10 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Missouri

Dig up the diverse landscape of modular home manufacturing in Missouri, US, where innovation meets affordability. Elite Home Center is committed to high-quality, cost-efficient housing solutions, ensuring every home reflects durability and style. Meanwhile, Artistruct leaps sustainable modern designs, crafting residences that blend eco-consciousness with contemporary aesthetics. As we delve into the realm of modular homes in Missouri, these companies showcase the state’s capacity for traditional excellence and forward-thinking construction. 


Artistruct is a pioneering force where affordability seamlessly meets sustainability. Based in Springfield, MO, Artistruct revolutionizes living and working spaces, crafting cutting-edge modular structures from eco-friendly recycled steel and insulated panels. Their diverse offerings include prefab homes, modern office spaces, accessory structures, rental properties, off-grid solutions, vacation retreats, backyard gyms, commercial spaces, and efficient flat-packed framing systems. 

  • Crafted from recycled steel and insulated panels for sustainability.
  • Prefab homes, offices, accessory structures, rental properties, and more.
  • Proudly made in Springfield, MO, contributing to local economy.
  • Leading the way with efficient flat-packed framing systems.


Elite Homes Center

Elite Homes Center, a locally owned and operated housing provider in West Plains, MO, specializes in delivering high-quality, cost-efficient homes. As a family-run business, they offer top-of-the-line models from Champion Homes, Franklin Homes, Timber Creek Housing, and pre-owned homes. Elite Homes Center distinguishes itself through a full-service retail approach, assisting customers in every phase of the home-buying process. 


  • Top models from Champion, Franklin, Timber Creek, and pre-owned homes.
  • Experienced team ensuring the American Dream comes to life stress-free.
  • Skilled craftsmen ensure a stress-free installation for dream homes.
  • Based in West Plains, MO, serving Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
  • Elevate your quality of life with customizable add-ons and options.

Martin Family Homes

Martin Family Homes is a premier manufactured and modular home dealer catering to the surrounding communities. Specializing in modular homes, their construction mirrors traditional site-built homes with a wood floor system set on a permanent foundation. Homebuyers enjoy the advantage of environmentally protected construction, allowing simultaneous site work progress, whether opting for a basement or a crawlspace. 


  • Wood floor system on a permanent foundation.
  • Homes built in a controlled environment.
  • Simultaneous construction while site work is in progress.
  • Option to choose between a basement or a crawlspace.

Martin Custom Homes

Martin Custom Homes is great for timely, high-quality, custom-built homes with exceptional customer service. Devoted to turning your dream home into a reality, Martin Custom Homes guarantees the use of top-tier main brand components, meticulous attention to detail, and timely professional installations. Martin Custom Homes, guided by a philosophy of valuing people and hard work, offers a distinctive design that reflects your unique vision and an experienced team dedicated to assisting you throughout the building process.


  • Top-tier main-brand components ensure durability and longevity.
  • Meticulous focus on every detail, ensuring accuracy and precision.
  • Professional and timely installations by dedicated builders passionate about meeting deadlines.
  • A commitment to open communication and 100% customer satisfaction.

Curt’s Mobile Homes

Curt’s Mobile Homes result from a seamless transition from a family business with over 40 years of history. Committed to providing quality new and used homes at reasonable prices, Curt’s Mobile Homes prioritizes “over the top” customer service and satisfaction. With a foundation rooted in integrity, they guide customers from the beginning to the end, supporting each step of the process. Specializing in Champion mobile homes, they offer affordable new homes and consider purchasing used homes, showcasing expertise in transportation and professional setup and installation services.


  • Ensuring top-notch construction in every home.
  • Upholding honesty and integrity in every aspect of their business.
  • Guiding customers from the beginning to the end.
  • Champion mobile homes are offered at reasonable prices.
  • Expertise in setting up homes on a solid foundation.

Chateau Homes

Chateau Homes offers a personalized experience to meet individual needs. Their process involves in-depth consultations on floorplans, styles, designs, and interior choices. Acting as general contractors, they provide turn-key construction or collaborate with clients for foundation installation. Preliminary drawings are ready in just seven days, allowing for adjustments. With an efficient production schedule and on-site inspections, Chateau Homes delivers customized homes within 2-6 weeks, ensuring client satisfaction with a final walk-through and a comprehensive 1-year warranty.


  • Ensuring top-notch construction in every home.
  • Upholding honesty and integrity in every aspect of their business.
  • Guiding customers from the beginning to the end.
  • Champion mobile homes are offered at reasonable prices.
  • Expertise in setting up homes on a solid foundation.

Mobile Homes Missouri

Mobile Homes Missouri, comprising well-established manufactured home lots across the state, has been a trusted source for mobile and manufactured homes for over three decades. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they have successfully matched thousands of individuals with their ideal homes. 


  • Mobile Homes Missouri offers lots across the state.
  • Thousands of happy customers are matched with ideal homes.
  • Whether buying or exploring, they’re eager to talk.
  • A reliable and trusted provider of mobile and manufactured homes.

Modular Design & Construction

Modular Design & Construction excels in providing modular buildings for both temporary and permanent use. With a comprehensive approach, their team supports projects from design and cost estimation to manufacturing, delivery, and finishing. Boasting 24/7 rapid response, their buildings are the fastest solutions for emergency operations, testing centers, distribution, or storage needs.


  • From design to construction, their team offers full project assistance.
  • Swift solutions for emergency operations and temporary space needs.
  • A leadership team with over 30 years in modular construction.
  • Direct sales, third-party financing, and portfolio purchases are available.
  • In-house building installation and turnkey construction are offered worldwide.

Creative Modular Construction

Creative Modular Construction delivers innovative and custom-built structures through its creative modular construction approach. Based in Springfield, MO, the company has a rich history of providing high-end building exteriors with a focus on quality and innovation. Committed to revolutionizing the construction industry, Creative Modular Construction’s vision emphasizes time-saving, cost reduction, and consistent quality control. They offer design assistance, in-house fabrication, and a direct-to-client workflow for an efficient and sustainable building process.


  • They specialize in creative and efficient modular construction.
  • Committed to leading the way in modular construction innovation.
  • Design Assistance: Personalized consultations to help make design and material choices.
  • Expedited building process for high-performing, complete structures.

Missouri Manufactured Housing

Missouri Manufactured Housing Association, a nonprofit trade association based in Jefferson City, represents all facets of the manufactured housing industry. They tirelessly advocate for fair laws and regulations, enhance financing options, and educate diverse audiences on the advantages of manufactured housing. Operating to promote widespread home ownership, They serve consumers, developers, lenders, community operators, insurers, the media, and public officials.


  • Advocating for regulations that benefit both industry and consumers.
  • Working to increase and improve financing options for manufactured homes.
  • Engaging in programs to inform diverse audiences about manufactured housing benefits.