Log Home kits for the self-builder

Have you always dreamt of owning a log home? Or are you admired by the authenticity and beauty of these log home chalets that simply exhibit a rustic, out-of-a-fairy-tale feel? But what if building a log home from scratch is intimidating and impossible for you due to lack of time? Well, in that case, a log home kit is your answer.

Yes, with the latest technologies and innovation, it is now possible to purchase a prefab kit for log homes and have your home ready in just a couple of months. Prefab cabins are definitely a great alternative since they provide effortless and quick solutions to the homebuyers. So, if you are planning to buy one, read below to specifically know more about log homes.

What are Log Home Kits?

Prefab log home kits are a great option if you want to experience building your own home but don’t have time to deal with the measurements. In this case, prefab log home kits are cut with accuracies, packaged, and then later transported to your work site. It is more like a DIY process where the home is set by you as per your schedule along with the help of the DIY guideline provided by the manufacturer. The only difference between a kit home and a prefab log home is that in the former the home is set up you whereas, in the latter, the company does it for you.

Advantages of Log Home Kits

Prefab log home kits provide immense advantages over a traditional log home. From quick installation to flexibility, safety, quality, expertise, and affordability – these kits prove to be a great solution.

Easier and Quick to Install

Most of the companies deliver log home kits within a few months from ordering. Once it is ready, it is transported in two or three units that can be put together in less than a week by you on the work site. This method is much easier and quicker than standard log cabins.

Noteworthy and Enjoyable Experience

This is one of the easiest and the most enjoyable experiences. If you like to DIY your home as per your needs and schedule but don’t want to involve in the measurements and scaling, purchasing these kits would be a great option. There is a DIY guideline attached which helps you set up your log home.

Safety and Efficiency

One of the most fascinating points is the innovative construction method. These prefab kits are built in the factory under a stable and controlled condition which provides utmost safety and quality control to the structure.


Prefab cabin kits are easy to customize. Most of the companies will offer a variety of two to three floorplans to choose from. Thus, flexibility in design is offered with plenty of freedom to add or remove walls, bedrooms, and create more open space and outdoor areas. You can easily customize your home according to your needs.

Quality Control

Since the kits are produced under specific controlled conditions and constructed by highly skilled labor, the chances for tolerances are minor. The way these homes are built, it is ensured that the appearances and size of the log are uniform throughout the structure with a very clean and crisp look.

Pro Tip: If you want a rustic and uneven look, then probably these prefab kits are not a good option for you.


Lesser costs for such a high-quality product is the number one advantage. Since setting up of the structure is required by the homeowner – you end up saving bucks which otherwise the company would have charged. Secondly, getting your log home kit financed is far much easier as compared to a traditional log home since the loan companies are assured of the quality of the material and the service. Long story short, the risks imposed for the kits are much lesser as compared to any other construction structure.

Challenges Associated with Log Home Kits

Even though there are tremendous advantages, there are still a few drawbacks or challenges associated with the prefab log home kits. Some of them are as follows:

DIY Guidelines

No matter how helpful it is, on the other hand, following these guidelines is quite a tedious task. If you are planning to set up your home all by yourself, you need to make sure to research and acquire the appropriate required tools. Hiring a toolkit, crane, or a forklift will help setting up the kit. Secondly, understanding the instructions and making cuts and connections accurately could sometimes become a difficult task.

Time Required to Set Up

Unless you have practiced it before, it is quite likely that setting up of the log home cabin will take quite a lot of your time. Approximately, it will take three months on an average to complete the structure excluding the excavation, electrical, and interior finishing work that will be carried on separately.

Additional Skills

Are you acquainted with the works like plumbing, electrical, excavation, carpentry, and installation? If yes, then setting up the log home kit would be a fun task to do. However, if not, then installing these kits could become a total headache for you.

A little help from an experienced person (contractor) would go a long way.

How Much Does a Log Home Cost?

Depending on the size and the location, your prefab log home kit prices may vary. The typical price of a log home measuring less than 1,100 square feet costs around $58,500. Meanwhile, a kit size greater than 2,200 square feet would cost around $164,000. However, there are a few other hidden costs involved such as the kit delivery fees, the land cost, foundation, floors, interior finishes, taxes, stamped plans, and any other contingencies.

However, to determine the total including costs, consider the ratio of 1:3 (excluding labor) or 1:2 (including labor). For an example, if the log home kit costs around $50,000, it will cost a total of $100,000 if you build it yourself and around $150,000 if you hire someone else to set it up for you.

What is Included in a Typical Log Home Kit?

When purchasing the kit for a prefab log home, you are likely to expect the following items:

  1. Log Wall Systems
  2. Roofing Systems
  3. Windows and Doors
  4. Flooring (in some cases)

In the case of a special structural requirement, the element will be included too. Whereas apart from these, you will be required to source the subfloors, interior finishes, foundation, and furnishings.

What are the Types of Log Home Kit?

There are two types of prefab log home kits – milled and handcrafted. Basically, a milled kit is where the logs are machine processed to form a uniform shape, circumference, and a diameter. And due to the machine finish, the logs are much softer and refined.

Meanwhile, the handcrafted log home kit is where the log is peeled and notched by hand giving a unique rustic and traditional appearance. In this case, each log looks unique that mainly preserves the natural appearance. Generally, a handcrafted kit costs more than a milled kit.

How Much Time Does It Take to Build a Log Home Kit?

Generally, it takes 12 to 24 weeks on an average to build the log home. However, setting up the structure may take somewhere around a week to a couple of months depending on the size and time availability. Breaking down the costs and the timeline, the entire process is divided into three main phases – planning phase, building phase, and the erecting phase.

  • It generally takes a couple of days to a couple of weeks for planning. Activities included such as finding a piece of land, setting log home goals, setting a budget, and most importantly the design style of the home.
  • It takes an additional twelve to fourteen weeks for building phase. The activities included are site clearance and foundations while the kit is being constructed in the factory.
  • And in the end, the erecting phase takes around two to three days. It could be extended depending on the time availability, expertise, and the size of the log home kit. This is the time when the site is cleared, the foundation is laid, and the log home kit is erected.

So, What’s the Log Home Takeaway?

Log homes definitely prove to be dreamy over and over again. Many homeowners are nowadays preferring to choose log homes due to their utmost beauty and natural appearance. Hence, for an easier approach, purchasing and installing a log home kit is recommended. Even though it comes with its own challenges, however, if you are ready to DIY – there is no better way to have a dream log home. It is unique, easy to build and install, and affordable.

So, are you excited to build your prefab log home using a kit? Do let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.