19 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in North Carolina

North Carolina, renowned for its rich history and diverse landscapes, is also home to a thriving modular housing industry. From the streamlined elegance of Factory Direct Homes by Titan to the forward-thinking sustainability of Eco Modern Homes, the options are as diverse as the state itself. These manufacturers showcase a dedication to quality and customization, offering solutions to suit every lifestyle and preference.

LGS Home Builders

LGS Home Builders has specialized in constructing top-quality custom modular homes for Piedmont families since 1991. With over 30 years of experience, they offer personalized service and prioritize quality construction. Serving the Piedmont Triad area, their homes are built better, faster, and stronger than traditional construction, adhering to ENERGY STAR® and Green Building standards. They offer a seamless process from initial design to finishing touches, ensuring every client’s dream home becomes a reality.


  • Custom modular homes since 1991
  • Quality construction prioritized
  • Built better, faster, and stronger
  • Adheres to ENERGY STAR® and Green Building standards
  • Personalized service from design to finishing touches

1st Choice Home Centers

1st Choice Home Centers in Statesville, NC, has been crafting exquisite manufactured houses since 1999. They offer various home types, including modular, prefab, manufactured, and mobile homes, ensuring options for every budget. With customizable designs and a vast land selection across North and South Carolina, they make dreams of homeownership a reality. From urban to rural settings, their homes provide comfort and style, backed by over two decades of expertise.


  • Crafting homes since 1999
  • Offers various home types
  • Customizable designs available
  • Vast land selection across two states
  • Over two decades of expertise

Titan Factory Direct Homes

Titan Factory Direct Homes, a division of Champion Homes, delivers high-quality, factory-built homes directly to buyers, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship at factory-direct pricing. With streamlined shopping options, including online browsing and immersive 3D tours, they empower customers with knowledge while providing personalized assistance from housing experts. Additionally, their strategically located model home display centers offer in-person experiences for those who prefer it.


  • Custom modular homes since 1991
  • Quality construction prioritized
  • Built better, faster, and stronger
  • Adheres to ENERGY STAR® and Green Building standards
  • Personalized service from design to finishing touches

Mayland Custom Homes

With 17 years of experience in custom and modular home construction, Mayland Custom Homes offers top-quality residences in Western North Carolina. The company provides customizable site-built and beautiful modular homes crafted precisely in a climate-controlled facility. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Mayland Custom Homes ensures each home is built to state and local building codes, exceeding conventional standards.


  • Custom and modular homes in Western NC
  • Customizable site-built and modular homes
  • Crafted with precision in a climate-controlled facility
  • Built to exceed state and local codes

Factory Select Homes

Factory Select Homes offers new mobile homes for sale, carefully selected from top factories, including Fleetwood, Clayton, Champion, and Cavco Homes. With over 90 floorplan options, they provide a rare opportunity to compare offerings from leading manufacturers side by side. Their Home Consultants assist buyers in understanding key differences and finding the perfect home to match both budget and dreams.


  • New mobile homes from top factories
  • Over 90 floorplan options are available
  • Expert Home Consultants assist buyers
  • Offers homes from Fleetwood, Clayton, Champion, and Cavco Homes
  • Affordable elegance awaits with Factory Select Homes

Creative Custom Homes

Creative Custom Homes builds modular homes, offering strength, affordability, and efficiency. They prioritize personalized relationships with clients, involving them to ensure their dream home becomes a reality. With a focus on creativity in design and construction efficiency, Creative Custom Homes delivers high-quality residences built to last, providing homeowners a sense of security and satisfaction.


  • Specializes in modular home construction
  • Prioritizes personalized relationships with clients
  • Focuses on creativity in design and construction
  • Delivers high-quality residences built to last
  • Ensures satisfaction and security for homeowners

R-Anell Homes

R-Anell Homes provides high-performance modular homes across Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee. With a focus on value, innovation, and customization, R-Anell offers a range of home plans tailored to fit various needs and budgets. Boasting over 35,000 homes built since 1972, their expertise ensures quality construction meets local building codes. 


  • High-performance modular homes
  • Over 35,000 homes built since 1972
  • Customization to fit various budgets and needs
  • Supported by The Commodore Corporation
  • Focus on quality construction and customer satisfaction

Carolina Homes of Lumberton

Carolina Homes of Lumberton is the leading provider of manufactured and modular homes in Lumberton, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities. With a team of dedicated housing professionals, they specialize in turning your dream home into a reality. From honest sales practices to quality craftsmanship and exceptional service, Carolina Homes of Lumberton prioritizes customer satisfaction.


  • Premier retailer of manufactured and modular homes
  • Team focused on honesty and customer relationships
  • Offers homes from top builders like Fleetwood and Franklin
  • Dedicated to quality craftsmanship and service
  • Provides personalized assistance from start to finish

Boxx Modular

Boxx Modular, founded in 2003 in Calgary, Alberta, began with a vision to revolutionize the modular building industry. Specializing in workspace solutions and oilfield surface rentals, Boxx Modular expanded its reach across North America. Committed to community investment and corporate flexibility, Boxx Modular continues to innovate, offering high-quality, economical, and customizable solutions.


