Resale Value of a Container Home

The resale value of container homes vary according to their maintenance and condition. As container homes are sourced and treated differently, this makes their value unpredictable in the market. Buying your home from a reputable home manufacturer, adding in eco-friendly features or premium upgrades can also help drive up the resale value. Profit can also be made by turning it into a unique vacation destination.

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As each container van came from a different place, carried different goods and could have been treated in various ways, it’s hard to give a uniform assessment on their resale value performance. Therefore there are several factors to break down in order to analyze their value better.  (1)

With any home, if it is well maintained, the resale value is preserved. Their selling point is mainly mobility, in that it can be shipped and dropped into any site. However as the buyer, do check with your local homeowner’s association and codes if they’ll allow this on your land. Also check if the container home was treated according to your climate. If the home is coming from a different climate, ask your building professionals what renovations and changes you may need in order to make it suitable to your climate. (2)

Use the Professionals in the Game

There are several companies out there that are pre fabricating these container homes and making it a full service business. They’ll make a site visit to your intended location, give a site evaluation and analysis, help secure the zoning permits and the roughing in of your utilities like your HVAC, plumbing and electrical needs.

Honomobo is a Canadian based company specializing in pre-designed, factory built container homes. You can buy homes that are made of one or several container vans, with an array of top quality finishes to choose from. Their largest model HO8 (as seen in the image above) makes use of eight container vans making it a two storey home. (3)

Container homes made from these companies can assure buyers of a certain quality and standard to expect. These also help give peace of mind in their overall construction.

How to Make Your Container Home Desirable

The resale value comes down to the materials used for renovation and state of the shipping container. Homes that were treated well and impeccably maintained will definitely be more captivating to future buyers. Trends in housing can also be an element as currently they are still gaining popularity and considered “trending” among other homes. (1)

If you are considering making any changes, any add on features can help your home stand out from the rest. Eco-friendly elements like solar panels and smart technology can attract certain buyers. Having a larger kitchen or outdoor porch will also drive up the resale value as your container home will be highlighted in the market.

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Turn the Investment Around

For purely investment purposes, traditionally built homes made of stone, brick, and the like are more secure investments than container homes. With their increasing popularity, container homes won’t pour your money down the drain.

These homes also last an average of 25 years, more so if maintained well. Adding an exterior cladding as outdoor protection can prevent rust, which typically shortens the lifespan of your container home.  (1)

The best way your investment in a container home becomes worth it is if living in a container home yourself is the first intention and minimalist life you seek. Buying the home and renovating to then sell is not as good a guarantee in money making and may end up being costly in time and money.

In any renovation you make, its best to consult your architect, engineer, or container home manufacturer for the best advice on how to preserve or increase the quality of your home.(1)

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Think Out of the Box

Another way to flip around your container investment is catering your container home into another purpose. Transform it into a mobile office, temporary or pop up space, or perhaps into a unique hospitality destination.

Their simplicity, minimalist lifestyle and remote location will be attractive to many. Imagine several people around the world who want to experience living in a container for a staycation or just nature immersion.

Going back to their top selling points, their portability is an asset traditional homes cannot give. Therefore, keep these units compact. Dropping a well designed container home into several breathtaking landscapes of sea and snow can create quite the Airbnb business! (4)

“With the strength of the housing market where it is today, I do believe vacation rentals are a good investment,” says Nick Winikoff, co-founder of Vuepeer, a search engine for vacation rentals. Many people use vacation rental platforms to at least break even on their investment in their first year while waiting for the home itself to appreciate.(4)

Not to mention the value of a lifestyle you get from staying in one of these masterpieces you’ve made for yourself.  If you’ve set up a great container home in the mountains or by the sea, why don’t you pencil yourself in those vacant days and see why others enjoy being in your space.

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