider of Michigan modular homes, specializing in quality and affordability. As a one-stop shop for building and real estate needs, they offer diverse housing options, including Modular, Site Built, Ranch, Two-Story, Cape Cod, Chalet, and Custom Home Construction.


  • Leading provider of Michigan modular homes.
  • Established in 2000, building quality, affordable homes.
  • Offers a variety of housing options for any budget.
  • Specializes in tear-down and rebuild projects.
  • Comprehensive real estate solutions for buying and selling.

Countryside Homes

Countryside Homes, nestled in southwest Michigan. Specializing in financing, project management, and custom design, the family-run business prioritizes hassle-free experiences. Their commitment to personalized service, attention to detail, and various building options make them a trusted choice.


  • Specialized in financing, project management, and custom design.
  • Proud partners with Heckaman Homes for modular homes.
  • Family-run business prioritizing hassle-free experiences.
  • Recipient of multiple awards for customer service and achievements.

General Housing Corporation

General Housing Corporation, a prominent Michigan modular homes manufacturer, boasts a portfolio of over 6,000 modular homes, additions, and small commercial buildings across the state. Their homes, ranging from 392 to 2,900 square feet, adhere to stringent Michigan building codes. Teaming up with licensed builders, General Housing Corporation ensures consistent, high-quality construction.


  • Homes ranging from 392 to 2,900 square feet.
  • Consistent, high-quality construction with top-notch materials.
  • Emphasis on time savings, avoiding delays, and scheduling issues.
  • Online home designer for personalized dream home customization.

Freedom Homes of Michigan

Freedom Homes of Michigan is your go-to destination for affordable modular homes. As a turn-key company, they manage the entire project from start to finish, specializing in custom builds. Building modular ensures control over quality, timelines, and budgets, offering consistency, speed, and customization. With the promise of a smarter, faster, and stronger system, Freedom Homes combines affordability and efficiency in crafting your dream home.


  • Affordable modular homes in Michigan.
  • Turn-key company overseeing projects from start to finish.
  • Specialization in custom builds with experienced owners.
  • Modular construction ensures control, speed, and customization.
  • Smarter, faster, and stronger system for efficient home building.

Carriage Custom Homes

Carriage Custom Homes is the go-to provider of custom modular homes in Traverse City and surrounding counties. Specializing in ‘systems-built’ or ‘off-site’ homes, they exclusively offer Heckaman Homes known for their quality and compliance with state and local building codes. Carriage Custom Homes prides itself on delivering premium modular homes at an affordable price, featuring high-quality products and a variety of home styles to suit every need.


  • Exclusive use of Heckaman Homes for quality.
  • Variety of home styles, including Ranch and Two-Story.
  • DIY program available for cost savings.
  • Building in a controlled environment ensures consistency.

Heritage Custom Builders

Heritage Custom Builders has been a premier modular home builder in West Michigan. Distinguished by being contractor-owned, they oversee the entire building process, ensuring quality ‘from Dirt to Doorknobs.’ Specializing in Ritz-Craft Custom Modular System-Built Homes, Heritage Custom Builders offers the flexibility of custom designs with cutting-edge software, blending the versatility of site-built homes with the efficiency of factory construction.


  • Contractor-owned for a hands-on, quality-focused approach.
  • Offers custom modular homes with cutting-edge design software.
  • Balances factory-built efficiency with site-built design flexibility.
  • Streamlined home-building process for a smooth experience.

First Choice Homes

First Choice Homes offers top-quality prefab modular homes in several states at affordable prices. Specializing in custom-built modular homes and additions, they provide over 80 floor plans, ranging from 1000 sq. Ft. to 3,500 sq. Ft. First Choice Homes excels in crafting dream homes with an option for 3.5 percent FHA financing. As Michigan’s premier retailer for park model RV-tiny homes, they bring affordable and compact living solutions to those seeking minimalist lifestyles.


  • Premier modular home builder in Michigan.
  • Over 80 floor plans for custom-built homes.
  • Offers affordable park model RV-tiny homes.
  • Specializes in custom-built modular homes and additions.
  • Provides 3.5 percent FHA financing options.

Mid Star Home Builders

Mid Star Home Builders, LLC, a licensed Ritz-Craft modular home builder, is committed to constructing turn-key system-built modular homes in Southern Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio. With homes ranging from 1000 sq. ft. ranches to 4000 sq. ft. two-story residences, they offer over 300 unique floor plans fully customizable to meet individual needs. Every modular floor plan adheres to Energy Star® or Green Certified standards, ensuring quality and energy efficiency.


  • Licensed Ritz-Craft modular home builder.
  • Homes range from 1000 sq. ft. to 4000 sq. ft.
  • Over 300 unique floor plans available.
  • Customizable to meet individual needs.
  • Adheres to Energy Star® or Green Certified standards.

Showcase Homes

Showcase Homes is a premier turn-key home builder in Northeast Michigan. Specializing in turn-key operations, they ensure projects stay on budget and on schedule and meet the highest building standards, providing quality, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes.


  • Partnered with Dickinson Homes and Fairmont Homes.
  • Specializes in turn-key operations.
  • Custom modular homes for individual lifestyles.
  • Emphasis on quality, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Oasis Homes

Oasis Custom Homes is the first and only Michigan Master Builder specializing in traditional stick-built and modular construction. Offering an extensive range of custom stick-built and modular home floor plans, Oasis Homes provides the flexibility to customize every aspect of your home, from engineering modifications to personalized finishes. 


  • Specializes in stick-built and modular construction.
  • Nearly a thousand homes built in 25 years.
  • Extensive variety of customizable floor plans.
  • Member of the National Association of Home Builders.

West Coast Homes

West Coast Homes is Michigan’s premier custom home builder, offering housing solutions, including Custom Modular Homes (BOCA), Manufactured Homes (HUD), system-built homes, and factory-built homes. West Coast Homes has grown into a multi-faceted organization, ensuring superior quality and affordability for American families. 


  • Over 300 unique floor plans available
  • Homes built to strict State and Federal standards.
  • Expert guidance through financing and construction processes.


Ritz-Craft, a leader in custom building, seamlessly merges pre-designed floor plans with personalized details. Their guiding principles include a safe work environment, enduring builder relationships, and unrivaled design, workmanship, and quality. With homes built to exceed state codes, their controlled indoor environment ensures strength, efficiency, and quicker move-ins. 


  • Largest family-owned modular home manufacturer.
  • Melds pre-designed plans with personalized details seamlessly.
  • Prioritizes safety, building relationships, and unparalleled quality.
  • Homes exceed state codes with controlled indoor construction.

Dickinson Homes

Dickinson Homes works within the custom modular home industry, thriving on a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, personalized attention, teamwork, and unparalleled customer service. With a modern design and build process, Dickinson Homes offers a stress-free home-building experience, allowing clients to bring their vision to life.


  • Leading designer and builder in Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnesota.
  • Craftsmanship, personal attention, and unrivaled customer service.
  • Modern design & build process for a stress-free experience.
  • Customization from start to finish for unique living requirements.

Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders is renowned for its commitment to excellence and award-winning designs. With a legacy dating back to 1953, Champion is one of the largest modular homebuilders in North America. The company’s expertise extends to manufactured, modular, and mobile homes, catering to a diverse range of homebuyers.


  • Award-winning designs with flexible spaces.
  • Diverse options for single or multi-section homes.
  • Over 8,400 dedicated employees worldwide.
  • Champion has sold over 3 million factory-built homes.