20 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Colorado

Discover the vibrant landscape of modular home manufacturing in Colorado, USA, where innovation and top-tier craftsmanship converge. Explore a curated list featuring industry leaders, each contributing unique elements to the diverse tapestry of Colorado’s housing solutions. This collection spans the spectrum from the cutting-edge designs of Pivot Structures, pushing the boundaries of innovation, to the time-tested quality offered by Henry Stahla Homes.

Simple Homes

Simple Homes revolutionizes home construction with turnkey off-site framing solutions, offering Scandinavian-inspired designs optimized for their prefab building system. Their in-house design team collaborates with developers, property owners, homebuilders, and contractors to create efficient and beautiful designs. The highly flexible panelized building system ensures cost and schedule certainty, quality, reduced waste, and design flexibility. 


  • Achieve weather-tight structures in days, reducing framing time significantly.
  • Deliver projects at a fixed cost and on a defined schedule.
  • Reduce material waste by up to 15% through digital fabrication and optimization.
  • Factory-controlled processes ensure unmatched precision and quality.
  • Design flexibility without compromising the benefits of off-site construction.

Pivot Structures

Pivot Structures pioneers the design and construction of innovative structures, inspiring abundant living. They break conventional models, providing flexible, environmentally friendly, beautifully crafted spaces. Pivot Structures focuses on well-balanced and inspired living. Committed to excellence and environmental sustainability, Pivot Structures offers a turnkey experience, delivering uniquely crafted structures directly to customers.


  • Breaks conventional building and design models for flexibility.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of living spaces.
  • Crafted in Northern Colorado, delivering a hassle-free experience.
  • Promotes abundant living through well-balanced and innovative structures.
  • Tailors design to meet the unique needs and desires of customers.

Studio Shed

Studio Shed creates living spaces with high-quality, sustainable, and energy-efficient prefab structures. Built to last, each shed is crafted in their Colorado factory and ships nationwide. Customizable options include layout, color, and interior finishes. Quick installations in days, Studio Sheds offer a versatile and efficient way to enhance your living space.


  • Layout, color, and interior finishes tailored to preferences.
  • Installed in a matter of days for convenience.
  • Sustainable and durable materials ensure a lifetime of use.
  • Online configurator for easy customization and pricing.
  • Crafted in Colorado and available for shipment throughout the country.

Modulars of Denver

Modulars of Denver offers time-tested designs, optimized construction efficiency, and reduced costs with their qualified team of the best modular manufacturers. Their forward designs offer unique customization backed by superior support from concept to completion. They guarantee quality materials, expedite building processes, and provide eco-friendly options. 


  • Customized modulars that turn your concepts into reality.
  • Guidance from concept to completion with personalized designs.
  • Over 20 years of experience in modular home and property building.
  • Green building with low VOC materials and minimal waste.

Specialty Modular

Specialty Modular is a leading provider of custom modular buildings for commercial use. Their prefabricated buildings, constructed in a controlled factory environment, match conventional buildings in quality and materials but are constructed in a fraction of the time. With over ten years in the business, Specialty Modular offers high-quality lumber, efficient building processes, and portable designs tailored to your specifications.


  • High-quality lumber, plumbing, and building materials.
  • Fast and cost-effective building process.
  • Tailored floor plans and specifications to fit your needs.
  • Portable buildings assembled on-site and easily moved.

Compact Home

Compact Home Manufacturing is where quality is the essence of superior design and craftsmanship. Each Compact Home boasts a robust foundation, industry-leading insulation, low-energy windows, and durable finishes. Each home commences with a robust foundation and superstructure, incorporating industry-leading R-value insulation and low-energy windows. The result is an investment destined for carefree enjoyment over many years. 


  • Ensuring a strong and reliable base for every home.
  • Industry-leading insulation for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Enhancing sustainability with energy-efficient window solutions.
  • Durable and appealing materials for a lasting aesthetic.
  • Compact Homes transform imagination into tangible reality.


Vederra Building Systems pioneers affordable, energy-efficient modular construction in Colorado, addressing the state’s housing needs. With a commitment to social impact, Vederra integrates Net Zero designs into its factory-built solutions, setting a new standard. The approach emphasizes off-site fabrication, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like high-efficiency heat pumps, high R-value envelope systems, solar panels, and battery storage.


