12 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Alabama

Explore the diverse world of modular home manufacturing in Alabama, where innovation meets resilience. From the hurricane-resistant dwellings crafted by Llama Cove to the unparalleled building quality offered by Deer Valley Homebuilders, the state boasts a range of top-tier manufacturers. Each company brings unique expertise, contributing to Alabama’s reputation for cutting-edge, customizable modular homes.

Mundy Homes Center

Established in 1989, Mundy Home Center is the Tennessee Valley’s premier choice for exquisitely crafted homes. Locally owned and operated, they offer smart, strong, affordable residences featuring stunning kitchens and tranquil baths. Their commitment to energy efficiency and upgraded construction, which comes standard, sets them apart. Mundy Home Center provides a range of finance options, guiding clients through the entire process, including home-only loans, land and home financing, and site improvements.


  • Smart, strong, and affordable homes
  • Energy-efficient with upgraded construction
  • Various finance options available
  • Customization from special orders to property improvements

Franklin Homes

Franklin Homes has become synonymous with unparalleled quality in modular and HUD-code homes. Their flagship, the Franklin Classic Series, stands out as the industry’s most prestigious collection, offering single and double-section homes with unrivaled quality and customization options. Franklin Prefab homes seamlessly blend on-site design with factory efficiency, while the Franklin Essentials Series provides cost-effective options without compromising quality.


  • Franklin Classic Series: Unrivaled quality with customizable options.
  • Franklin Prefab: On-site design meets factory efficiency.
  • Franklin Essentials Series: Cost-effective without sacrificing quality.
  • Homes available through authorized Franklin Homes retailers.

Llama Cove

Llama Cove Properties, established in April 2023, introduces a refreshing approach to custom residential construction, specializing in crafting hurricane-resistant homes along the Gulf Coast and Florida. Committed to the Fortified Gold Program, their homes exceed industry standards, combining quality, efficiency, and affordability. Their step-by-step process involves a collaborative consultation, transparent pricing, meticulous construction, and a lifetime of support. 


  • Built to Fortified Gold Standards for maximum resilience.
  • Tailored designs to reflect individual preferences and coastal living.
  • Consultation, pricing, construction, finishing touches, and ongoing support.

J&J Homes

J&J Homes, independently owned and operated, provides families with the latest styling and features. With a vast onsite inventory and the ability to order hundreds of additional floor plans and styles, they offer diverse options to suit every need. Specializing in new, used, and repossessed mobile homes, J&J Homes is driven to maintain a comprehensive inventory, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.


  • Onsite availability of new, used, and repossessed homes.
  • Competitive pricing with a commitment to affordability.
  • Over 50 years of experience in the industry.
  • Hundreds of floor plans and styles to choose from.
  • Streamlined processes for hassle-free financial transactions.

Mountain Brook Homes Center

Mountain Brook Homes Center, is a company committed to excellence, they offer an extensive range of affordable, high-quality homes. Partnering with trusted brands like Scotbilt Homes and Clayton Built, they provide customization options for tailored floor plans. Their focus on quality, affordability, and trust has made them a recognized and trusted partner in the home buying experience.


  • New and used homes for diverse preferences.
  • Partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers like Scotbilt Homes.
  • Prioritizing top-notch quality while considering budget constraints.
  • Trust, transparency, and dedicated support throughout the home-buying process.

Boshell Homes 

Boshell Homes has been a stalwart in manufactured home sales in Walker County. Originally starting with a used car lot, they transitioned exclusively into new and used manufactured home sales in 1995. With 43 years of family-owned and operated history, Boshell Homes is the sole independently owned hometown manufactured home sales center in the area, offering a legacy of pride, quality, and customer satisfaction.


  • Exclusively focused on new and used sales.
  • The only hometown center in Walker County.
  • Carefully chosen industry-proven manufacturers for home buying confidence.

Tallassee Mobile Homes 

Tallassee Mobile Home Sales, a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of industry expertise, is dedicated to transforming homeownership dreams into reality. Committed to fairness and honesty, they provide quality homes at affordable prices, ensuring you and your family take pride in calling it home. Offering a diverse range of new and used homes, Tallassee Mobile Home Sales collaborates with clients to find designs suiting various budgets and lifestyle needs.


  • Committed to transparency in every transaction.
  • Quality homes at prices suitable for various budgets.
  • New and used options tailored to client needs.
  • Assistance with the application process through 21st Mortgage Corporation.

Wes Regional Homes 

Wes Regional Homes offers an extensive selection of single, double, and triple-wide, including used and REPO homes. Wes ensures satisfaction with a 7-year warranty on all new homes. With a commitment to affordability and comprehensive finance options, Wes Regional Homes prioritizes customer satisfaction, aiming to provide families with quality, enduring homes that meet their needs and desires for generations.


  • Single, double, triple-wide, used, and REPO options.
  • Comprehensive coverage on all new home purchases.
  • Multiple finance options for better payment flexibility.
  • Serving families in both states with quality homes.

Z Modular

Z Modular is the only fully integrated self-development company revolutionizing modular building and construction processes. Their approach combines off-site manufacturing innovations with on-site construction, resulting in cost-efficient, scalable, and high-quality multi-family housing solutions. With a 50% faster project completion, 98% greater project predictability, and up to 90% module completion off-site, Z Modular’s steel-framed modules offer sustainability and predictability, reducing risks in the construction industry.


  • Projects completed 50% faster on average.
  • 98% project predictability for reliable outcomes.
  • Structural modules use 100% recyclable, sustainable steel.
  • Modules up to 90% complete in efficient off-site facilities.
  • National high-volume sourcing ensures material availability and cost control.

Sunshine Homes

For over 50 years, Sunshine Homes has been dedicated to constructing top-quality manufactured and modular homes in Alabama and the Southeast. As a family-owned, debt-free, and financially sound company, Sunshine Homes emphasizes quality, style, and value to meet the evolving needs of hardworking families. With over 100,000 homes sold across the U.S., their experienced team ensures each home is built with the utmost care, promising value, quality, and affordability for American homeowners.


  • 100,000+ Homes Sold: Proven track record across the U.S.
  • 16 States Served: Extensive reach to meet housing needs.
  • Family-Owned: Operated with a commitment to care.
  • Owner Lives in a Sunshine Home: CEO John Bostick leads by example.

Deer Valley

Deer Valley Homebuilders presents the Nativ Living Series in collaboration with Mossy Oak, offering homes designed for those embracing an outdoor lifestyle. The Deer Valley’s difference lies in its commitment to heavy-built construction, superior materials, and customizable floor plans. Deer Valley promises the highest quality and prioritizes customer satisfaction and energy-efficient homes. Their factory-built approach ensures precision, code compliance, and durable homes built to last for generations.


  • Nativ Living Series: Homes designed for an outdoor lifestyle.
  • Commitment to exceptional building quality.
  • Premier #1 and #2 grade lumber used.
  • Lifetime of efficient and sustainable operation.
  • Mitigates delays, ensures compliance, and saves time and money.

Star Homes

Star Homes, based in Cullman, Alabama, is a reputable retailer of manufactured and modular homes, emphasizing integrity, quality, and excellence in customer service. Since its establishment in 1989 and subsequent reestablishment in 2006, Star Homes has prioritized providing finished drywall manufactured and modular homes as a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. Recognized for integrity and steady growth, Star Homes is recommended for modular and manufactured home construction.


  • Offers affordable manufactured and modular homes from Sunshine and Champion.
  • Homes undergo rigorous quality assurance checks for high standards.
  • Treats customers like family, ensuring comfort with the purchase.
  • Provides manufactured, modular, and mobile homes along with financing assistance.