Do Manufactured Homes Have Titles?

Depending on the foundations and lot type you decide, manufactured homes can have a title like a recreational vehicle (RV). Due to the HUD Code in 1976, manufactured homes can also have their titles converted into a real estate property title.

Titles are legal documents that proves ownership

There is a separate title for the land and the home.

(We’ll touch base on that of the home site for “Do Manufactured Homes Have Land?”)

Home centers typically issue you titles upon purchasing your manufactured home, depending on the state law you’re buying in. (1)

Manufactured homes built after June 15, 1976 in the U.S. abide by building regulations set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Those built before 1976 can be renovated to meet these housing standards. (3)

Thanks to the HUD Code (which added weather resilience and energy efficiency standards in 1994), manufactured homes are now compliant with the building code and are eligible for conversion into homes as real property. (2)

Having a “mobile home”, you’ll have to officially withdraw your title and registration from the government’s motor vehicle department. Afterwards you can pursue a real estate title, which you’ll need a certificate of location from the state, proving the land zoning permits mobile homes.

In converting into a real estate title, there are several steps to undergo:(2)

  • Have the “mobile” features removed from the home
  • Apply for an oversized/overload weight permit to transport it on state highways
  • Set up a porch/pavement (dependent on location)
  • Attachment to water supply and sewer system
  • Speak with insurance company for your new home location
  • Other building permits (dependent on location

The local property tax assessor will be the one to dub your home as real estate. (2)

According to Triad Financial Services, there are generally two types of titles you can attain with a manufactured home:

  • Personal Property: Typically attached to a temporary foundation, meaning the home can be transported. This leads to an ownership similar to that of a vehicle, limiting the types of loans you can avail of to fund,  like a chattel loan.
  • Real Property: Permanently attached to land like stick/site-built homes. These present more financing options.

In making this decision, take into consideration the tax exemption and, loans you can avail of. Also see which choices help your home appreciate in value. If planning on making the title conversion, make sure you have these: (3)

  • HUD Certification: This placard often placed at the base of the home indicates the home was constructed to code and building standards.
  • Permanent Foundation: You would have to remove its “mobile features” like wheels, axes and towing hitch and have it attached to a permanent foundation like a crawl space or basement. Afterwards the connection to all utilities are also approved by local code.
  • Certification of Location: This proves your manufactured home is bound to a piece of land, qualifying it as real property.

Check the title requirements per U.S. state here!  display (

Be sure to check in with your local government and home consultant for all the other procedures and documents you may need to have in order. That could vary from a Certificate of Title, Deed of Conveyance or Affidavit of Affixture, so just check the local laws of your land!  Also ensure all information details across all your deeds, certificates and registration are identical as they must match to prove ownership. (3)


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