19 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Massachusetts

In the heart of Massachusetts, a burgeoning market for modular homes thrives, offering a spectrum of options to suit diverse needs. From the unique craftsmanship of Go Modular SIP Homes, known for their beautiful custom designs, to the innovative cost and energy-efficient builds by Old Harbor Homes, the state boasts an array of reputable manufacturers. Each company brings its unique flair, whether focusing on sustainability, cutting-edge technology, or customizable features.

Go Modular SIP Homes

Go Modular SIP Homes provides construction consultation and architectural design services for modular homes. They offer structurally stronger, energy-efficient homes that are faster to build and cost less than traditional construction methods. Clients can hire their contractors or choose from Go Modular’s referred contractors. The company emphasizes thorough consultation before setting up the blueprint approval process, ensuring that each design meets the client’s needs and preferences.


  • Specializes in modular home construction.
  • Offers energy-efficient and cost-effective designs.
  • Allows clients to hire their contractors.
  • Emphasizes thorough consultation before blueprint approval.
  • Prioritizes meeting clients’ needs and preferences.


Turkel Design pioneers modern systems-built homes worldwide, redefining the concept of contemporary living through meticulous design. Their bespoke residences blend elegance and functionality seamlessly, leveraging precision fabrication for predictable costs and sustainable practices. With a client-centric approach, Turkel Design collaborates closely to actualize personalized visions, prioritizing comfort, flexibility, and environmental consciousness.


  • Creates modern, bespoke homes worldwide.
  • Emphasizes precision fabrication for predictable costs.
  • Collaborates closely with clients for personalized visions.
  • Prioritizes comfort, flexibility, and sustainability.
  • Blends elegance and functionality seamlessly.

Acorn Deck House Company

With a rich 75-year heritage, the Acorn Deck House Company specializes in crafting unique custom homes blending modern, contemporary, and traditional styles. Their hallmark features include warm wood accents, open floor plans, walls of glass, and soaring ceilings, achieving elegance and energy efficiency. Through an interactive design process, clients collaborate with in-house architects to realize their dreams while honoring site characteristics. Fabricated in a state-of-the-art facility, their Component Package ensures quality, schedule, and budget optimization.


  • Custom homes blend modern, contemporary, and traditional.
  • Warm wood accents, open floor plans, and walls of glass.
  • Interactive design process with in-house architects.
  • Fabricated in a state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility.
  • Component Package ensures quality, schedule, and budget.

Millbrook Modular Homes

Millbrook Modular Homes, a leading modular home builder with over 30 years of experience, offers fully customizable, energy-efficient homes in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Their homes feature 2″ x 10″ exterior walls for enhanced energy savings and are built with superior materials in a controlled environment, ensuring precision and quality. With a turn-key approach, Millbrook handles everything from planning and construction to site work and landscaping, delivering dream homes in just 6 weeks.


  • Fully customizable, energy-efficient homes
  • 2″ x 10″ exterior walls for enhanced energy savings
  • The turn-key approach includes site work and landscaping
  • Superior materials and precision construction process
  • Delivers dream homes in just 6 weeks

Heritage Modular Homes

With over 30 years of experience, Heritage Modular Homes has delivered over 350 homes in New England, offering flexibility with customizable standard plans. Their modular homes undergo meticulous inspections during construction in a controlled climate, ensuring top-notch quality. Manufactured by Professional Building Systems, the largest modular home builder on the East Coast, these homes boast energy efficiency and durability, arriving 90% complete and ready for delivery.


  • Over 350 homes delivered in New England
  • Customizable standard plans offer flexibility
  • Meticulous inspections ensure top-notch quality
  • Energy-efficient homes manufactured in a controlled climate
  • Homes arrive 90% complete, saving construction time

Design. Build. Modular.

Design. Build. Modular. offers fast and efficient turnkey solutions for modular home construction in Massachusetts and Connecticut. As modular home builders, they specialize in constructing customizable prefab homes in a controlled factory environment, minimizing construction time and maximizing efficiency. Their homes undergo stringent quality control processes, ensuring high-quality results tailored to clients’ design preferences and budget requirements.


  • Fast and efficient turnkey solutions
  • Customizable prefab homes in a controlled factory environment
  • Stringent quality control processes ensure high-quality results
  • Tailored to clients’ design preferences and budget
  • Available for construction in Massachusetts and Connecticut

LB Modular

LB Modular specializes in transforming dream homes into reality, offering comprehensive modular construction services. Focusing on precision and efficiency, they construct custom-designed homes in a controlled factory environment, ensuring top-notch quality. 


  • Custom-designed homes in a controlled environment
  • Precision construction ensures top-notch quality
  • Comprehensive modular construction services provided

Kozyra Construction

Kozyra Construction, central and western Massachusetts’ premier custom modular home builder since 1972, offers turnkey construction services with peace of mind. Fully licensed and insured, they provide a ten-year structural warranty, ensuring quality and reliability. With two generations and over 40 years of experience, their family-owned business prioritizes customer satisfaction, delivering high-quality modular homes, garages, and sheds while providing comprehensive residential and commercial services.


  • Ten-year structural warranty for peace of mind
  • Two generations with over 40 years of experience
  • Family-owned business prioritizes customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive residential and commercial construction services

Modern Modular Homes LLC.

