15 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Minnesota

Embarking on the journey of homeownership in Minnesota opens doors to various modular home manufacturers, each contributing unique styles and innovative designs. Alexandria Homes Inc. sets itself apart with tailor-made designs, ensuring every home reflects individual preferences. Meanwhile, Lagom Modular embraces Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics, blending functionality with minimalistic beauty.

Woodlund Homes

Woodlund Homes has provided affordable, quality modular and manufactured homes to Minnesota and Western Wisconsin since 1965. Prioritizing attention to family needs, they offer residences with meticulous details, combining affordability and lasting quality. With a commitment to excellence, Woodlund Homes is the region’s leading supplier, offering a Peace of Mind Warranty for new homes.


  • Woodlund Homes is the premier source for factory-built homes in the region.
  • Meticulously designed homes catering to family needs.
  • All new homes come with a warranty, ensuring quality assurance.
  • Comprehensive services, including basement and garage construction.
  • They assist in land search, property acquisition, and construction financing.

Alexandria Homes Inc.

Alexandria Homes, established in 1996, is dedicated to transforming your dream home into reality. Specializing in various housing options, they guide you through each building phase, offering a broad range of styles and customization within budget constraints. Their in-house design services help create homes reflecting your unique personality. Alexandria Homes holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, licensed, bonded, and insured, delivering manufactured and modular homes alongside general contracting services.


  • Alexandria Homes provides a variety of housing options.
  • Extensive customization options to tailor homes to individual preferences.
  • Professional design assistance for personalized homes.
  • Licensed, bonded, insured, with an A+  Better Business Bureau rating.

Friendship Homes

Friendship Homes, established in 1986, pioneers the construction of durable manufactured and modular homes in challenging climates across the U.S. and Canada. Their commitment to value, strength, and affordability ensures lasting peace of mind for homeowners. Employing an environmentally friendly approach, Friendship builds homes indoors, protecting them from harsh elements and reducing waste. 


  • Friendship homes feature solid, durable construction for longevity.
  • Indoor construction minimizes waste and environmental impact.
  • Strength is enhanced with glue-applied joists and sturdy trusses.
  • High-efficiency furnaces, insulated walls, and windows for energy efficiency.

Factory Home Center

Factory Home Center is a premier home center and general contractor specializing in modular and manufactured homes. With over 50 years of experience, three Minnesota locations, and partnerships with industry leaders like Schult Homes and Northstar Systembuilt, they offer top-quality, customizable homes. Known for economical builds, stylish designs, and energy efficiency, Factory Home Center ensures homes adhere to industry standards. Their services encompass financing, customizable designs, quality construction, and timely delivery, making them the go-to for seamless home building.


  • Established in 1971, Factory Home Center boasts extensive industry knowledge.
  • Top-Quality Homes: Partnerships with Schult Homes and Northstar Systembuilt ensure high-quality builds.
  • Offers cost-effective prefab homes compared to traditional builds.
  • Manages entire home projects from financing to timely delivery.

Ideal Homes

Ideal Homes, a leading modular and manufactured home builder since 1974, serves Minnesota and Wisconsin. They pioneer in constructing single-family homes, commercial, and multi-family buildings. With a Model Home Sales Center in Barnum, MN, Ideal Homes offers high-quality, energy-efficient modular homes. Their factory-built construction ensures precision, weather-resistant builds, and controlled budgets, leading to efficient and timely projects.


  • Ideal Homes cater to single-family, commercial, and multi-family constructions.
  • Over four decades of expertise in modular and manufactured homes.
  • Weather-Resistant Builds: Factory construction prevents weather delays and ensures high-quality homes.
  • Select from thousands of floor plans for a personalized home.

Cube Factory

Cube Factory, driven by an authentic commitment to innovation and sustainability, passionately excels in innovative modular architecture. Cube Factory offers a comprehensive suite of professional services. From consulting to project management and architectural solutions, they seamlessly fuse imagination, efficiency, creative design, and sustainable quality. Specializing in volumetric modular projects, Cube Factory ensures reduced time, higher revenue, minimized environmental impact, innovative designs, and high-quality structures.


  • Cube Factory excels in creative and sustainable modular design.
  • Offers consulting, project management, and architectural solutions.
  • Ensures reduced time, higher revenue, and minimized environmental impact.
  • Cube Factory is dedicated to innovation and sustainable building practices.

RISE Modular

RISE Modular, a pioneering full-service modular manufacturing and construction company, is reshaping the landscape of multifamily and hospitality projects. Fueled by cutting-edge technology and a collaborative team, RISE delivers faster, safer, cost-consistent, and sustainable construction solutions. Their development-driven volumetric modular approach ensures efficient timelines, cost savings, high quality, environmental sustainability, and enhanced safety.


