8 Prefab and Modular Home Companies in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, where cozy meets convenience in the world of modular homes. Get ready to explore local charm with Wisconsin Housing Alliance’s homes that capture the essence of the State. Terrace Custom Builders takes it up a notch with personalized designs, making home dreams a reality. We’re diving into the world of modular living in the heart of Wisconsin, where the housing scene offers practicality and style. From locally inspired abodes to custom creations, these modular home manufacturers in the state are shaping a lifestyle that perfectly fits the day-to-day needs of Wisconsin residents. 

Design Homes

Design Homes, shaping dreams since 1966, offers excellence in custom-built, factory-direct homes. Having crafted over 19,000 homes across 10 states, they offer a unique model of factory-direct sales that guarantees top-notch quality while ensuring value for homeowners. The Design Homes difference lies in their unwavering commitment to improvement, making homes more energy-efficient, durable, and comfortable. 


  • Unique factory-direct sales model for value
  • Continuous improvement for energy efficiency and durability
  • Display models at nine locations for hands-on experience
  • Customizable plans, free of charge

Wisconsin Housing Alliance

Wisconsin Housing Alliance, a non-profit trade organization founded in 1949, stands as the voice of the factory-built housing industry in Wisconsin. Comprising retailers, manufacturers, community owners, and finance companies, WHA aims to facilitate affordable homeownership. Dedicated to educating Wisconsin homebuyers about modern, factory-built homes, WHA promotes industry growth. 


  • Non-profit representing factory-built housing in Wisconsin
  • Members include retailers, manufacturers, community owners, and finance companies
  • Advocates for fair treatment and market expansion
  • Promotes affordable homeownership through education
  • Contributes to the US housing market with 90,000 homes built annually

NuGen Homes

NuGen Homes, a product of HomeWire, emerged to address the increasing challenge of finding homes for a surplus of buyers. Dedicated to providing affordable, brand-new homes, NuGen Homes boasts over 70 floorplans and 35+ feature options, offering endless possibilities for customization. With a commitment to reducing costs, modular home builds are approximately 10% less expensive than traditional onsite construction. The process occurs in a controlled factory environment, minimizing risks and ensuring first-class service from coordination to delivery.


  • Modular homes cost 10% less than traditional builds
  • Builds occur in a controlled factory environment
  • Customizable aspects include kitchen, flooring, bath, exterior, windows, accessories.
  • Delivery coordination and on-site finishing touches provided

Dickinson Homes

Dickinson Homes’s philosophy is crafting each home as if it were its own, focusing on exceptional craftsmanship, personal attention, teamwork, and top-notch customer service. With 45 years of family-operated industry experience, Dickinson Homes is a leading designer and builder of custom modular homes in Michigan, Wisconsin & Eastern Minnesota, prioritizing green, sustainable, and energy-efficient benefits. Their modern six-step custom home building process, from preliminary meeting to move-in, ensures a stress-free and efficient experience for homeowners.


  • Over 45 years of family-operated industry experience
  • Leading designer and builder of custom modular homes
  • Modern six-step custom home building process
  • Focus on green, sustainable, and energy-efficient benefits

Town & Country Housing

For nearly four decades, Town & Country Housing has been the largest supplier of factory-built housing in Northwestern Wisconsin. Based in Chippewa Falls, WI, they offer a broad selection of new modular homes, singlewide and multi-section manufactured homes, and pre-owned mobile homes. Town & Country Housing prioritizes value, quality, and affordability, ensuring every home is built with a commitment to excellence. 


  • Largest supplier in Northwestern Wisconsin since 1976
  • Vast selection of new modular and manufactured homes
  • Commitment to value, quality, and affordability
  • Award-winning customer service with a Platinum Award
  • Comprehensive general contracting services are available

MidCountry Homes

Specializing in manufactured and modular homes, MidCountry Homes delivers the best housing value west of the lakes. Crafted by Wisconsin artisans, their Westlake Series exceeds industry standards with innovative designs, flexible floorplans, and generous standard features. Acquired by The Commodore Corporation in 2016, MidCountry Homes benefits from cutting-edge technologies and an experienced builder network. Standard features like KCMA cabinetry, finished drywall, and hardwood cabinetry set their homes apart. 


  • Crafted by Wisconsin artisans
  • Exceeds industry standards with innovative designs
  • Acquired by The Commodore Corporation in 2016
  • System-built construction for year-round efficiency

Terrace Custom Builders

Terrace Homes, the custom home builders in Wisconsin, integrate innovative modular building methods with a keen focus on design. Offering a unique opportunity for efficient and affordable custom home construction, Terrace Homes simplifies the journey for clients. With smart construction practices, the company designs, engineers, and constructs homes primarily indoors at their 100,000-square-foot factory in Wisconsin. 


  • Simplified custom home building journey
  • Smart construction is primarily done indoors
  • Personalized attention from the Terrace Family
  • Choose from custom plans or pre-designed options
  • Effortless coordination for a fun and carefree experience

TimberLake Homes

TimberLake Homes, in operation since 2007, is a family-owned business specializing in single-sided, manufactured, and modular homes. Offering immediate delivery, they excel in providing affordable, energy-efficient options. With over 30 years of experience, TimberLake ensures tried-and-true expertise in modular homes. The company prioritizes customer support, guiding clients through the buying and building process.


  • Immediate delivery for single wides and manufactured homes
  • Affordable prices, 15-20% less than site-built homes
  • Comprehensive customer support throughout the process
  • Family-owned business prioritizing quality and affordability

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