Drywalls in Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes can be purchased with drywall and one can also have their wall panels replaced with drywall. One must be cautious of the weight of their drywall panels and whether their home can still withstand the added load. Drywall can either replace your walls completely being screwed and glued onto your studs, or just installed directly onto your existing walls.

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How to Put Drywall in Your Home

Being primarily built with studs, manufactured homes can easily accommodate the 4 x 8 feet drywall paneling. However, one must be wary of the added weight onto the home. Also, if you plan to keep transporting your home and keep it mobile, expect the probable cracking of the drywall and possible damage. (1)

You can choose to either replace your wall panels with drywalls screwed onto your studs, or place the drywall panels on top of the existing wall you have with an adhesive. The first requires more labor and semi-construction debris, however the second option may add more weight than your home can carry. Therefore try to get the thinnest boards you can get. (2)

As most manufactured homes are built to an 8 foot standard floor to ceiling height, any drywall on the market should fit into your home easily. In fact, most manufactured home walls are made of Vinyl Over Gypsum or Paper on Gypsum, which are just different ways of treating drywall. (3)

Placing drywall directly onto your wall paneling can only be done if they are still in good condition. Many opt for this option to save time and the hassle of hauling out the old panels.

You might also have drywall behind your wood paneling! Try checking this by carefully stripping a portion of your molding or light switch cover plate. (3)

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Ways to have Drywall in Your Home

It isn’t uncommon to find manufactured homes with drywall rather than built with board and batten! Drywall can also have a multitude of applications from your interior wall partitions, ceiling panels and decorative molding. (4)

Having a decorative interior partition can really change the mood of a space, give it proper function and open it up if inlaid with glass like this below.

You can also use drywall to give your ceiling layers of depth. Notice how this plays out in highlighting your living room even more below.

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