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Focus awaits in our 120 and 200 square foot prefab offices.

120 square feet 12 x 10 ft + porch: $55,000 base price

200 square feet 16 x 12 ft: $67,500 base price


Modular Office Features:

Our turnkey office models are a permitting-free solution for nearly any homeowner on any property.

  • Open layout to customize your workspace

  • Covered porch with 9-foot sliding glass doors for indoor/outdoor environment

  • Exceptional thermal insulation

  • Seamless electrical hookup

  • Mini-split system for heating and cooling

  • 100% LED lighting

  • Chandelier options/ability to hang ceiling fixture


  • Rapid manufacturing time of approximately 5 weeks

  • One-year warranty

  • Delivered in one piece and ready to use

  • Compact square footage and height eliminates the need for permitting

  • Requires no standard foundation to be easily installed on a flat surface


Homeowner Tip:

Want to finance your home office with a low monthly payment? A home equity line of credit offers a low-interest way to finance home improvements that increase the value of your home.

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