12 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Washington State

Embark on a journey through the landscape of modern living in Washington State, where the forefront of innovation meets the sustainable elegance of modular homes. Among the leading manufacturers shaping the housing horizon are Method Homes, renowned for their precision-engineered prefab homes that seamlessly marry design and functionality. Meanwhile, FabCab stands out with its commitment to sustainability, crafting homes with cutting-edge Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) and timber frame technologies.

Linwood Homes

Linwood Homes, the epitome of “The Better Way to Build,” transforms dreams into reality with their 500+ models and custom designs. Engage with their advisors to conceptualize your dream, utilizing Site Specific Design™ to optimize your property. The design-to-budget approach empowers clients to control costs while selecting premium materials. Permit-ready plans, builder guidance, and skilled in-house prefabrication streamline the process. With meticulous organization, materials are delivered for a faster, waste-reducing build. Linwood supports every construction stage, ensuring a rewarding, cost-efficient experience as you live your dream.


  • Site Specific Design™ optimizes building costs for varied properties.
  • Design-to-budget approach empowers clients to control costs effectively.
  • Premium materials enhance quality, performance, and overall cost efficiency.
  • Meticulously organized materials for faster, waste-reducing on-site construction.
  • Linwood offers guidance on selecting the right builder for a seamless project.

Method Homes

Method Homes, a leader in precision-engineered prefab homes, has crafted award-winning structures since 2007. Expert craftsmen ensure high-quality, on-time results with a focus on sustainable design. Method’s commitment to net-zero energy homes and streamlined construction offers a 60% faster build than traditional methods. Premium materials, LEED certifications, and energy-efficient features characterize their homes, demonstrating an eco-friendly approach. With a state-of-the-art facility and solar commitment, Method Homes provides top-notch, customizable solutions for modern living.


  • Precision-engineered prefab homes for high-quality, on-time results.
  • Commitment to sustainable design and net-zero energy homes.
  • Premium materials, LEED certifications, and energy-efficient features.
  • 60% faster build compared to traditional site-built construction.
  • State-of-the-art facility with a 100KW solar system for eco-friendly practices.

True Built Home

True Built Home focuses on delivering top-quality homes at optimal costs. With extensive industry experience, Mann established True Built Home to counter overselling practices. The emphasis is on transparency, offering straightforward pricing, and educating homeowners about inclusions. True Built Home prioritizes high-quality fixtures and finishes, providing an award-winning communication platform for a positive building experience.


  • Straightforward Pricing
  • Energy-efficient, included at no extra cost.
  • Award-winning portal for easy project management.
  • Building homes with the best materials for enduring quality.
  • Flexibility to customize plans and add features.

Dadu Homes

DADU Homes pioneers a progressive approach to housing, navigating the intersection of economics, environment, and equity. Specializing in Accessory Dwelling Units (DADUs), they offer smartly designed, pre-engineered floor plans with eco-friendly options. Customization ensures satisfaction, and the company’s commitment to sustainability extends to environmentally conscious building practices. As a Public Benefit Corporation, DADU Homes aligns social good with business, providing affordable housing solutions and minimizing environmental impact.


  • Planning & Permitting Support for an easy DADU process.
  • Smart Design with pre-engineered, efficient floor plans.
  • Eco-Friendly Options for sustainable and conscious living.
  • Customization Tailored DADUs ensure client satisfaction.
  • Public Benefit Corporation balancing economic interests with social and environmental goals.

My Kabin

MyKabin, Seattle’s ADU Builder, redefines DADU construction with streamlined processes. Offering beautiful, eco-friendly homes, MyKabin ensures an exceptional DADU value with transparent pricing. The comprehensive approach covers planning, permits, and construction, making the entire process stress-free. MyKabin focuses on sustainability, eliminates hidden costs, and provides affordable, customizable options. With quick installations and a customer-centric approach, they create energy-efficient, locally sourced backyard homes.


  • Streamlined DADU construction process
  • Beautiful, eco-friendly designs
  • Exceptional DADU value with transparent pricing
  • Comprehensive planning, permitting, and construction services
  • Quick installations and customizable, energy-efficient options


Greenpod specializes in eco-friendly home design with a focus on sustainability. Whether constructing ADUs, Tiny Homes, or SIP houses, Greenpod uses meticulous design, recycled materials, and sustainable practices. Living smaller becomes more with Greenpod’s energy-efficient Tiny Homes designed for lasting quality. Tailored to blend with the ecosystem, homes feature solar capabilities, EMF kill switches, and rainwater catchment systems. With a commitment to health, sustainability, and customization, Greenpod delivers turn-key solutions for a healthier, greener lifestyle.