  • Integrating advanced designs for energy-efficient construction.
  • Utilizing efficient off-site manufacturing for modular solutions.
  • Incorporating high-efficiency heat pumps, solar panels, and more.
  • Providing comprehensive solutions for development partners and agencies.
  • Capable of producing 650,000 square feet of housing each year.

Mod Box Builders

At Mod Box Builders, they simplify the journey to owning a modular home. The process is streamlined from the initial consultation to designing your custom ModBox model. Specializing in multi-family housing, hotels, offices, and more, they bring versatility to commercial builds. They ensure eco-friendliness, aiming to create sustainable communities with gorgeous designs built to LEED standards.


  •  Initial feasibility study to final installation.
  • Multi-family housing, hotels, offices, and more.
  • Adherence to IBC for legal compliance.
  • Gorgeous designs built to LEED standards.

Noco Home Sales

In Steamboat Springs, CO, NOCO Home Sales provides semi-custom, custom, and multi-family manufactured home sales, setting, and servicing. They prioritize affordability without compromising quality. Offering diverse custom floor plans, NOCO ensures swift move-ins. Prefabricated homes, termed “building systems,” are a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution. NOCO exceeds traditional prefab standards, delivering designer finishes. 


  • Affordability with high-end designer finishes.
  • Prefab homes are constructed faster than traditional builds.
  • NOCO’s modular homes offer all-inclusive, upscale finished options.
  • Prefab construction and NOCO’s techniques create energy-efficient spaces.
  • 15 years of experience in residential and commercial projects.



SmartPads create homes that blend seamlessly with mountain living. Their design ethos emphasizes maximizing views, open spaces, and modern mountain architecture. SmartPads offer a streamlined path to luxury prefab homes by combining signature design with prefab efficiency. Prefabricated homes ensure higher quality, faster construction, energy efficiency, and cost savings.


  • Prefabrication ensures precision, energy efficiency, and faster construction timelines.
  • Lower costs due to reduced waste and efficient prefab construction methods.
  • Streamlined construction saves time and money while ensuring exceptional quality.

Kopper Creek Homes

Kopper Creek Homes, based in Montrose, specializes in factory custom home construction, offering quality building, design flexibility, and energy efficiency. Their modular systems-built homes provide a faster construction timeline and reduced costs, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective building process. With over 20 years of experience, Kopper Creek is a family-owned business known for integrity, value, and personalized assistance, especially in navigating the unique challenges of building in Colorado’s mountainous regions.


  • Quality homes with design flexibility and energy efficiency.
  • Expedited timelines with efficient factory processes for faster delivery.
  • Implementing highly efficient systems to reduce construction costs for customers.
  • Custom structures maintain value comparable to traditional stick-built houses.

Brentlee Homes

Brentlee Homes, based in Riverton, WY, and Delta, CO, has stood as a leading builder of top-quality manufactured and modular homes for nearly three decades. Their sterling reputation is founded on innovative concepts, superior construction, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With a diverse range of home styles, personalized floor plans, and a dedication to delivering more value, Brentlee Homes ensure clients receive the utmost quality and craftsmanship.


  • Established reputation as a premier builder for over three decades.
  • Known for innovative ideas and diverse home styles.
  • Commitment to superior construction quality and personalized floor plans.
  • Providing more unique features and home styles for the money.
  • A promise backed by a satisfaction guarantee for quality assurance.

Phoenix Haus

Phoenix Haus transforms the home-building experience, offering dream homes that are sustainable, non-toxic, energy-efficient, and designed to stand the test of time. From the initial sketch to the selection of siding, every phase of their design, manufacturing, and assembly processes is meticulously engineered for sustainability. With innovative prefab, off-site constructed panels, Phoenix Haus ensures legacy-quality construction, perfecting every detail before reaching the job site. 


  • Homes are engineered for optimal energy and materials efficiency.
  • Innovative off-site construction ensures quality and efficiency.
  • Homestead models accommodate various full-time occupants.
  • A dedicated lifetime commitment to innovating healthier, sustainable family homes.
  • Homes designed for clean, welcoming living, purifying air and reducing toxins.

Proset Construction

Proset Construction, Inc. is an ICC Class A, full-service general contractor specializing in high-end resort custom homes, hospitality, and commercial multi-family projects. With a team boasting decades of experience, Proset is a national leader in commercial modular construction. Proset pioneers the modular solution in the U.S., offering a tailored construction management roadmap that maximizes the benefits of this innovative building method.


