10 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Idaho

In the picturesque surroundings of Idaho, a rising group of modular home builders stands out, offering a blend of energy efficiency, top-notch craftsmanship, and budget-friendly options. United Family Homes champions eco-friendly living, delivering sustainable homes without compromising comfort. Meanwhile, River Bend Homes stands out for crafting custom factory-built homes known for their quality at affordable prices. Exploring Idaho’s modular home landscape, these companies embody a commitment to innovation, environmental consciousness, and economic feasibility that defines the state’s dynamic housing market.

United Family Homes

United Family Homes stands as a local beacon of reliability and commitment in the modular home industry. With a focus on personalized service, they offer well-constructed, affordable homes designed for families’ comfort. Backed by extensive experience, they manage everything from sales to site inspections, ensuring every aspect of the home-buying process is seamless and informed. United Family Homes emphasizes quality, local decision-making, and a personalized touch as a family-owned business.


  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Personalized service and commitment to quality.
  • Extensive experience in construction-related jobs.
  • Site inspections and expertise in site improvements
  • Family-focused, offering personalized attention throughout the home-buying process.

Snake River Tiny Homes

Snake River Tiny Homes, a family-owned dealership, addresses the nation’s housing crisis by offering affordable tiny homes, container homes, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Committed to quality and durability, they provide custom-designed container homes built to International Residential Code (IRC) standards. These homes, eligible as primary dwellings or ADUs, can withstand various climates, with insulation suitable for cold weather. The dealership ensures accessibility and comfort, offering financing options, a one-year warranty, and expert support for personalized homes.


  • Custom-designed container homes built to IRC standards
  • Eligible as primary dwellings or accessory dwelling units (ADUs)
  • Suitable for various climates, offering insulation for cold weather
  • Financing options, a one-year warranty, and expert support are provided

Nashua Builders

For over 30 years, Nashua Builders has been the trusted choice for delivering world-class modular buildings promptly. Specializing in affordable multi-family housing, apartments, hotels, resorts, hospitality destinations, townhomes, and more, Nashua Builders ensures quality and consistency. The unique process and high-capacity manufacturing enable quicker project completion, generating income sooner. With a controlled, weather-proof environment in their 160,000-square-foot plant, Nashua Builders offers a safer and more efficient construction process, overcoming challenges like bad weather and labor shortages. The Boise-based company’s stability and skilled workforce guarantee an uninterrupted build schedule.


  • Over 30 years of delivering world-class modular buildings
  • Specializes in affordable multi-family housing, hotels, and resorts
  • Unique process for quicker project completion and income generation
  • Controlled, weather-proof environment in a 160,000-square-foot plant
  • Stable and growing supply of skilled workers in Boise, Idaho

Kit Custom Homebuilders

Kit Custom Homebuilders, based in Caldwell, Idaho, stands as a leader in the housing industry since 1945, offering quality, affordable, and customizable manufactured homes. Locally owned and operated, Kit differentiates itself through decades of experience, personal service, and a commitment to building high-value homes. Their custom engineering staff ensures contemporary design and innovative features, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Kit offers affordable customization, Energy Star homes, and the choice between manufactured and modular construction.


  • Personalized service and a commitment to high-value homes
  • Full engineering staff for contemporary design and innovative features
  • Affordable customization with a wide array of decor choices and options
  • Energy Star homes for energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility


Autovol pioneers a groundbreaking solution to the housing crisis by merging modular construction with automation. Their state-of-the-art factory utilizes robots for strenuous tasks, ensuring precision, speed, and cost reduction. This innovative approach, known as construction 3.0, transforms the building process. Autovol prioritizes quality, reduces waste, and accelerates timelines, ultimately lowering housing costs. Their Solutioneers, a dedicated team of builders, owners, innovators, and family members, unite in a positive and inspired mindset, actively contributing to the mission of making housing more affordable.


  • Combining modular construction and automation for efficiency.
  • Autovol aims for accuracy, reduced waste, and faster timelines.
  • A team driven by passion, innovation, and commitment to excellence.
  • Modules are built in a factory, shipped, and assembled on-site.
  • Autovol’s Nampa, Idaho, site offers accessibility and serves the growing Western market.

Pacific Mobile Structures

Pacific Mobile Structures provides efficient solutions for on-site space needs through modular construction. Specializing in mobile offices, storage containers, and relocatable buildings, Pacific Mobile ensures customer satisfaction with a commitment to delivering precisely tailored spaces promptly. The company’s extensive fleet and customer-first approach make leasing or purchasing structures, from temporary offices to multistory complexes. 


  • Offers mobile offices, storage containers, and modular construction services.
  • Tailored modular buildings for temporary or permanent needs.
  • Over 5,000 well-maintained mobile offices for reliable options.
  • Almost four decades of unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.
  • Full-service capabilities from construction to timely delivery of workforce-ready structures.

Prefab Logic

Prefab Logic, founded in 2015, serves as a leading independent resource for developers, architects, and contractors. With a mission to simplify construction through modular expertise and preconstruction services, Prefab Logic drives breakthroughs in the volumetric modular industry. The company prioritizes open communication, teamwork, and commitment, aiming to make modular construction the preferred method. Prefab Logic’s history, rooted in Boise, Idaho, reflects its growth and commitment to advancing preconstruction, fostering collaborative relationships, and contributing to the construction industry’s evolution.


  • Leaders in providing complete modular expertise and preconstruction services.
  • Driving volumetric modular industry advancements for faster, more efficient projects.
  • Embracing openness, cussing and discussing challenges for trust and support.
  • Prioritizing teamwork to achieve collective goals and tackle industry challenges.
  • Committed to making modular construction the preferred, simplified building method.

Guerdon Modular

Guerdon Modular, a pioneer with over a decade of experience, revolutionizes large-scale commercial modular construction in the Western US and Canada. Their Total Solution seamlessly combines on-site and off-site manufacturing practices, delivering superior quality buildings while reducing costs. Guerdon offers a single-source solution with proprietary technology, industry-shaping innovation, and deep experience, ensuring raised quality, lowered risk, and compressed project timelines.


  • Cutting-edge AI optimizes building designs for early decision-making.
  • Leading with modern modular technology and construction techniques.
  • Over a decade of pioneering commercial modular construction.
  • Delivering superior quality buildings with a focus on LEED Platinum Certifications.
  • Offering a comprehensive solution for efficient project delivery.

Tiny Idahomes

Tiny Idahomes specializes in crafting Tiny Home RVs, combining mobility with comfort. These RVs are designed to enhance the travel and camping experience, offering coziness and modern conveniences for both short and extended trips. With a focus on simplifying and improving the RV lifestyle, Tiny Idahomes creates compact, functional homes on wheels.


  • Tiny Home RVs designed for travel and camping.
  • Ensuring comfort during short or extended periods on the road.
  • Integrating essential amenities for an enhanced RV lifestyle.
  • Crafted for efficiency and simplicity in a tiny space.
  • Built to withstand the demands of life on the road.

River Bend Homes

River Bend Homes, a proud retailer of Kit West Homebuilders, is renowned for delivering award-winning customer service and exceptional warranty protection for manufactured and modular homes. Based in Lewiston, Idaho, they serve the Pacific Northwest, providing quality custom factory-built homes with a focus on affordability. River Bend Homes offers full-service support from construction to financing, ensuring a seamless homeownership journey.


  • Comprehensive assistance from site construction to financing.
  • Crafting truly custom-built homes with diverse decor options.
  • Exceptional response time for post-sale warranty services.
  • A relaxed, no-pressure environment with a friendly, attentive team.