  • Sustainable and eco-friendly home design
  • Energy-efficient Tiny Homes for lasting quality
  • Customization for a personalized living space
  • ADUs designed with the Age-In-Place philosophy
  • Feasibility assessment and comprehensive construction services

Wolf Industries

Wolf Industries redefines home construction with prefab tiny homes and modular ADUs. Offering affordability, scalability, and top-notch quality, their homes blend solid wood craftsmanship and modern design. Wolf Industries handles the entire process from permits to delivery, ensuring a stress-free experience. Realizing the shift towards smaller, sustainable living, they create beautiful tiny homes with customizable options. Serving the Western United States, Wolf Industries is a leader in turnkey solutions, providing quality homes with a commitment to empowering homeowners.


  • Affordable prefab tiny homes and modular ADUs
  • Full-service process from permits to delivery
  • Solid wood craftsmanship with modern design
  • Customizable options for a personalized living space
  • Proven process for a stress-free and turnkey experience

Timberland Homes

For almost 40 years, Timberland Homes has been a trusted builder, delivering superior yet competitively priced homes. Committed to excellence, our streamlined process ensures on-budget, on-time delivery every time. Backed by a 15-year structural warranty, the longest nationwide industry, our homes adhere to the International Building Code, boasting better materials, controlled moisture levels, and PEX plumbing. Timberland Homes creates ideal living spaces with reliable craftsmanship, high-quality finishes, and guaranteed pricing, even for island and remote locations.


  • Streamlined process for on-budget, on-time delivery
  • 15-year structural warranty, the longest in the industry
  • Homes built to the International Building Code with better materials
  • Ideal for island, remote, or in-city locations with reliable craftsmanship

Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater Dwellings specializes in artfully designed, prefabricated contemporary homes that redefine the concept of modern living. Focused on quality, sustainability, and the art of design, they offer an opportunity for homeowners to participate actively in creating their dream homes. With LEED-accredited architects and a commitment to seamless indoor-outdoor living, Stillwater Dwellings creates energy-efficient homes with clean lines. The new Connection Series adds more choices, celebrating the yin and yang of design for a distinctive sense of place.


  • Artfully designed, contemporary prefab homes
  • Quality craftsmanship with attention to building codes
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient design with LEED-accredited architects
  • Connection Series offers a variety of floor plans and designs
  • Systems-built approach for customization and flexibility

Homes Direct

Homes Direct, the West Coast’s largest new manufactured and modular home dealer, boasts 13 locations across Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and New Mexico. With factory-direct sites like Palm Harbor Homes and Goldenwest Homes, Homes Direct offers vast customization options, ensuring flexibility for customers. Their streamlined process simplifies homeownership in a 3 to 12-month timeframe. From securing a home location to the final installation, Homes Direct guides buyers through every step with expertise and efficiency.


  • Largest West Coast dealer with 13 locations
  • Extensive customization options for manufactured and modular homes
  • Streamlined process, simplifying homeownership in 3 to 12 months
  • Comprehensive assistance from financing to permits and site preparation
  • Expert staff providing hassle-free turnkey sales experience


Cargotecture- HyBrid Art & Architecture, Enumclaw Wa

Hybrid, founded in 2003, is a multidisciplinary architecture firm based in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Comprising four interconnected studios—Design, Build, Develop, and Space—their hybrid practice integrates expertise from all facets of design and construction. Initially a competition team, Hybrid has evolved into a leader in high-density design, prefabrication, social engagement, and urban redevelopment. Their commitment to “livability” aligns with a manifesto emphasizing modularity, efficiency, affordability, and sustainable, visually appealing designs. Hybrid Space serves as a public venue for urbanism, art, and design discussions, hosting events and exhibitions that contribute to building a sustainable and socially engaged city.


  • Founded in 2003 with top Seattle professionals in various fields.
  • Evolved into a leading architecture team in high-density design.
  • Committed to “livability” through modularity, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Hybrid Space hosts events and discussions on urbanism, art, and design.
  • Focus on the relationship between buildings and streets for a sustainable city.


FabCab is a professional design firm specializing in sustainable, modern SIP and timber frame homes. Their unique approach involves starting with a design concept to streamline customization, resulting in predictable, efficient, and desirable homes. Offering professional design services and various customization options, FabCab emphasizes environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly design. With a well-managed design and build process, they guide clients from feasibility to construction, ensuring a state-of-the-art space.


  • Specializes in sustainable SIP and timber frame homes.
  • Streamlined design process for efficiency and predictability.
  • Offers professional design services and customization options.
  • Emphasizes environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly design.
  • Guides clients through a well-managed design and build process.