17 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Indiana

Delve into the world of modular home living in Indiana, where innovation meets craftsmanship. Explore the curated list featuring the finest in modular living, from the contemporary and budget-friendly designs of Next Homes to the unmatched quality and versatility showcased by Kropf Models. Each manufacturer brings a unique blend of style, affordability, and customization options, ensuring your dream home in the heart of Indiana becomes a reality.

Commodore Homes Indiana

Commodore Homes of Indiana, a leading Midwest builder, specializes in crafting high-performance modular and manufactured homes. Renowned for innovative designs, energy efficiency, and superior construction, they prioritize custom homes with unparalleled quality. As a BBB-accredited business rated A+, they emphasize trust, affordability, and homeowner satisfaction.


  • Custom-designed, high-performance modular and manufactured homes
  • Serving Midwest and Great Plains markets since 1952
  • Emphasis on trust, affordability, and homeowner satisfaction
  • Meticulously handcrafted homes backed by industry-leading warranties

Next Modular

Next Modular is a premier modular home builder in Indiana and Michigan, offering beautiful and affordable customized homes. With a focus on efficiency, customers can save up to 15% compared to traditional construction methods. The company provides a range of customizable floor plans, ensuring clients can realize their dream homes without compromising on cost.


  • Beautiful, affordable, customized modular homes
  • Up to 15% savings compared to traditional construction
  • Full-service builder handling permits to final touches
  • Delivery and turn-key services available in the Midwest
  • Customizable floor plans for dream homes

Modway Homes

Modway Homes, a leading modular home builder in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, has been constructing affordable, beautiful homes designed to last for generations. With over two decades of experience, this family-run business has become a top choice for custom modular homes in Elkhart County. Modway Homes accommodates various needs, from financial security with custom-designed homes to cost-effective upsizing or downsizing options.


  • Affordable, beautiful, and durable modular homes
  • Over two decades of experience in Elkhart County
  • Exceptional quality, value, and personalized service
  • Diverse floor plans for ownership, upsizing, downsizing, and more
  • Focus on energy efficiency, construction speed, and instant equity

Michiana Modular

Michiana Modular is committed to innovation in home buying in the Mishawaka and South Bend areas. They offer modular home options, providing a more affordable and efficient alternative. With a focus on quality fabrication and installation, Michiana Modular guides clients from design to financing, ensuring a seamless journey to their dream homes.


  • Innovative modular home solutions in Mishawaka and South Bend
  • Years of dedicated service and raising awareness for modular homes
  • Faster and more efficient modular home design and fabrication
  • Diverse options catering to various needs and design preferences
  • Comprehensive information on financing and budget-friendly solutions

Fahl Homes

Fahl Homes, situated conveniently in Warsaw, Indiana, is a premier retailer specializing in  Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes. As a one-stop shop, Fahl Homes assists in selecting floor plans, handles comprehensive site work, provides various financing options, and showcases open-display homes for visitors to explore during business hours.


  • Locally owned and operated since 1973
  • Personalized services prioritizing customer satisfaction
  • One-stop-shop for home buying needs, including site work
  • Diverse financing options available for every customer

Rochester Homes

Rochester Homes is dedicated to bringing high-quality, custom modular homes to the Midwest. Rochester Homes ensures faster construction, greater efficiency, and stronger homes by prefabricating in climate-controlled environments. With a “People First” philosophy, their team guides you from start to finish, making the daunting task of building your modular home an easy process. 


  • Personalized design for custom homes
  • Faster construction in climate-controlled environments
  • People-first philosophy guiding homeowners through the process
  • Midwest’s modular home manufacturer of choice

Premier Homes

Premier Homes is a trusted partner in achieving the dream of home ownership. Since 1997, they have delivered over 2,000 homes, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of their customers. As a full-service, factory-built housing company, they ensure a seamless process from choosing the floor plan to the final walk-through. 


  • Full-service, factory-built housing company
  • Tailored solutions for diverse homeowner needs
  • Quality factory-built homes from top manufacturers
  • Seamless process from selection to final walk-through

Heckaman Homes

Heckaman Homes is dedicated to crafting quality modular homes, using premium materials from industry-leading vendors to ensure durability and longevity. From meticulously built floors to well-insulated walls and advanced plumbing and electrical systems, our homes prioritize excellence. With expert delivery and setup crews, they bring your dream home to life on your site. 


  • Premium materials for durability and longevity
  • Meticulously built floors and well-insulated walls
  • Advanced plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems
  • Expert delivery and setup crews ensure seamless installation

IndyMod Homes

IndyMod Homes introduces custom prefab homes in downtown Indianapolis. These one-of-a-kind homes blend a touch of the past with a vision for the future, offering eye-opening, unique designs at the right price. IndyMod Homes are stick-built in a controlled factory environment, utilizing engineered wood and eco-friendly materials. Crafted in the Midwest, these homes boast high-quality construction and energy-efficient features, setting them apart from traditional prefab homes.


