How to Get the Best Shou Sugi Ban Results

Shou Sugi Ban has changed the way we looked at modern architecture. This is an 18th-century tradition that was used to preserve wood that is also called Yakisugi.

Nowadays, this way of preserving wood and can be seen in all brilliant examples of exterior design. The sleek shiny look of Shou Sugi Ban is unavoidable, which is why so many people opt for it.

Because burnt wood can be versatile, it can be used for interior paneling or your house’s furniture. But before we understand how Shou Sugi Ban can be used – we need to understand what Shou Sugi Ban is.

So, just to get it right – what is Shou Sugi Ban?

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient practice in which the wood is burnt to give it a different color. Mostly, the new color is a different shade of brown. At the same time, this method can make the wood in your home a lot more resilient. Shou Sugi Ban can save your home from natural elements like decay and vermin.

For many people, Shou Sugi Ban is the material of choice when they want to decorate the exteriors of their home and bring in an element of finesse.

Using Charred Wood Siding

When a piece of wood is burnt with the Shou Sugi Ban method, it burns off the cellulose from the surface. If a buyer wants to buy a piece of wood that is charred, they can have a variety of options to choose from. People use charred wood sliding because it can be more affordable than the different kinds of siding available in the market.

Not only does a charred wood siding look different, but it also offers several benefits that other kinds of sidings do not. Because wood has been a traditional material for building, it is also the most versatile. It isn’t the heaviest material to carry, and thanks to Shou Sugi Ban – it can also have different colors. Because of the different colors of wood, people often get creative with how they use it.

Kinds of Wood


Accoya is a high-performance wood that can be used for both exterior and interior design. Charred Accoya can be obtained when pine wood is processed. This enhances its natural properties, and the material can be safe from rotting and can remain in the same condition for over 50 years.


This kind of wood is soft, which makes it shock-resistant. Since this material is light-weight, it doesn’t often shrink or swell. Not only do people use pine for furniture, but they also often use pine for their decks. Because of its molecular composition, it is often considered to be one of the best candidates for Shou Sugi Ban.

Treating Shou Sugi Ban

To make sure that Shou Sugi Ban stays fresh and attractive for a long time, it is vital that you keep oiling the wood in your home. To make sure the wood stays durable, you should repeat this process every 10 to 15 years.