10 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in West Virginia

West Virginia, renowned for its scenic beauty, also boasts a thriving modular home market, offering various options to suit diverse preferences. From the customized designs of Inclusive Modular Concepts to the cozy charm of Country Side Homes, the state’s manufacturers cater to various tastes. Inclusive Modular Concepts excels in crafting personalized dwellings tailored to individual needs, while Country Side Homes embraces a snug aesthetic, blending comfort with timeless appeal. 

Inclusive Modular Concepts

Inclusive Modular Concepts specializes in personalized tiny homes and modular structures, offering customizable designs tailored to individual preferences. Their team collaborates closely with clients to bring their visions to life, whether for a cozy retreat, backyard office, or mobile adventure companion. With various pre-built options, DIY kits, and accessories available, they provide versatile solutions to meet specific needs. 


  • Personalized tiny homes and modular structures.
  • Collaborative approach to bring visions to life.
  • Versatile options, including pre-built and DIY kits.
  • Customizable designs for various purposes.
  • Innovative custom modular buildings reflect individuality.

Judy’s Mobile Homes

Judy’s Mobile Homes, Inc., a longstanding family-owned business with over 50 years of experience, specializes in selling high-quality manufactured and modular homes. With locations in Shanks and Moorefield, West Virginia, they offer single and double-sectional homes built to HUD code and multiple-section modular homes constructed to Residential Code.  


  • Specializes in manufactured and modular homes.
  • Locations in Shanks and Moorefield, West Virginia.
  • Offers homes built to HUD and Residential Code.
  • Provides parts and transport services for homeowners.

Cana Homes

Cana Homes specializes in delivering durable and cost-efficient modular homes, offering a modern solution to residential living. Built with the same materials as traditional houses, Cana Homes’ modular constructions boast 20%-30% more material to withstand transportation from factory to site. By eliminating delays common in traditional construction, such as weather disruptions, theft, or vandalism, Cana Homes ensures shorter construction times and lower costs for homeowners.


  • Specializes in durable and cost-efficient modular homes.
  • Built with 20%-30% more material for transportation durability.
  • Eliminates delays common in traditional construction.
  • Shorter construction times lead to lower costs.
  • Requires less site work, reducing stress on the environment.

American Homes

American Homes, offers customized, affordable housing solutions in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. With a commitment to cost-effectiveness, quality, and personalized service, American Homes ensures a seamless homebuying experience. Their customizable floor plans cater to diverse family needs, while their dedication to eco-friendly practices underscores their commitment to community and environmental stewardship.


  • Customized, affordable housing solutions in three states.
  • Cost-effectiveness, quality, and personalized service.
  • Diverse customizable floor plans for families.
  • Commitment to eco-friendly practices and community stewardship.

Paradise Homes

Paradise Homes, a family-owned business based in Morgantown, prioritizes providing warm, safe, and comfortable homes for families to create lasting memories. With a commitment to quality construction and first-class service, owners Trey and Kelsey Satterfield guide customers through the buying process, offering turnkey packages, homes at any completion stage, or total customization for maximum versatility.


  • Family-owned business prioritizing safety and comfort.
  • Owners provide personalized guidance through the buying process.
  • Offers turnkey packages and homes at any stage.
  • Total customization is available for maximum versatility.
  • Commitment to quality construction and first-class service.

Roy’s Home Sales

Roy’s Home Sales, located in Elkins, WV, offers premium modular homes built to the highest industry standards, providing families warmth, safety, and comfort without breaking the bank. They specialize in homes that exceed typical modular home standards, ensuring durability and resilience in northern climates. Roy’s Home Sales offers homes at various completion stages, customizable options, and dedicated customer service to meet every family’s needs and budget.


  • Exceeds typical modular home standards.
  • Offers homes at various completion stages.
  • Customizable options are available for personalization.
  • Dedicated customer service for every homeowner.

Double T Homes

Double T Homes offers various homes and construction options, including modular homes, log homes, custom homes by request, and storage buildings & garages. They provide turnkey homes with excavating, well, and septic installations or “Set and Weather” options for those who prefer to do some work themselves. With a focus on quality and customization, they offer various interior and exterior finishes, upgraded features, and alternative styles to fit every budget and preference.


  • Diverse range of homes and construction options.
  • Turnkey or “Set and Weather” installation options.
  • Customizable features to fit every budget.
  • Offers modular homes, log homes, and custom designs.
  • Focus on quality and customization for homeowners.

Middletown Homes

Established in 1986, Middletown Homes prioritizes service and trust, having served over 5,000 families over 37 years. With 50 dedicated employees across four locations, they extend their service to all of West Virginia and parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. With in-house service and delivery teams, they ensure a seamless home-building journey for every customer, embodying core values of integrity, passion, family, and gratitude.


  • Established in 1986, prioritizing service and trust.
  • Over 5,000 homes served in 37 years.
  • Service extends to WV, OH, PA, and MD.
  • In-house service and delivery teams ensure quality.

D&W Homes

D&W Homes, the largest modular home builder in Southeast Ohio and West Virginia, offers custom-built homes with easy customization, affordability, and built-in quality control. With over four decades of experience, they prioritize efficiency and value for homeowners, providing upfront pricing and faster timelines than traditional construction methods.


  • Easy customization without the need for an architect.
  • More affordable due to bulk material purchasing.
  • Built-in quality control in climate-controlled facilities.
  • Faster timelines with simultaneous foundation preparation.

Country Side Homes

Country Side Homes, with over 20 years of experience in modular and manufactured homes, prioritizes lifelong partnerships and customer satisfaction. Serving Martinsburg, WV, they showcase and build modular homes by Pleasant Valley and manufactured homes by Pine Grove, ensuring excellence from site preparation to construction.


  • Family-owned, prioritizing lifelong partnerships.
  • Features Pleasant Valley and Pine Grove homes.
  • Services include site work, financing, and delivery.
  • Emphasis on quality construction and customer satisfaction.