How Long Does It Take to Build a House?

Before most of us commit to a tedious task that will take up most of our energy – we want to know what we’re signing up for. Primarily, our initial concerns can be the monetary resources required and the time we’ll have to invest in getting the job done.

Because the process can be long and complicated, we’ll have to weigh several factors until we can truly understand how long it can take us to build a house. Aspects like the land which you’re building your house on, the area surrounding your house, how detailed your house plan is and which kind of house you’re building will all affect the duration.

Customized houses can, at times, take longer to build than stick-built houses, while a manufactured house can be built in just a few months.

Fire-Resistant Glass

Opting for a fire-resistant glass that is tempered or double-paned can be one of the smartest decisions you make to fireproof your home. When you do this, you can increase the amount of heat your windows can withstand, and they won’t crack easily if your home is stuck in a fire. When the heat from a wildfire gets too intense, windows can break, which can let the fire in.

Fire-resistant glass is one of the best places to start and the most affordable addition you can make to your home. But simply installing fire-resistant glass won’t completely save your home from a fire!

Average Time Required to Build a Construction House

According to research, the average amount of time you need to build a house in the U.S is about 7.7 months. In these 7.7 months, every individual must wait at least a month for the permit and the authorization, while the actual construction process can take 6.7 months.

But it is also worth noticing that the 7.7-month duration is for houses that are built for sale by real estate tycoons. On the other hand, houses that are built by homeowners for themselves can take up to 12.5 months.

However, this does not mean that a house that is built in a shorter time isn’t state-of-the-art. Professionals build houses for a living, thanks to their increased exposure to the house building process. But it is also worth considering that the 7.7 or 12.5 months mentioned in this article only consider the time taken to construct the house. The planning process is an equally important part that is essential for every construction project.

Factors That Can Slow Down the Process

Ideally, we all want every part of the process to go as smoothly as possible for our house’s construction process, but that isn’t the case every time. When you get down to the details of the process, there can be delays and some complications that can slow down the process.

Some of those factors are:


The time that it may take you to get authorized from your local Planning and Building Department can vary. As previously mentioned, this can take almost a month. However, if your authorization process starts seeing some additional issues like an easement problem or a line dispute, then this factor may take additional time.


The weather is also a huge factor in deciding how long it can take you to build a house. On the better days of clear sunshine, you might spend your days planning how many rooms you want in your house or the foundation you want it to be built on. But on the day you might decide to start building your house, a rainshower might put a dent in all of your plans.

Apart from the rain, high temperature can also slow down workers and make it harder for the foundation of the house to settle. And when the base of the house isn’t set, fixing a frame on your house can be an additional problem.

Can Modular Homes Be Built Faster?

A Modular home is a house that is built inside a factory. Unlike a conventional stick-built house that is built the old-fashioned way, a modular house is built piece by piece. When a person buys a modular home, the different portions of their house are transported to the piece of land they’ve designated for their house.

After this, their house is assembled on this location piece by piece. Because the modular way of building a house doesn’t take too much time, and since all the essential elements of your house have been prefabricated – building a house this way can be easier.

Because all the pieces have been cut beforehand, you just need to spend time on the electric wiring and on deciding how you’re going to utilize the space. This can also save you money since you’ll have to hire labourers for fewer days.


The time you’re going to need to build the house of your dreams will rely on a lot of factors. If you’re lucky, these factors can streamline the process and help you build your house quicker. But if you truly want to control the process completely without expecting any delays, try opting for a modular home build.

The mudular way of making a house can drastically reduce the time you need to build your house, and it can be easy on the wallet, too! And since you control every element of the build, you can spend more time customizing a specific portion of your house, or keep the build simple and robust for long-lasting protection!