Where to Buy Shipping Container Homes (U.S. List Included!)

Buying ready made shipping container homes have grown in popularity with the trend. These manufacturers can offer extensive services of customization as well as give homebuyers a sense of comfort in their homes being built to building code standards and quality craftsmanship. Almost all over the world, there are manufacturers that specialize in container homes. See the differences each one can offer.

Note that this article is more catered toward home buyers in the United States. For sure there are manufacturers worldwide that create amazing prefabricated container homes and this article would just be endless.

If you’re based in another country, I advise scrolling through just to see what the container home industry offers, so that you know what to look for and what you can ask for with your local manufacturer. Although some companies ship internationally!

The standard sizes for containers are 20 feet long, giving a 160 square foot area and 40 feet long, totaling to 320 square feet. These homes are economical and can be delivered and assembled to you in 10 weeks. (1)

The shipping container home trend has taken off, leading to several companies becoming experts at manufacturing them. Here are some companies out there that are making headway in the industry:

  • Alternate Living
  • Backcountry Containers
  • Blok Studio
  • Bob’s Containers
  • Cargo Homes
  • Custom Container Living
  • Honomobo
  • Kubed Living
  • SG Blocks

Alternate Living

This U.S. company offers an eco tiny homes line with units under 50,000 USD! These homes stick to having just one 20 foot or 40 foot container, making them economic tiny homes. They also make use of ceramic insulated paint, lowering energy costs and for better thermal comfort indoors.Their website generously shares their floor plans, pricing and details for curious customers.

Their line of luxe tiny homes will boast a unique 30 foot container offering and dressed to be the perfect getaway destination whether that’s your backyard guest home or vacation in a remote location.

The ALT Office units they carry are designed to be bought and literally dropped into your backyard, being compact, no permits needed, ready to plug in and go!

You can even go for an eco to deluxe campervan totally fitted out! How’s that for ultimate mobility and living small?

Images from Alternative Living Spaces | To streamline living in Alternative Spaces.

Backcountry Containers

An expert in custom build homes based in Texas. They can create compact, efficient spaces like a single 20 foot container housing 3.  They’re also great at adding stunning features like a large sliding glass doors and their signature roof deck.

Image from Backcountry Containers – Custom Container Homes

Blok Studio

The California based manufacturer not only specializes in shipping container homes. They also do a multitude of building types should you need a home office, guard house, bunk or dormitory housing, as well as commercial buildings such as pop-up restaurants, coffee shops, Mobile Showrooms, retail-shopping structures, labs, mobile restrooms and more.

Container Homes in California – Accessory Dwelling Units – ADU Unit (blokstudio.com)

Bob’s Containers

Another known name in the industry is Bob’s Containers. They’re a reliable shipping container home brand that offers advice on container homes on their website, as well as having a container home calculator to quickly get an estimate of your future home.

Image from 20 and 40 ft Container Homes – Shop – Bob’s Containers / Bob’s Containers (bobscontainers.com)

Cargo Homes

For those who’d like to maintain the mobility of their container homes, check this company out! It specializes in portable tiny homes. This Texas based company also offers “Vacation Rentals” to have a feel and experience of their craft.

Image from CargoHome | Elegant Shipping Container Tiny Homes

Custom Container Living

This Missouri based company allows homeowners to pick off of any of their standard floor plans, all of which are “Certified Manufactured Homes.”  You start off from a certified base plan ranging from a studio to three bedrooms, each with an option for a loft! Customize your siding, doors and windows, appliances, colors and finishes, flooring, countertop, cabinets.You could even order commercial and bunkhouse units with them.



This elegant manufacturer currently serves the United States and Canada. They are a very hands-on company, visiting the site and designing by analyzing its conditions from its structural to permit requirements. Based in Alberta, all their units are crafted according to local building codes and made to be installed onto a permanent foundation.

Images from Home with Honomobar (USD) — HONOMOBO

With their motto, “we simplify the building process”, they dare to go as detailed as taking site visits, manufacturing according to your specific site conditions, coordinating your permits and engineering drawings, they even do your foundation drawings! You can even have your home office or “honomobar” home bar built!

Kubed Living

This manufacturer is based in Pasadena, and makes use of recycled shipping containers. They present six models to choose from, the smallest being a single 20 foot container studio unit while their biggest unit is a five bedroom home built with eight containers!

All units include a kitchen with appliances like a dishwasher, microwave, stove, oven and refrigerator. Units also have a pantry, cabinets and a five foot clothes closet. They also build out commercial structures and accessory dwelling units (ADU) if you’d like to add a pool lounge, home gym or office and guest home.

Images from Design-builder Shipping Container Homes | Kubed Living | United States

SG Blocks

This Florida based manufacturer prides itself on being a highly efficient brand. It claims they can reduce construction time by 40%, utilizing 100% recycled materials, while all projects save 10-20% in cost.!

They provide shipping containers as two storey homes, commercial buildings, government buildings, for healthcare and even as EV charging stations!

SG Blocks – Container-based Solutions

Online Shopping: Amazon, Alibaba, India Mart, etc.

Yes that’s right you can order a home just like your new t-shirt or kitchen gadget. Just the same, these prefabricated homes will be shipped and delivered to you!  Just hop on the internet and you may be surprised to find these container homes on your online shopping sites like Alibaba and Indiamart. Wisconsin company MODs International for example carries some of its units on Amazon.

Just be cautious and always read the reviews as this isn’t often as professionally built and cleared to building code standards, or comfort!

These units ship to you fully equipped with the following: (11)

  • bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, living area.
  • Double patio doors within secure container doors.Fully insulated.
  • Bottom sewer connection, easy side water and electrical connection.
  • Includes appliances shown. Heated & air conditioned with mini split.
Images from Amazon.com: MODS 40 Foot Tiny Home : Patio, Lawn & Garden

You can even buy from different carriers on Amazon like the one below, from Amazon.com: Hvanon Popular Design Light Steel House Modern Villa Prefab/Prefabricated Panel Kit Home Container House Floor Plan-Single Story,46sqm (495sqft),2 Bedrooms,1 Bath PDF File : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Too Many Options?

For sure there are many more manufacturers we didn’t cover. A few more notable ones would be Cargotecture, Taynr , Rhino Cubed, MODS,.. The list truly is endless. The best way to narrow down your options is to select from manufacturers nearest to your site and are based in a similar climate. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of transporting the home to your site, you’re also assured that they are experts in building with your local weather conditions.

Not sure now how you want your container? Maybe browse around Airbnb for some container home destinations and try them out for yourself!

Image from 23 Incredible Shipping Container Homes & Best Places To Buy (housebeautiful.com)


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