  • ICC Class A contractor focusing on luxury homes, hospitality, and commercial projects.
  • Proven success and expertise in commercial volumetric modular construction.
  • Executive team with 40+ years of collective construction management experience.
  • Known as regional players, elevated to a national leader in modular construction.
  • Customized modular construction management adapting to the evolving construction landscape.

Affordable Builders

As factory-built home specialists, Affordable Builders combines cutting-edge manufacturing with premium materials, delivering exceptional value in housing. Renowned for exceeding expectations, they offer innovative features, diverse home styles, flexible floor plans, and unparalleled customer service.


  • State-of-the-art manufacturing for high-quality, value-packed homes.
  • Consistent delivery of innovative features and flexible floor plans.
  • Ensuring the job is done with the same quality they’d want.
  • A fun, guided process from design to finishing touches.
  • Overwhelming choices matched with expert guidance for personalized homes.

Western Colorado Tiny House

Western Colorado Tiny House sets the industry standard with high-performance, ultra-insulated homes designed for four seasons. Meeting national RV and residential construction standards, these tiny houses boast sustainability, engineered durability against elements like snow, wind, and fire, and an impressive 100+ year lifespan. With energy efficiency and a lifetime care warranty, these portable or permanent homes come with everything needed for comfortable, off-grid living at an affordable price. 


  • Leading in product, price, and design.
  • Engineered tough for 100+ years, meeting RV and residential standards.
  • Ready for off-grid solar and LP packages.
  • Plug and play with easy site setup and utilities.
  • Best-in-class pricing for quality tiny homes.

Vū Haus

Vū Haus transforms the traditional build process into a streamlined experience. With over 25 years in real estate, Vū Haus aims for simplicity, combining cutting-edge practices to deliver stunning designs efficiently. Their process, from choosing a lot to move-in, ensures quality with a 75-80% complete building at delivery. Prefab benefits include energy efficiency, custom designs, and resilience to extreme weather.


  • Streamlined design-to-move-in process for high-design homes.
  • Energy efficiency, resilience to extreme weather, and custom designs.
  • Same financing as site-built homes with Fannie Mae loans.
  • Approximately seven months after final design and approval.

Indie Dwell

Indie Dwell, driven by a socially conscious business model, aims to transform the building industry. Focused on occupant health, environmental impact, and community empowerment, Indie Dwell’s multifamily housing solutions offer efficient designs. The company values people, empathy, vision, prosperity, and inspiration. With a commitment to corporate social responsibility, Indie Dwell delivers net-zero-ready homes and facilitates conventional financing, providing a durable, energy-efficient, and customizable housing solution.


  • Transforming the building industry for well-being and community empowerment.
  • Streamlined designs for efficient, sustainable, and affordable housing projects.
  • People-centric approach, empathy, visionary planning, prosperity, and inspirational commitment.
  • Facilitating FHA, VA, and Conventional financing for Indie Dwell homes.
  • Delivering net-zero-ready homes built to handle seismic, hurricane, and tornado events.

Pure Zero Construction

Pure Zero Construction blends modern design aesthetics with net-zero technology to create homes prioritizing health and efficiency. These homes feature a tight shell to minimize dust and allergens, incorporate high-performance Mitsubishi HVAC systems, use non-toxic materials and finishes, and utilize Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) for superior indoor air quality. With a commitment to sustainability, Pure Zero Construction ensures low or no energy costs, offering homes that embrace comfort without compromising the environment.


  • Tight shell, high-performance HVAC, non-toxic materials, and ERV for air quality.
  • Achieve low or no energy costs for optimal living.
  • Homes designed for energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact.
  • Extending zero-energy concepts to employee housing.
  • Committed to meeting the highest standards in sustainable construction.

Henry Stahla Homes

Henry Stahla Homes has been a trusted name for generations, delivering quality homes that exceed expectations. Offering diverse floor plans, color options, and a personalized touch, Stahla Homes ensures each residence fits the unique lifestyles of its owners. With a legacy from 1949, their experienced team guarantees professional, lasting solutions, maintaining high standards across Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming.


  • Over seven decades of delivering top-quality, innovative homes.
  • Homes are designed to make lasting memories, providing security and a personal touch.
  • Vast selection of floor plans and color options for individual expression.
  • From the first call to completion, a knowledgeable team streamlines your experience.