10 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Iowa

Come upon modern living with our curated list of top modular home manufacturers in Iowa, USA. From the bespoke craftsmanship of Avenue of Homes, specializing in customized quality modular residences, to the comprehensive services Griffith Homebuilders provides, this compilation showcases the diverse offerings in the Hawkeye State. Explore the innovative designs, cutting-edge technologies, and sustainable practices that define these industry leaders.

Avenue of Homes

Avenue of Homes, based in Charles City, Iowa, is your gateway to realizing the dream of a new home. They prioritize customer satisfaction with competitive pricing by offering a seamless experience from design to move-in. The process is stress-free, featuring options without overwhelming choices. Quality modular and manufactured homes by Northstar Systembuilt, Stratford Homes, and Dutch Housing await, with efficient build times and family-friendly choices.


  • Custom modular and manufactured homes for diverse preferences.
  • Stress-free process with controlled environment building.
  • Floor plans and virtual tours to envision your dream home.
  • Shorter timeframe for quicker move-ins with modular construction.
  • Competitive pricing for unmatched everyday value.

Green Acres Homes

Green Acres Homes, in operation since 1970, stands as a beacon of quality and affordability in manufactured and modular homes. Serving Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota, their expertise lies in custom floor plans, competitive pricing, and exceptional service. Green Acres Homes prioritizes flexibility in design, energy efficiency, and quicker completion times, making factory-built homes ideal for those seeking both quality and affordability.


  • Custom floor plans offer flexibility in design.
  • Competitive pricing and excellent service.
  • Energy-efficient homes with quicker completion times.
  • Wisconsin Homes, Highland Homes, and Commercial Buildings showcase diverse styles.

Ida Grove Homes

Ida Grove Homes offers quality modular and manufactured homes. Since 1973, this employee-owned business has been a pillar of expertise in Ida Grove, Iowa. Boasting over 60 years of combined experience, their support staff guides buyers from initial design to realizing their American Dream. Ida Grove Homes offers a housing investment with tax advantages, equity-building, and options for starters, upgrades, or retirement.


  • Employee-owned since 1992 with 60+ years combined experience.
  • Located in Ida Grove, Iowa, serving the tri-state area for 45+ years.
  • Housing investments for starters, upgrades, or retirement.
  • Equitable, tax-advantaged home ownership with diverse floor plans.

Lansing Custom Homes

Lansing Custom Homes is a prominent retailer in Lansing, IA, serving the tri-state area. Under the ownership of Dean & Deneen Reiser since 2023, the company thrives on teamwork, dedication, and quality products. With 23 years of partnership, Dean leads on-site building with reliability, while Deneen spearheads the sales team, ensuring a seamless experience for those seeking their dream homes.


  • Teamwork, dedication, and quality products drive continued growth.
  • Dean excels in on-site building with reliability.
  • Deneen leads the sales team for a seamless homebuying experience.

Sunrise Housing

Sunrise Housing revolutionizes the modular and manufactured homes industry, breaking away from cookie-cutter plans. Every home is uniquely tailored to individual needs, crafted with the expertise of CAD designers using advanced 3D rendering for a visual preview. As Iowa’s top modular home builder, Sunrise Housing offers unparalleled services and customization. 


  • Unique, one-of-a-kind homes tailored to individual needs.
  • CAD designers create live designs with advanced 3D rendering.
  • No down payment is required for dream home design.
  • Top modular home builder in Iowa with unrivaled customization.
  • Structural choice: modular on basement, manufactured on piers.

Heartland Modular

Heartland Modular Homes pioneers in the modular home industry offering a unique 3D visualization experience, they bring your home design to life both inside and outside. The company extends support with a Construction Checklist and a list of qualified contractors for foundation and finish work in specific Iowa areas. Heartland Modular Homes takes pride in delivering the best value, backed by a price match guarantee, ensuring clients receive top-quality homes at competitive prices.


  • 3D visualization for a comprehensive view of the home design.
  • Support with Construction Checklist and qualified contractor recommendations.
  • Price match guarantee for the best modular home value.
  • Exceptional value, matching or beating prices with comparable specifications.

Davis Homes

Davis Homes, nestled in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, has been a beacon of service for manufactured and modular home buyers in Southeastern Iowa for over 45 years. Catering to areas like Oskaloosa, Des Moines, Ottumwa, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Iowa City, their convenient location and up to 100-mile service radius ensure a warm welcome and professional assistance. From the start-to-finish process to the MH Advantage® program, Davis Homes focuses on making dream homes a reality with personalized finishing touches and affordable financing.


  • Serving Southeastern Iowa for over 45 years.
  • Convenient location with up to 100-mile service radius.
  • Comprehensive services from start to finish for dream homes.
  • Low down payment, 30-year financing, lower interest rates, and cancellable mortgage insurance.

Design Homes

Design Homes, a pioneer since 1966, has crafted over 19,000 custom-built, factory-direct homes across ten states. With a commitment to delivering the best home value, they guide clients through the design and construction process, ensuring a personalized and cost-effective dream home. Display models at nine Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota locations provide a tangible starting point, showcasing the high-quality construction that sets Design Homes apart.


  • Factory-direct sales model for cost savings and construction excellence.
  • Display models at nine locations in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.
  • Customizable plans and free design customization for your dream home.
  • Immediate availability of pre-built stock model homes for quick delivery.

Kelly Building Systems

Kelly Building Systems, renowned in Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota, takes pride in crafting the finest modular homes. Combining the efficiency of modular buildings with the meticulous attention of master builders, they offer unique, customizable floor plans to meet diverse needs. Partnering with Wisconsin Homes, a premier modular home builder, Kelly Building Systems oversees the entire construction process, ensuring a stress-free home-building experience with unparalleled customer communication and service.


  • Finest modular homes in Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota.
  • 99% customer floor plan customization for personalized homes.
  • Partnership with Wisconsin Homes, a top U.S. modular home builder.
  • Full general contracting services for comprehensive project support.
  • Over 45 years of experience building homes and commercial buildings.

Griffith Homebuilders

Griffith Homebuilders is a premier modular home general contractor, handling everything from foundation to garage to the final finish, ensuring a move-in-ready experience. Focusing on full-service offerings, they provide free customization, 3D prints for visualizing designs, guaranteed pricing, and a price match guarantee for the best value.


  • Full-service modular home contractor for a hassle-free experience.
  • Free customization of floor plans and competitor plan construction.
  • 3D prints for comprehensive visualizations at the planning stage.
  • Guaranteed pricing for transparency and budget certainty.
  • Price match guarantee, offering the best value in comparable specifications.