  • Custom prefab homes in downtown Indianapolis
  • Unique designs blending past and future
  • Competitive pricing for sustainable, eye-catching homes
  • Stick-built in a climate-controlled factory for quality
  • Crafted with high-quality construction and energy efficiency


Volumod, on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis, is a pioneering volumetric modular construction facility addressing the attainable housing shortage. Built year-round inside a factory, Volumod delivers high-quality units to development sites with guaranteed pricing and minimal delays. The innovative factory construction ensures efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, overcoming the challenges of traditional on-site construction.


  • Volumetric modular construction addressing the housing shortage.
  • Factory-built, year-round construction with guaranteed pricing
  • Overcoming traditional on-site construction challenges
  • Actively contributing to community revitalization in Indianapolis
  • Efficient, sustainable, high-quality product at an affordable cost

Grandan Homes

Grandan Homes is your premier destination for modular, manufactured, and mobile homes in Indiana and Kentucky. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, the Grandan Team is dedicated to helping customers find their dream homes, offering a vast selection that meets diverse needs and budgets. Representing top manufacturers such as Deer Valley, Sunshine Homes, TRU Homes, and Manufactured Housing Enterprises, Inc., Grandan Homes ensures quality construction under factory protection. 


  • Premier destination for modular, manufactured, and mobile homes
  • Vast selection meeting diverse needs and budgets
  • Represents top manufacturers for quality construction
  • Support throughout the entire home-buying process, from financing to after-sale care

Thorne’s Homes

Thorne’s Homes revolutionizes the housing industry with customizable, high-quality homes. Their skilled staff guides customers through financial analysis, design, and construction, eliminating hidden costs. Representing top manufacturers, Thorne’s prioritizes quality construction with no cost overruns. Thorne’s Homes offers a seamless experience from site consultation to move-in, making each home investment rewarding and stress-free.


  • Customizable, high-quality homes
  • Experienced staff guides through design and construction
  • Represents top manufacturers for quality assurance
  • Transparent process with no hidden costs
  • Seamless experience from site consultation to move-in

Kropf Park Model RVs

Pioneering mobile living for 75 years, Kropf Industries, the original tiny home creator, continues to excel with its Park Models. The Eldorado series offers luxury camping with unparalleled features and customization. Kropf’s Island series, boasting 14 floorplans, exemplifies quality construction and personal customizations. The Lakeside series, an entry-level model, provides practical functionality without compromising comfort. With high standards, attention to detail, and extensive customization, Kropf Park Models stand out in the market.


  • Eldorado: Top-of-the-line luxury camping
  • Island: 14 floor plans, quality construction, customization
  • Lakeside: Entry-level with practical functionality
  • High standards, attention to detail
  • Extensive customization options are available

Shipshewana Homes

Shipshewana Homes, a leader since 1977, offers fully customizable modular homes, ensuring the best value, selection, and service. Their experienced sales staff collaborates on custom floor plans, handling everything from foundations to garages. With over 800 quality stick-built modular homes, Shipshewana Homes provides a comprehensive modular home experience, covering all aspects of the building process. 


  • Customizable modular homes for diverse needs
  • Experienced sales staff for personalized service
  • Over 800 quality stick-built modular homes
  • Full-service modular home experience from foundations to garages
  • Legacy and commitment to excellence in home construction

ekō Solutions

ekō Solutions LLC, a Land Betterment Company, pioneers innovative ecological structures, replacing inefficient living methods. Their durable, affordable, mobile structures foster positive social and environmental impacts, creating sustainable community developments. With fully customizable floor plans, ekō provides budget guidance, financing options, permitting assistance, and transparent delivery costs. Their professional, timely builds ensure client involvement and satisfaction, offering modular models within six weeks and custom builds in 12-16 weeks. 


  • Innovative ecological structures
  • Durable, affordable, and mobile homes
  • Sustainable community development focus
  • Professional, timely builds with client involvement
  • Transparent delivery costs for safe and efficient service

Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders, is renowned for award-winning designs in manufactured, mobile, and modular homes. Their commitment to finer details ensures exceptional quality and flexibility, creating unique living spaces for couples and larger families. As one of North America’s largest modular homebuilders, Champion offers affordable, factory-built solutions through a vast network of retailers, builders, and developers. 


  • Award-winning designs for unique living spaces
  • North America’s largest modular home builder
  • Over 40 facilities, 8,400 dedicated employees
  • 3 million factory-built homes sold
  • Exceptional quality and affordability in home construction

Your Indiana Homes

Your Indiana Homes, affiliated with the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association (IMHA), champions the American dream of home ownership. Catering to diverse preferences, they offer communities for various lifestyles, including age 55+ communities, and options in suburban and rural locations. As a member of the IMHA, Your Indiana Homes is dedicated to educating homebuyers about modern, factory-built housing and ensuring safe, affordable, and high-performance homes for Indiana residents.


  • Affordable and customizable factory-built homes
  • Diverse communities for different lifestyles
  • IMHA membership ensures industry standards
  • Contribution to the U.S. economy and housing market
  • Commitment to promoting and expanding factory-built housing acceptance