  • Expanded workspace solutions and oilfield rentals
  • Serves over 20 states across North America
  • Emphasizes community investment and corporate flexibility

Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders specializes in crafting quality manufactured, modular, and mobile homes that cater to a diverse range of homebuyers. With award-winning designs and customizable floor plans, Champion ensures exceptional value and flexibility without compromising on quality. Their homes, distributed across the United States and western Canada, are built to meet stringent national, state, and local building codes, reflecting decades of industry leadership and innovation.


  • Award-winning designs and customizable floor plans
  • Distributed across the United States and western Canada
  • Crafted to meet stringent building codes
  • Over 60 years of industry leadership
  • Trusted partnerships with leading suppliers

Deltec Homes

Based in Asheville, NC, Deltec Homes has shipped over 5,000 panelized homes worldwide. They provide the structural shell, focusing on the building envelope to ensure a higher quality and more precise level of framing. Deltec’s prefabrication method allows for enhanced energy efficiency and durability, with homes assembled in a matter of days. 


  • Hurricane-resistant round homes with 50 years of experience
  • Commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability
  • Smart design for seamless indoor-outdoor connection
  • A wide variety of customizable options is available

Ray Shankle Home Sales

Ray Shankle Home Sales, located in Hamlet, NC, has served the Sandhills for over 40 years with quality mobile and modular homes. As a locally owned and operated business, they offer personalized service and a wide selection of homes to meet various needs and preferences. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they invite you to visit their showroom and explore their range of homes firsthand.


  • Offers quality mobile and modular homes
  • Personalized service and wide selection available
  • Showroom available for exploring home options
  • Committed to customer satisfaction

Eco Modern Homes

Eco Modern Homes, a division of Riverside Builders, offers cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient modular homes with decades of experience in traditional and modular construction. They cater to diverse needs with varying price points and specifications, ensuring each home is uniquely suited to its owner. Their end-to-end client experience emphasizes seamless communication, budgeting, and quality workmanship.


  • Cutting-edge, eco-friendly modular homes
  • Decades of experience in the construction industry
  • Customizable floor plans for unique homes
  • Emphasis on seamless communication and quality
  • End-to-end client experience for satisfaction

North Carolina Custom Modulars

North Carolina Custom Modulars specializes in crafting stunning modular homes tailored to your specifications. With over 20 years of experience, their award-winning floor plans lay the foundation for elegant and customized North Carolina Modular Homes. Their skilled team collaborates closely with clients to bring their dreams to life, ensuring each home is a comfortable and safe haven. 


  • Customized floor plans for unique homes
  • Skilled team dedicated to client satisfaction
  • End-to-end building services for stress-free experience
  • Faster, more cost-effective, safer, and stronger homes

Future Homes

Future Homes, a premier modular home builder in Eastern North Carolina since 1993, offers a seamless blend of site-built and modular construction to create dream homes for over 1,700 families. Their approach enhances efficiency, quality, and timeline, resulting in 10 to 20% savings passed onto customers. With a dedicated team of project coordinators and contractors, they ensure a fast, easy, and affordable building experience. 


  • Premier modular home builder in Eastern NC
  • Over 99 years of combined modular home experience
  • Certified Professional Green Builder on staff
  • Completed over 1400 homes, many custom designs
  • Easy land evaluation and home design process

Premier Homes of the Carolinas

With over 30 years of experience, Premier Homes of the Carolinas is the go-to authority for modular housing. Their homes are designed for comfortable living, featuring open spaces and ample windows. Offering true customization, they guide clients through every detail to ensure satisfaction. Focusing on quality and efficiency, their turnkey approach manages everything from design to installation, providing a stress-free experience. 


  • Customized designs for comfortable living
  • Turnkey services from design to installation
  • Efficient building process in controlled environments
  • Energy-efficient homes with lasting value

Mountain Brook Homes

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Mountain Brook Homes specializes in modular and custom home building. They prioritize quality and trust, offering savings in both time and money without compromising on satisfaction. With a focus on modular homes, custom homes, renovations, additions, and green buildings, they provide many options to suit every need and preference.


  • Modular and custom home builder
  • Prioritizes quality and satisfaction
  • Offers savings in time and money
  • Specializes in green building and design
  • Comprehensive services from consultation to construction

Suits Homes

Suits Homes is a family-owned and operated manufactured housing sales and retail company. They prioritize customer satisfaction and offer durable homes built to last a lifetime. Their extensive experience, affordable pricing, customizable designs, and hands-on approach ensure that customers receive the perfect home at the lowest possible cost.


  • Homes built to last a lifetime
  • Affordable pricing for any budget
  • Extensive selection of customizable plans

Endeavour Homes

Endeavour Homes, based in Marion, NC, is a trusted builder specializing in modular home construction. Their dedicated team ensures each modular home meets the highest standards. Endeavour Homes offers a streamlined process, completing projects in half the time of conventional custom houses while maintaining superior construction, affordability, and environmental sustainability.


  • Efficient modular construction process
  • Commitment to quality and customer service
  • Structurally sound homes with energy-efficient features
  • Customization options for personalized dream homes