Modern Modular Homes LLC is a leading provider of contemporary modular home solutions.Focusing on responsiveness and customer satisfaction, they create custom-built homes tailored to individual needs and preferences. 


  • Custom-built homes tailored to individual needs
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology and quality materials
  • Emphasizes responsiveness and customer satisfaction

The Home Store

Established in 1986, the Home Store leads the way in modular home construction across several states, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Offering customizable designs and a stress-free building process, they combine premium materials with efficient construction methods. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they provide virtual appointments and model home tours to bring your vision to life.


  • Modular homes are built smarter, better, and faster
  • Customizable designs tailored to individual needs
  • Stress-free building process with premium materials
  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction with virtual appointments

Pro-Mod Homes

Pro-Mod Homes, LLC specializes in turnkey modular home construction, managing projects from start to finish. They handle design, permits, site preparation, foundation installation, house setting, and obtaining Certificates of Occupancy. Modular homes offer customizable designs, weather-resistant construction, and efficient building processes, ensuring consistent quality and shorter completion times.


  • Turnkey modular home construction services
  • Customizable designs with optional upgrades
  • Streamlined process from feasibility to construction
  • Consistent quality and shorter completion times


GBI-Avis, a family-owned local business that has been operating for over 35 years, specializes in manufacturing and delivering customized modular homes, garages, and additions. With a philosophy of providing superior products and exceptional customer service, they control every aspect of the construction process, ensuring timely high-quality results. Offering complete site packages and employing highly skilled craftsmen, GBI-Avis is committed to delivering the highest customer satisfaction.


  • Family-owned local business
  • Superior products and exceptional customer service
  • Complete control over the construction process
  • Highly skilled craftsmen with decades of experience
  • Complete site packages available

Reframe Systems

Reframe Systems is revolutionizing the construction industry with its mission to build and retrofit net-zero homes for all at a massive scale. By leveraging design automation, modular building components, and digital manufacturing in robotic micro factories, they drive down costs and delivery times of net-zero carbon multifamily residential buildings. Their approach also includes retrofitting existing residential buildings to net-zero energy with minimal disruption, utilizing the same modular components.


  • Revolutionizing construction with net-zero homes
  • Drive down costs and delivery times
  • Retrofit existing buildings with minimal disruption
  • Utilize modular components for efficiency
  • Employ advanced automation and manufacturing techniques

Fox Homes

Fox Homes is a premier modular and custom home builder in Berkshire County. They offer a full range of real estate, design, permitting, and construction services, ensuring a positive home-building experience. With forward-thinking design, personalized floor plans, and a commitment to affordability and partnership, Fox Homes delivers exceptional service tailored to each client’s needs and budget.


  • Premier modular and custom home builder
  • Offers real estate, design, permitting, and construction
  • Forward-thinking design and personalized floor plans
  • Commitment to affordability and partnership
  • Exceptional service tailored to client’s needs

DRK Home Development

DRK Home Development specializes in building modular homes tailored to clients’ specifications in Massachusetts. Focusing on quality and budget, they offer garage construction and on-site work services, ensuring every aspect of the project meets the highest standards. Trusted across New England for their excellence and commitment to timely, on-budget delivery, DRK Home Development guides clients through a simple four-step process, from initial planning to project completion.


  • Offers garage construction and on-site work services
  • Trusted reputation for quality and timely delivery
  • Simple four-step project process
  • Full turn-key solution for clients

Fuller Modular Homes

Fuller Modular Homes, based near Hartford, CT, offers full-service modular home and office solutions, delivering and erecting buildings across the Northeastern United States since 1997. Their unique “Dual-Focus” approach ensures direct communication with owners throughout the project, promoting transparency and efficiency. With a commitment to owner involvement and cost savings, Fuller provides wholesale modular homes and turn-key solutions backed by comprehensive warranties and exceptional customer service.


  • Full-service modular home and office solutions
  • The “Dual-Focus” approach ensures owner communication.
  • Offers wholesale modular homes for cost savings
  • Provides turn-key solutions with customization options
  • Comprehensive warranties and exceptional customer service

Hybrid Built Home

Hybrid Built Home specializes in custom modular homes and additions, offering value-engineered green homes that combine modern factory-built components with custom on-site finishings. Their unique “Value Engineering” approach ensures optimal materials and techniques, saving clients time and money during and after construction while maintaining design flexibility.


  • Custom modular homes and additions
  • Value-engineered green homes
  • Combines factory-built components with on-site finishings
  • Saves time and money during construction
  • Maintains design flexibility

Pleasant Bay Homes

Pleasant Bay Homes specializes in modular homes, offering quality houses built in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction methods. With a six-month process from design to move-in readiness, they ensure efficient and customizable home-building experiences. Their modular homes provide weather consistency, speed of construction, lower prices, superior quality, and unbeatable energy efficiency.


  • Modular homes built in six months
  • Weather consistency ensures structural integrity
  • Construction speed is 30% faster than traditional methods
  • Lower prices due to bulk materials purchasing
  • Unbeatable energy efficiency and freedom of design

Old Harbor Homes

Old Harbor Homes, a family-owned and operated modular build company based on Cape Cod, specializes in crafting unique homes tailored to each client’s story. Their modular advantage lies in efficiency, precision engineering, innovative technologies, and green building techniques.


  • Family-owned modular build company
  • Transparent pricing structure with no surprises
  • Commitment to green building and energy efficiency