  • RISE offers innovative, custom-designed projects for multifamily and hospitality spaces.
  • Headquartered in Minneapolis, RISE serves the central US with a climate-controlled manufacturing facility.
  • Specializes in multifamily and hospitality spaces, ensuring quality and innovation.
  • Key advantages include speed, cost savings, quality, sustainability, and safety.

Dynamic Homes

Dynamic Homes boast over 53 years of modular home-building expertise, emphasizing quality and customization. Operating in a vast 110,000-square-foot indoor facility, homes are meticulously crafted from the elements and then transported to sites for crane placement onto permanent foundations. With a solid track record in commercial and tribal construction, Dynamic Homes ensure climate-controlled precision, speed, and quality in both residential and business projects. 


  • Dynamic Homes takes pride in over five decades of modular home-building.
  • The 110,000 sq ft facility ensures quality without exposure to elements.
  • Extensive experience in business and tribal projects with climate-controlled precision.
  • Dynamic Homes offers plenty of plans and customization options.

Design Homes

Design Homes has been a consistent force in the industry, maintaining the same ownership throughout. Committed to continuous improvement, they prioritize durability, energy efficiency, and comfort in every home. Having constructed over 19,000 homes across ten states since 1966, Design Homes offers a unique factory-direct sales model combining cost savings and superior construction standards.  


  • Consistent ownership, ensuring trust and reliability.
  • Extensive experience in constructing quality homes.
  • Cost-effective approach without compromising construction standards.
  • Design Homes can build homes tailored to individual preferences.
  • Embracing factory-built efficiencies and eco-friendly practices for sustainability.

Lagom Modular

Lagom Modular, inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, addresses housing development complexities with turnkey design and construction services. Utilizing proven house plans, a thorough pre-design process, and acting as general contractors ensures seamless construction. Innovative pre-fabricated wall panels enhance assembly speed and precision. 


  • Modern, minimalist house plans for standard and non-standard lots.
  • Ownership of construction from ground-breaking to key handover.
  • Prefabricated for speed and precision in assembly.
  • Collaboration with Various Developers: Nonprofits, private, and public developers benefit from Lagom’s expertise.

Harvest Homes

Harvest Homes, the trusted choice for manufactured and modular homes in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, proudly partners with Schult, a brand with over 80 years of manufacturing excellence. Harvest Homes aims to prioritize customer satisfaction by offering personalized service and discussing floor plans, financing, and custom features. 


  • Personalized service focusing on customer satisfaction.
  • Balancing desired homes with affordability.
  • Collaborating with trusted financial institutions.
  • Adhering to state guidelines and manufacturer recommendations.

Liechty Homes

Liechty Homes, a leader in the upper Midwest for over 60 years. Serving diverse categories like Residential Living, Lake Homes, Homesteading, and Community Living, Liechty Homes offers tailored solutions. Established in 1955 in Jamestown, North Dakota, this three-generation family-operated business has been a regional staple, providing quality modular/manufactured homes. With a legacy of excellence, Liechty Homes continues to lead in the manufactured home industry.


  • Leading modular/manufactured homes for over 60 years.
  • Diverse Lifestyle Options include Residential Living, Lake Homes, Homesteading, and Community Living.
  • Serving multiple markets while maintaining a strong community presence.

Anderson Homes, Inc.

Anderson Homes is dedicated to providing a simple and affordable home-buying experience. With a professional sales staff committed to customer satisfaction, Anderson Homes offers a wide selection of high-quality new and pre-owned homes. Specializing in modular and manufactured homes by renowned builders like Dynamic, Wisconsin, Friendship, and Schult, they extend their delivery services to Minnesota and North Dakota.


  • Building dreams since 1950.
  • New and preowned homes with high-quality options.
  • Friendship and Schult manufactured homes in their inventory.
  • Regional Delivery: Serving Minnesota and North Dakota with home delivery services.

Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes offers a unique design and build process, considering environmental sustainability. With Western red cedar sourced responsibly, Lindal provides an exterior materials package, a lifetime structural warranty, and off-site manufacturing for efficient delivery. Customization options, dedicated support, and a commitment to green building define the Lindal difference.


  • Responsible for wood sourcing and eco-friendly house plans.
  • Exclusive assurance for structural integrity.
  • Efficient process with carefully packaged home delivery.
  • Extensive design options and expert support throughout the process.


AVA pioneers volumetric off-site construction, crafting entire buildings in a controlled manufacturing environment. Operating from a cutting-edge 180,000 SF facility in Albertville, MN, AVA specializes in multi-family living, senior living, and hospitality development. Their hybrid construction approach blends modular, panelized, SIPs, and site-built methods, delivering innovative, energy-efficient projects with precision in a time-sensitive manner.


  • AVA creates entire buildings in a controlled environment.
  • Combining modular, panelized, SIPs, and site-built methods.
  • Focus on multi-family living, senior living, and hospitality.
  • Operations are carried out in a 180,000 SF facility.
  • Precision in design, energy efficiency, and timely project delivery.