Do Manufactured Homes Have Attics?

Manufactured homes do not typically come with an attic due to the limited headroom between the roof and home’s ceiling. However, if purchasing the multi-storey manufactured homes, these are midway between another floor level and a larger attic space.

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Currently, manufactured home attics are either full blown second floors or a small access of roof space to wires, installation and repair of fixtures.

There are several how to’s and step by step installation processes you can find online on how to get some access into your somewhat attic. Be sure however to consult an electrician in case you’ll be hitting any wires. A structural engineer or experienced builder also helps as you’ll be cutting a portion of the  ceiling and want to maintain the structural integrity of your roof beams and ceiling studs. Spaces like walk-in closets are a good example of where you can puncture for access, as its four walls are close to each other enough to retain structural integrity of the roof beams. (1)

When making a small hole into your planned access point, first locate the ceiling studs, then make a small hole next to the studs and check for any electrical wires. These would need to be relocated by a technician or avoided completely. Also make sure the electrical mains are switched off before cutting through the ceiling. (2)

With any attic space, consider ventilating and insulating the area for added comfort as the roof volume is always the hottest.

Depending on your climate, check out the building regulations by the Manufactured Housing Research Alliance on how to properly ventilate your attic here! Attic Ventilation Design Strategies for Manufactured Homes (

On the other hand, newer models of manufactured homes are coming out with multiple levels with large, spacious attic spaces. It seems these spaces need to be specified, because if you’re  getting a one storey manufactured home, you won’t get this kind of headroom at all.

Image from Walk up attic – All American Dream Homes

All American Dream Homes Inc. has a model with a “walk up attic.” These models can have your habitable attic with a sloping roof ceiling, which can drastically increase your floor area and home’s value! Take a look at this space by Champion Homes, where the third floor is labeled as “attic.” It completely maximizes and elevates the experience of living in a manufactured home. (4)

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